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Kimba wrote yesterday about how she gets her best results when she’s doing a Challenge. I realised after reading it that that’s how I operate too. Those six weeks leading up to my wedding was really fuelled by Wedding Dress Fear. I remember saying here it was about the Big Picture and health and fitness and blah blah blah, but now I realise it was the deadline and specific timeframe really gave me the kick up the arse I needed. I was on fire! Since I got back from the States I’ve been eating well but have been kind of vague and half-hearted. I can attribute a bit of that to jetlag and the return of a rotten cold, yet I think the lack of specific focus is what’s missing. I need a GOAL, baby!

So as of Sunday there’s 11 weeks til the 5k Race for Life. That’s a nice slab of time I think I can focus on without feeling overwhelmed. 11 weeks to get my lazy arse back to the gym, 11 weeks to eat well. Oh, and 11 weeks to learn how to run! Ha ha!

I got my Race for Life pack in the mail a few weeks ago and it was freaky! There was this piece of paper with a NUMBER on it that I am supposed to pin on my shirt then run this five kilometres. I know thousands of people can run 5k with their eyes closed, and you don’t even have to run this one! It’s for charity so you can just walk or jog or skid along on your arse if you want. But still, it made me nervous. But running in front of people? Taking it to the streets? My idea exercise scenario is a darkened basement, but I guess it’s time to get over that Jiggling In Public fear. Yikes. I’ll start hassling friends and family for sponsors soon – the more money I get pledged, the more I will be guilt-tripped into moving my butt.

So aside from that, I have to get my head around this whole being married palaver, or more to the point the cohabiting thing. I’m living at SC’s house now, or should I say ours. It’s a bit of an adjustment from living in my relatively inner city hood with fancy gym and abundance of food shops round the corner, including a health food grocer. But now the nearest supermarket is about half an hour’s walk away, the return leg with grocery bags being uphill. There’s a few smaller places about 15-20 mins walk but the selection on offer is pretty shithouse. Since we’re car-less this can be a royal pain in the arse. There’s no such thing as dashing in for a few ingredients for dinner. The advantage to THAT is it’s much more difficult to go on a Spontaneous Chocolate Expedition. But mostly it seems like we never have enough of teh right food,or time or energy to go get some.

After bitching and moaning about This Piece of Shit Town all week, I’ve come up with a sensible solution – internet shopping. No lugging food up hills or getting takeaway coz we’re too lazy to face the hills. There’s even an organic fruit and veg box company that delivers in our area so I will check that out too. I used to get net groceries back in Oz and liked it a lot – we planned our meals and order exactly what we needed. It ends up being a lot easier to stick to your healthy eating.

As for exercise, I’ve now officially finished mourning the Posh Gym. I’ve just got back from signing up at the local council leisure centre about 15 mins walk from my new digs. It has a decent amount of classes, no Body Jam though. No soft couches or bar or cooked breakfasts. Wah! And it’s only bloody 5 quid a month cheaper than the Posh Gym! Och well. I am going to suck it up and move on. I always pride myself on my adaptability so I guess it’s time to focus on the actual exercise than the poncy facilities!

Right now it’s 6pm and I can still see the sun. Looks like spring is finally coming to Scotland. This winter was so utterly long and shite, it’s nice to feel the will to live returning, huzzah!

15 thoughts on “Physical Challenge!

  1. Internet grocery shopping is a Godsend!! I don’t know what I would do without it. Good luck preparing for the Race for Life!!!

  2. Im so glad the light is back as well. Now we are just waiting for spring. My mom is in London now and they hav 19-20C adn here it is about -10C (during night) that is so unfair but it will come here as well finally *sigh*

    I believe in internet shoping as well. Did that a few years back, it is so handy

  3. Yes the sunshine makes us all feel happy. I have been glorifying in the natural light for the past 3 days.
    Internet shopping is okay but I’ve had major fallings out with each of the companies available in London over their policies regarding the due date of perishable foods. The last time we ordered from Waitrose (well, Ocado) they sent us a loaf of bread that expired in two days and a packet of six rolls that expired the next day. There is only two of us and we don’t have a freezer so the rolls got thrown out later in the week when I wanted to use them because they were green with mould. The bread did last past its expiry but you can’t rely on that all the time. I can’t understand why they aren’t more receptive to customer needs and ensure you have more than 3 or 4 days to consume such products. But when I complained I was told they hadn’t breached their minimum standards.
    I think the only problem when comparing to your experience in Oz is that, like NZ, Oz actually has a customer service ethic. That seems to be lacking in London – I can’t speak for Edinburgh though.

  4. Hi DG!

    Your comment about getting used to being married made me chuckle. I remember how hard it saying “my husband.” And the first time I myself being described as a “wife,” I nearly choked.

    Saturday in Canberra was such a GIFT! Last weekend I was miserable because of the heat and then Thursday it up and went FREEZING on my arse. Saturday, though, was perfect. My husband (hehe) and I went to Aspen Island for a picnic and walked around the carillion. The sun was shining, the birds were out, someone was getting married. It was lovely.

    Wishing you many perfect Spring days, DG.

  5. heya gorgeous! congrats to you and bagpipes! I think that u looked absolutely lovely and I was pissing myself over the deja vu thing – two big kisses hey? lucky girl!! anyhow – the 11 week challenge sounds awesome babe – good luck!

  6. DG,

    Seriously think abot getting that bike. Kill two birds with one stone.

    A challenge perhaps in it’s own little way? Grocery shop once a day to get fresh items (smaller grocery bags if you do it daily) and make sure that you HAVE to get on your bike and ride to the shops to get it.

    Half hour walk would be a 10minute ride….

    Get fit AND get your weight work out.


  7. Well, my grandparents, who also live in Edinburgh, do all their food shop from Tesco on the internet and are very pleased with it. Grandpa thinks it takes a little while to learn to get the best out of the system (but then he’s 85…) but it’s worth sticking with.

    On the other hand, I used to do all of my grocery shopping by bicycle when I was a student. If you get a decent-sized pannier, you can carry much more than on foot – and even hang a bag off each handlebar if you want. If you feel that makes the bike too wobbly to ride, and have to wheel it, it’s still way more than you could carry walking. Even if you’re pushing the bike uphill.

  8. Try the web site cool running for help in the %k. I live in the States and have done the Race b4. You will love it…good luck.

  9. Being married has been a big challenge for me, weight-wise, as I feel like I now have to coordinate my (evening) food choices with someone else. I’m sure with work and determination, you’ll get off on the right foot and keep on track.

    On the subject of the 5K, I agree that having goals is a big help. Congrats on getting your number and getting into gear for that.

    A bike might be a good idea for the grocery store situation, as others have suggested. 1/2 hour seems a pretty long trek. But I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make it work!

  10. Challenges are good – I’ve just decided to go on a 4 km “fun run” and my aim is not to come last — I can just picture the humiliation of having 90 year old grannies beat me over the finish line!

    The supermarket thing must be a total pain. When I first moved to Melbourne, our nearest supermarket was miles away and I had no car so we’d watch there, do a fortnight’s shopping then get a cab home. Of course, our fortnightly grocery shop included 4-5 casks of wine so it was justified.

  11. Hooray for sunshine!
    And good luck with the 5K!

    I ran my first 5Km a week or so ago (on the treadmill) and it was such a great feeling to have done it. You remind me that I’d better get into training for the City To Surf. It’s not until August, but I’m sure it’ll be here before I know it 🙂

  12. In a weak moment, before I’d read this entry, I agreed to do the Race for Life with a group from work. Now that reality has hit, I’m terrified. Just terrified.

    Oddly enough if I’d known you were doing it, I probably would have thought “Well, if I tell Dietgirl I’m doing it too, I’ll seem like a copycat or a stalker…” and used that as an excuse not to.

    I still have a badge somewhere from the last fun run I did. It says “I ran the Prom” and has a seagull on it. Unfortunately that was in 1988 or thereabouts.

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