So I have been arguing with SC for the past hour why we SHOULDN’T go out running but it looks like I’ve lost. I tried to explain that I’ve got cramps, I need to cook dinner, I need to do some laundry and some writing. He just rolled his eyes. So I said WELL OKAY THEN, FINE! IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE ALL BOSSY ABOUT IT! So we’re going out in ten minutes.

Why does exercise have to suck so much? Why can’t I ever look forward to it! BAH!

. . .


Okay I’m back after completing the walk/run and still somehow we managed to cook some dinner. People often say, "Wow, you sure have gotten into the exercise. I’d love to be like that but I just don’t have the time!" Can you really, truly look at all the minutes in your week and not even find twenty spare for a wee walk? It’s more like, I don’t wanna make time for exercise! I could be napping or reading a magazine or scratching my arse! I tell you, when I am in this pissy PMSy mood, I could list you ten thousand things I’d like to do before I chose to exercise.

I was speaking to my mother yesterday and she was late calling me coz she was out walking. This is my workaholic, ultimate martyr mother who always cried dramatically, "I don’t even have time to bless myself!". Well she made a decision to get up half an hour earlier five days a week and walk with a friend. She’s been doing it since November! Well I refuse to let her have one over me, so looks like I will just have to keep bloody exercising then. Bah.

(Sometimes I quite like exercise. Just not today. Hehe.)

12 thoughts on “Humph!

  1. I think with all that walking you are doing to the train station and back, you don’t need to do much more ;P

  2. As much as I like the positive changes regular exercise has brought to my life, motivation can be fleeting. Exercise can definitely suck!! On days when I just can’t seem to get going , I read a running article or go on-line. Your lucky you have a partner to run with, unless your not well suited to run together. For me if I can just get my butt out the door and push through the first 10 mins I’m good to go. Other things that motivate me include:
    any new piece of running apparel
    a running article
    not focusing on weight, distance, or time but rather the joy of movement and feeling strong.

    I’m new to your blog, funny stuff, not to mention motivational!!

  3. I reckon that if we were the type of people who liked to exercise, we wouldn’t have this fat problem in the first place 😉 But perservering through the running even when you don’t want to just makes you rock even more.

  4. Well I’m with ya on the tantrum side of things.

    I have to agree with Eli, how much more exercise would you like to do other than your walk to the train.

    Perhaps you can nicely sit Bag Pipes down and say “Sweetie, I have done alot of walking today, my glutius maximus and triceps hurt so I really don’t want to damaged them any further”.

    No? Oh, well perhaps you could smile and say “Wow, I have a man who wants to support and exercise with me”

    I’d give my right breast to have that right now cupcake.

  5. Ugh… I know just how you feel. Why can we never remember how much better we feel after exercising in those moments when we most need to be reminded?

    Go SC for putting the foot down and getting you up and moving when you least felt like it. I wish my boy was as determined! You have a jewel there, sweetie.

  6. go diet girl go. Remember the physics of this – every minute over a half an hour is gold…remarkably – it also reduces yr appetitite…


  7. You are so lucky to have someone to exercise with – my boy does manual work for a living & has no inclination whatsoever to walk/run/excercise with me! Even better that you can bitch and moan and then do it, nothing like a good whinge and then a workout 🙂
    You’ve inspired me to eke out some more time to shift my lard, so thanks and have a great day

  8. oright, because I did not post a weigh in yesterday, i thought id better not whine for the lack of wedensdays post. but its thursday and i miss your post too much already!!!

  9. First post but I’ve been reading your posts forever, since the start! You’re awesome. Feel free to add my blog to your links list, I’m 50 pounds overweight and my blog is a hilarious journey from here to there, there being my first full marathon in October. Everyone is encouraged to check in here and there and leave comments, and Dietgirl, you rock! I hope my boy and I end up as happy as you and your SC!

    Kelly in the States

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