Wednesday Weigh-In – Week 13

Thirteen! Unlucky for some! I weighed in at 89.1 kilos today, which means I have recovered from most of that ungodly 3.5kg "gain" fromlast week but I am still 0.4 above my lowest weight. I was perusing the calendar today and realised it’s been two months since I hit that lowest weight. Sure there was that whole wedding and sampling the delights of the American Buffet thing, but I think it’s high time I saw some significant losses again. I’ve been on track this past week but I need to remember that just coz it’s Weigh In Wednesday, I don’t have licence to eat like a pork once I’ve hit the scales. Because the slackness invariably lasts til the weekend.

I’ve got 24 weeks until we go to Australia. Eek! That’s 24 weeks in which I could continue fartarsing around OR 24 weeks in which I could blast away a significant amount of lard. So this week I have been trying to remember my goals, to stop and think before I eat! I wrote a wee list of REASONS on a Post-It and stuck it beside the mirror so it’s the first thing I see every morning. The Post-It fell off two hours later but I have managed to look at this list from where it landed on the floor every morning since. And the reasons?

  1. Finish the Five Year Plan!
  2. Oz in October!
  3. Erin’s Book!
  4. New Foxy Clothes!
  5. To feel fit, healthy and attractive!

Ahh the Five Year Plan, remember that? I vowed to be at goal by 15 January 2006, which will mark five years of lardbusting. Cool, I’m still shooting for that. Stalin delivered on time, so can I.

Oz in October is of course the wedding party thingy, where there’s folk who haven’t seen me from anywhere between 2.5 and 5 years, so I want to be dazzling especially because photos are going to be taken by a tops photographer! I am forking out a pretty penny for this so every time I reach for a chocolate I must say, "THINK OF THE PHOTOS!". I want one chin, tops.

Erin’s book – unleashed upon the world this May! Pre-order your copy now! As I said before, my bio says I’ve lost 150lbs, and be darned if I want to have a whopping LIE in print!

Foxy new clothes – Aside from my wedding dress, everything I own slightly saggy and baggy, but not big enough to justify spending dosh. My bras are doing a half-hearted job of holding up the girls, but until the cups totally gape I will just persist. My jeans are seriously baggy in the crotch area – whenever I eat a sandwich I end up with half of it there. It’s like a little feeding trough or something. But until I can get into my jeans WITHOUT needing to unbutton or unzip them, I still have to wear them. This may sound ridiculous but it’s the scheme that’s taken me from size 28 jeans down to the crotch-catching 18s of today without declaring bankruptcy.

As for the last reason, you know it’s mostly about vanity goals, but I do worry about the diabetes that gallops through my Mum’s family. It can’t help to remind myself each day that dropping blubber will help my health.

The idea behind the list is to just keep these motivations fresh in my head. I am someone who responds best to constant badgering and bullying, so why not nag myself into submission? Ha ha ha! Whatever works for ya.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-In – Week 13

  1. Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy reading your entries. I’ve been reading for awhile and I love your enthusiasm and humor. It makes for a great start to my day.

  2. Wait….. that sounded like I was telling you to stick your post-it note in your clacker.

    What I meant to say was, stick the post-it note to the mirror again!

  3. Hi, also adding my support to you and this blog, of which I have been a fan for a while. You are doing fantastically well, and your list is great – well done and good luck

  4. Great list! And I am sure you can pull it off! I am excited about Erin’s book it looks really good…and it will be neat to see how she incorporated all of the blogs and bloggers mentioned….most especially you!

    When are you going to make a book out of your blog? I would read it;)

    I am interested in what exactly you have done diet and exercise wise, to loose so much weight, if you could email me some kind of list of what you have done that would be great…I am just looking for new ideas and suggestions that have worked for other people. rettaboo78 at hotmail dot com

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Excellent list foxy woman – I love lists.

    I’m with Loretta, I’d read your book – even better, every time I read your blogs, I keep thinking what a great movie your stories would make, heh. Move over Bridget Jones, here comes Dietgirl!

    24 weeks – wow that makes it sound so soon! I’d better pull my finger out too, since I vowed I’d be at goal by September 16 at the latest (2 years at WW), and that’s only about 22 weeks away…eep!

  6. Want us to nag? I’m happy to pitch in if you want! Great list, you sound well fired up about it all. Here’s to only one chin in photographs!

  7. Great goals you’ve got going for yourself! But those Post It notes can be the pits…they need more stickem 🙂

    With your attitude, you’ll do it!

  8. Use gaffer tape for the list! That way it’ll never fall off.

    Didn’t Erin also put a hopeful number in print? One she hadn’t quite reached yet. Maybe “publishing a book” is a new weight loss inspirational tool?

  9. You have lost OVER 150 pounds babe – so that is definitely safe – you surely are a chick that will never go backwards and maintaining over a two month period while getting married, visiting america and moving house is still moving forward to me! Are we going to meet you in 24 weeks while you are in oz? Are you going to have a big dg catch up? because if so, I better get some post its of my own and get my own arse a moving!

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