Be Like The Mormons

Can I get a WOOHOO for the power of human endeavour? I had a good weigh-in this morning and I am deliriously happy to see some progress. The six weeks of post-honeymoon slob-out is over, I’m back on track! Sometimes I just look at the statistics and can’t believe the difference in those numbers. It seems so long ago I used sit there on the couch surrounded by chocolate bars trying to summon the energy to walk to the end of the driveway to check the mailbox.

I get emails from people asking how do you do it, what’s your secret? There’s no bloody secret, except just concerted effort over time. Being persistent and determined. It’s like most things in life. Take Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, they go knocking on doors every weekend trying to spread the good word. They must get told to piss off a dozen times a day! But they give up? Nooo. So be like that about your fat. It may tell you to go away, I’m sleeping in, but just keep nagging and annoying it until it finally screams, "Fine! Alright!" and surrenders to your will.

Anyway, on to this week’s statistics.

Wednesday Weigh-In – Week Fourteen

last update: 20 April 2005

age: 27
height: 173cm (5’8")

original start weight: 159.2 kg (351 lb) on 17 Jan 2001
original start bmi: 53.4

fresh start weight: 95.9 kg (211.4 lb) on 12 Jan 2005
fresh start bmi: 32.2

current weight: 87.8 kg (191.4 lb)
current bmi: 29.4

result this week: -1.3 kg (2.2 lb)

loss in 2005: –8.1 kg (17.6 lb)
total loss since 2001: -71.4 kg (156.2 lb)

initial goal weight: 75 kg (165 lb)
distance to goal: 12.8 kg  (26.4 lb)

. . .

There seems to be an air of Let’s Get This Bloody Over And Done With amongst a few of my favourite bloggers. Tree and Ms Ralph are busting for the finish line so they can enter the Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year contest. And Kimba kicking ass on her new 22 Week Challenge, shooting for her WW goal by her 2 year WW anniversary date.

I’ve been looking at my own calendar and doing some obsessive calculations. We’re looking to fly to Australia for Wedding Part III around 23 September, so my last Wednesday Weigh-In before that shall be 21 September. That’s 22 weeks! So I’ll be on a 22 Week Challenge of sorts too. I’m aiming for 75 kilos which is the very top of my healthy weight range. That means I need to average a 0.6kg loss per week, 0.58181818181 to be precise!

Can it be done? I reckon I can get pretty close, especially if I keep up the good eatin’ and ass shakin’ of the past couple weeks. Onward and downward, comrades.

24 thoughts on “Be Like The Mormons

  1. Fan-bloody-tastic! You’re kicking arse!

    Also thanks for the mini reminder that it’s constant long term effort, not a secret formula, that makes real success. I need to be reminded of that one as I hover back and forth on the same ^%&*&*^&%^$ pound.

    When’s Wedding Part II? Is your super slinky dress going to be falling to the floor from you being far to little for it?

  2. Helloooo Rosemary! Wedding Part II will be here in Scotland sometime in the summer, if we ever bloody get round to organising it! Hehehe. The wedding dress was SKIN TIGHT bordering on obscene for Wedding Part I so I am hoping it will fit just normal for W2 and possibly need a little altering for W3 πŸ™‚

    anyway, thanks for your comments, you three early birds. it really helps with the motivation πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations! And it can certainly be done. It must be done therefore it will be done. (Wish I could remember who said this). Best wishes for smooth sailing over the next 22 weeks.

  4. Of course you can do it! What do you have to lose except dress sizes? Having a target makes getting to goal easier I think (hope).

  5. Woohoo! It’s been great to see so much progress and motivation on all the sites where I lurk. Maybe it’ll help motivate me to get off this plateau where I’ve been chilling for the last two months.

    Anyway, nice going! Good luck on the 22-week challenge–I’ll be rooting for ya.

  6. Woohoo! It’s been great to see so much progress and motivation on all the sites where I lurk. Maybe it’ll help motivate me to get off this plateau where I’ve been chilling for the last two months.

    Anyway, nice going! Good luck on the 22-week challenge–I’ll be rooting for ya.

  7. YES you can do it! Because if you can, I can. We can both do it! Yay for 22 Week Challenges, heh.

    Of course this means I totally expect to see you when you come here so that we can both show off our amazing results to each other, and have a drink to celebrate πŸ˜›

  8. hi, I just discovered your site a couple days ago.. I am very impressed by your willpower πŸ™‚ just wanted to tell you that you rock! cheering for you!

  9. Not only you can do it. You ARE doing it babe!!!
    Come on…be your usual star of a woman, make me wanna do it hard too!!!!!

  10. argy, take your comment out of context and it almost sounds like something from a porn movie. make me do it! you can do it! YEAH! do it baby!


  11. Oooo spooky

    my BMI is 29.3, and although I’m 5 foot 6, I have (last week) done exactly the same calcs as you to get down to BMI25 by, in my case, 12th September.

    Best of luck I’ll try to remember to pop by after my weigh in to see hopw you’re doing – race you to the 22 week finish line.

  12. well? she asked bashfully…flattering her eyelashes…will you make me do it?

    (sounds better? πŸ˜‰

  13. I am with you on the challenge. I have four more weeks till I start my challenge. You had 6 weeks after the wedding and I have given myself 6 weeks to blob out after the birth of my bubs and then I will be with you girl. And I we will both do it.

  14. You are so motivational!…I am getting married in July and found out yesterday that I have to get my dress altered on May 29th! They say it is because they have a large volume of dresses to alter and I can’t wait till the last minute…but I have been loosing weight and the dress is already too big….and I want to be a small as I can be by that time…so that is a whole month of loosing weight without changing my dress! I am scared! But I am going to keep it up….having a dress that is too big is better then have a dress that I have to let out!
    Keep up the ass shakin’

  15. Hi DG! I am so inspired by your website, even though I don’t have that much to lose, maybe 15 pounds or so.

    I read almost all your archives! Seriously, you’re so witty and fun to read that it was worth it. Sometimes, I felt like I was reading about MY life, no joke. You describe dieting struggles so well. And I like how you’re not like those dieters in magazines who just one day decide to lose weight and they never gain again. That’s not realistic, but you are.

    Anyway, good luck with everything. I’ll be reading! <3

  16. Hey DG – just found your site – your pics are AMAZING! If you’re in search of inspiration – just take a look at your own history! What you’ve done is fantastic. I have no doubt you’ll make it the rest of the way. can’t wait to see more photos as you get further on your journey! Oh – and I love your attitude. Glad I found you!

  17. Congrats on the loss… what fantastic news… you have helped get me re-motivated!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting- you rock!

  18. I was about to say the same, but Amy beat me to it!

    I love the way you put things. I can just hear the Voice of the Fat as it surrenders…

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