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The Scottish Companion is shaping up. It’s quite attractive but incredibly infuriating. He was always moaning about his "Thesis Handles", the apparent spare tyres he’d accumulated around his waist and hips while finishing off his PhD last year. Too many Hula Hoops and not enough exercise. But in the month since I’ve moved in he’s really trimmed up, thanks to me imposing my healthy habits on his former bachelor paradise.

Not only has he been accompanying me on my walk/runs, he’s dusted off his mountain bike and feeling fitter. His diet has changed too. He used to cook healthy meals a couple times a week and generally eat a fair amount of fruit. But often when he got busy he’d just have toast or cereal or and biscuits and cheese, and often succumbed to greasy takeaways. But now he’s eating salads and loads of vegies and grilled fish (he’s largely veggie but still eats fish). He’s hooked on my ye olde Weight Watchers spinach pie and now loves berries and yogurt for dessert. And he’s cooking too! He made a mean broad bean and feta tortilla for dinner last week.

I’ve also introduced him to the joys of the Misto Oil Spray. I don’t really like using Spray n Cook or Pam or whatever it’s called in your respective countries, it just seems a bit chemical-y to me. So I just pour some olive oil into this contraption then after some wild pumping action, it sprays just the teeniest hint of oil onto your food. A teeny tablespoon of oil has about 90 calories and 10g fat so it’s incredible how quick that can gobble up your daily allowance. So SC was amazed that you can "fry" an egg with the tiniest spritz of oil in a teflon pan, rather than drown it an inch of bubbling oil.

He also used the Misto to make THE BEST fries/chips you’ve ever had in your life! He did what I usually do – peel and chop some spuds, drop into a pot of boiling water for about ten minutes then drain. Shooggle spuds in the colander to get their edges roughed up, then dump onto an oven tray. Spray with some oil then sprinkle with loads of cracked black pepper and a shake of Herbamare before chucking into a hot oven for 30-40 minutes. He added the extra step of re-rinsing the drained parboiled spuds with boiling water, then draining them again. That seemed to make them just extra cripsy on the outside, fluffy inside and generally just gobsmackingly delicious and not at all greasy. We had that with grilled tuna and salad.

Anyway, he’s totally losing those Thesis Handles. It is so bloody infuriating! I guess the sudden healthy eating shocked his system into action. It is just so annoying coz he’s not really TRYING, he’s not thinking about food and exercise day or night or writing things down or counting calories. He is just cutting back and moving his butt and living like a healthy person. Which is what we’re all SUPPOSED to do.

I dunno about you but that just seems too freakin’ easy! Where’s the guilt and torment and exertion and struggle and obsessive planning? Surely for every kilo you lose there has to be at least two kilos worth of stress and conscious effort to go with it? Ha ha ha.

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  1. I totally sympathize with you on the guy losing with no effort and here we are trying are hardest to get even 1 lb. to come off…hey, maybe that’s the whole secret…just to leave so much on our plates and go out and have fun….not think of it as exercise, just having fun being outside…Keep up the great job you’re doing and it will all fall off eventually……..

  2. I’m in exactly the same boat! I’ve agonized and obsessed my way down 19lb since September, and my fiance has suddenly started to find his trousers are fitting loosly and he’s about 20lb lighter! And he’s not TRYING. It’s just that now there’s more fruit and veg around he’s eating it too, and I’m avoiding icecream and such so it’s harder for him to get it, even though I do make sure there’s some treats around that he likes and I don’t, so he’s not deprived. Though maybe also so he doesn’t CATCH UP with me.

    I try to stop myself from growling with envy at the lack of obsessivenes, note taking, breast beeating and finger-gnawing on his part…and remind myself that MY obsessiveness and food planning is a major factor in his weightloss, so maybe you and I should both feel extra proud that we’re not only working on our own “thesis handles” but those of our beloved partners too?

  3. For starters, he’s a guy. Due to the unfair advantages of genetics, men can chuck aside excess weight without having to stress over it too much. Also, men are not half so much predisposed to do emotional eating or develop eating disorders. Don’t ask me why, it seems to go with the mindset. They lose weight the same way they shop– go in, get it done, no muss no fuss. Infuriating.

    If it helps, most of the work you do isn’t actually about losing weight. You’re doing a hell of a lot more: you’re having to re-build yourself from scratch, mind and body and self-esteem and attitude and habits and all. Comparing what he’s doing to what you’re doing is like comparing how fast it takes to re-shingle two houses, without taking into account the fact that one of the houses had to be torn down and re-built first before the shingles could be found.

    On the up side, men who cook are marvelous things. Treasure that Scottish Companion!

  4. Men seem to have it so much easier! It definitely is frustrating! Guess us females just need to chill out and not take everything so seriously sometimes.

    Glad you have such a handy Scottish companion that’ll cook for you though!

  5. So inspiring. I need to start training MY SC, rather than letting him train me into ice cream, chips (crisps), etc. He LIKES all the good stuff when I cook it, but when I’m too tired to cook (happens more often now that I’m 6 months + pregnant) things don’t go so well. Anyway… it’s a process! Glad things are going well for you on the training front, but damn him for losing so fast! It might be easier for me if my SC would gain a little but it turns out he loses when he’s inactive so he has NO incentive to eat any healthier. In fact, he has been talking lately about fattening himself up. Aargh.

  6. Im using one of those oil spray things too. They are great. But I fry eggs in the pan without any fat at all. I think it works fine.

    Just remember not to cut out too much fat from your diet as the body needs fat to burn fat. It is not good to eat too little either. I used to do that when I dieted before and this time Ive learned. But Im sure you know about that.

  7. Grrrr, blokes showing us up like that. How rude! But YAY that he supports you in your efforts and cooks yummy things that are good for you. I need to try that chip recipe!

  8. Hey I need to get me one of those Mistos, I’d rather not be using chemically cooking spray either. MMM those chippies sound good. Shame I’m low-carbing, heh.

    Can you share your Spinach Pie recipe? I’m yet to find a WW-friendly one that’s actually tasty.

    My DH lost weight when I started WW because of the way I was cooking. And he doesn’t need to lose any! So now I have to supplement his meals a little with extra calories otherwise I’ll waste him away! And he eats Snickers for breakfast. Pah.

  9. Damn men and their damn metabolisms!!

    My boyfriend is the same, 6ft tall, weighs 65kg and not an ounce of that is guilt, shame or food related neuroses.

    I think most women have an extra interal organ worth of emotional weight inside them – unfortunately even once you get rid of it, it often grows back 😛

  10. It seems like part of it is that you’ve done all the work for him. You’ve been the one learning about how to eat right and exercise, you’re the one trying, and all he has to do is just go “Er, ok!” So feel proud, you’re the one who helped him lose weight, you’ve accomplished something too!

  11. Don’t you get me started on this! I will vent for eons!!!

    I think I better give you a recipe I came up with on Saturday and instantly thought of you and SC cos I remembered he is vegie.

    Do you scrambled eggs as usual, but add some dry mint on them and big chunks of feta. When they are cooked, chop up in tiny morsels half an avocado and serve it on top of the eggs. Sensational!

  12. Bloody men. They have it so easy. They have no genetically clingy fat due to possible future childbirth. They don’t have as much hangups about body stuff as women do and maybe that’s why weightloss is easier for them because they don’t make such a big deal out of it. Oh it’s so unfair. No but seriously, good on SC for getting rid of the thesis handles before they turn into a bigger problem! And don’t worry, your kilos will drop off to eventually. They will!

  13. Yes, it’s that Y chromosome. Sometimes I can’t stand watching my husband eat three plates of food while I nibble salads. When he wants to lose a little weight, he only takes second helpings instead of thirds, and a week later he’s dropped 10 pounds.

    Of course, we have the extra brain tissue instead of using it all for muscle.

  14. Grrrr. Yes, my bf’s like that too. He lost about a stone after finishing his degree by, as far as I can tell, not eating angel cake. And this brought him from “slender” to “thin”. He just doesn’t have the sort of body that would ever be fat.

    However – you know those girls who go “I’m so fat” as they look down at their size-eight selves? I also get that from him. “Oh, no, I’m getting a big belly.” This is a sentence which I NEVER want to hear again and which nonetheless crops up every few weeks. The man’s stomach is actually concave, and he has trouble finding trousers that are both long enough in the leg, and small enough in the waist. Wouldn’t you think that would indicate to him that he is, in fact, thin enough?

    I admit most men don’t seem to have that kind of body-image hangup – but this one does. It’s been a worry to me in the past.

  15. I find it hard too. My boyfriend and flatmate can (and do) lose weight so much more easily… they need to cut out a much smaller percentage of their intake. Losing weight on totals that would make me gain about a half kilo a week. The flatmate is even smug about it. Biting into his creme egg and telling me the percentage of my calorie intake it is compared to his. Sob.

    I want that extra 500 calories they get to consume per day!

  16. it’s a good thing they can be charming and loveable, otherwise we would burn them all at the stake for being so skinny. Hehehe.

    (I just wrote STEAK instead of stake. How sad am I?)

    Thanks for all your comments 🙂

  17. Exactly the same happened here. When me and my guy started our healthy journey he lost all his kilos soo quick. I was (and am) so jealous. OK I’m glad for him, but I’m still jealous and it does NOT help that I know guys loose ther kilos easier. That only makes it worse!

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