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So here is some groovy news. If you’re in the UK, grab a copy of this weeks Grazia magazine – Britain’s First Weekly Glossy! the one with Our Kylie on the front! – and turn to page 36. Nestled between the likes of Kate Moss and Denise Van Outen is… little ol Dietgirl!

Well, not exactly little. There is nothing to make you realise you’re not wee like seeing your big red head taking up a WHOLE FREAKING PAGE of a national magazine and then flipping over to see an article on the new trend of Ultra Skinny Jeans that you wouldn’t get your ankle into, let alone a whole leg.

I have swung from being mortified to gleeful to mortified for the past three months since this whole thing started. Let me fill you in! In April I got an email from this lovely chick who is the PR for the publishing house that are distributing Tales From The Scale here in the UK. Apparently Grazia had seen the book and were keen to publish an extract of my writing. 2000 words!

Thus sparked my first simultaneous Happy Dance/Fat Girl Freakout. I didn’t have a freaking clue that this book would even see the light of day in the UK. I am clueless about how these things work. The freakout stemmed from Dietgirl going into print and local people finding out about me and my secret lardy life. But from a writing point of view, I was excited. It was the first time I’d been in published in print media since my groundbreaking piece as an intern at the Canberra Times: Pensioners Welcome New Motorised Shopping Carts At Local Supermarket.

A few weeks later I heard from the writer, who was a really cool woman. She had cobbled together bits of my chapters into a cohesive piece, it flowed really well. All I had to write a couple more paragraphs to fill in some gaps and it all came together nicely. It then got subbed of course, so the final thing came out a wee bit different… a little cheesy but still a nice read.

The Grazia folk mentioned from the start that they’d need photos for the piece. As you know I had already asked my Mum earlier this year to send me some Fat Pics, but I got her on the case to find some more. They also told me someone would come to Edinburgh my photo for the piece, but I was in such denial that this whole thing would actual happen that I blocked that out of my mind. It was just too hilarious that a dork like me would be in a magazine. Part of me hoped the story would get pulled by an urgent Paris Hilton scoop or plastic surgery expose. So instead of stepping up my gymming, eating more carefully, getting facials or shopping for an outfit, I did sweet bugger all! This meant when the magazines Picture Desk contacted me on a Monday to arrange a photo shoot for Saturday, all I could was FREAK OUT!

Shopping for clothes makes me nauseous at the best of times. But pacing up and down Princes Street trying to find something that would make me look nice In A Full Length Photo! In A Glossy Magazine! sent me to near hysterics. The photographer to me to a) wear something I was comfortable in b) something that showed off my figure and c) something that wasn’t black. This ruled out approximately 100% of my wardrobe. A horrid feeling of panic churned in my guts as I went in and out of every clothing shop in Edinburgh only to find stuff that was too small, black or with tiny or non-existent sleeves that exacerbated my Arm Anxiety.

Ooh I wished I was a rich bastard with a personal shopper. If only my self-centred sister hadn’t have decided to further her career and move away and not be here to scout for outfits! How RUDE! Normally when I shop I get bored or cranky after an hour and give up and go home, but this time there was no wriggling out of it. I scouring the ships every lunchtime and every evening for the whole week. With each day that passed I cursed my laziness and lack of interest in fashion and grooming. Why had I left this to the last minute when I’d know for two months this was on the cards? Why hadn’t I bought some nice clothes as I’d shrunk? Why didn’t I have a bra that held my boobs up? Why had I eaten all those cakes?

I ended up finding a top at Monsoon the day before the shoot. The sleeves were short but I was desperate. Desperate, do you hear me? And I’d found another pair of jeans for the bargain price of Β£20 that were darker than the ones I got from Next, which looked more dressy. Cool.

So all I had to do before the shoot started on midday on Saturday was: find accessories and a new bra. I went to catch the early train but it was delayed by almost an hour. Arrgh! When I finally arrived I barely had an hour and flitted in and out of high street stores in a mad jingle jangle of bangles and jewels trying to find something ANYTHING to go with my top. Then I had to try and stab my earlobes as I’d not worn earring since the Vegas wedding and the holes had almost closed over. Ewww! My face was glowing red from stress and sweat. The whole thing took so long that I didn’t have time for a new bra.

The photo shoot went okay though, but that’s another entry in itself. I will skip forward five weeks til Tuesday when the magazine came out and I sat there on my step before Body Pump class staring down at the page muttering, "Oh no! Oh yes! How awful! How cool!".

For now I will just post a wee linky here to a zip file that has the scanned articles – three jpegs, one for each page. There is all new Before Pics in the article plus finally you get that oft-promise new progress pic! And my eyes ain’t blocked out this time! I will save my assortment of self-criticisms of how I look in the photo (squinty eyes! shiny cheeks! messy eyebrow! nanna arms!) for the next entry.

Click here to download (519kb, Zip file)

Please let me know in the comments if you have problems with the file!  Have to catch my train so I will correct typos later and post more about the whole thing in a day or two. Take care, groovers!

68 thoughts on “Buy A Copy For Yer Mum

  1. Oh, god, am I the first to comment? Well what can I say?! I knew nothing about this, but WOW! you look awesome in the picture and it really is a very very good article. Well done!

  2. Congratulations!!! Too bad I’m not in the UK to read your article. In regards to Tales from the Scale, I recently read the book and it couldn’t have hit home more. Thanks to you and the other writers, I’m going to continue this “journey” and get out of the funk I’ve been in these past two weeks.

  3. OMG! That is the coolest thing ever! I read things like that all the time in supermarket mags, but I never thought it would happen to someone that I knew of beforehand! How exciting!!

  4. I have been reading your blog for some time, and just read my Grazia tonight – I KNEW it was you the minute I started to read it!

    Well done, you are fabulous and inspirational and very, very real – it’s quite clear from the article that you’ve had a journey, not a quick fix, which as we all know is the only way through all of this, and you are also the living evidence that you can be size 16 and look gorgeous – very well done you for doing so well, and giving such a positive message in a national magazine!

    PS – outfit fabulous by the way

  5. The pictures (and words) are amazing. You look fantastic! Thanks so much for scanning and sharing the article with us.

  6. You are absolutely beautiful. You just have an amazing smile! I can’t read the print of the article but I have read that book.

  7. You look so great!! That is awesome. I wish I were in the UK so I could get a copy!

  8. You look so great! Nice choice on the top by the way, I love the color. I love your writing so much, always makes me smile.

  9. God you are pretty
    you look so nice and I dont have a clue why you are worrying about your arms.
    you are such a babe ‘w*

  10. you look great like everyone has already said! the rearanging of your writings was ok, but i prefer your untampered with writing! I agree great top and nice jeans! Thanks for commenting over on my blog,about my wedding photos, i felt weird posting them, but it was something people seemed interested in….plus with the big poofy dress you can see my chubby legs! And I have spent all of my extra time for 6 months planning the damn thing;)

  11. Gorgeous! You look awesome! Your arms look great- love the shirt. The way you described the outfit I thought you’d be wearing a sleavless paper sack! You underestimate yourself.

  12. I read you all the time and never comment, but I had to this time. You look absolutely wonderful in your photos! I already love your writing, but it was great to see a real photo of you – eyes and everything! What amazing work you’ve done!

  13. Dietgirl, you totally freaked me out! As you may recall, I have been stalking your blogs for some time, yet when I sat down to read Grazia last night, I read about a third of the article without realising it was you – because I didn’t recognise you in the pic! This is despite having seen your ‘progress’ pics. You looked really great, bird. And, without wanting to sound size-ist in any way, I would have never looked at the pic and thought ‘that person is in an article about weight loss’. I could have just flicked past thinking you were a handbag designer or something. When I realised it was you, I felt like I knew someone famous! Is that sad? Anyway – many congratulations! I’ve used too many exclamation marks!

  14. I just had to delurk to say – Wow you are a total babe! What a great picture – I hope they get you a proper print of it. And a great story.

  15. Shauna, you look amazingly beautiful both now and then. You’re one clever, talented little kookster and there’s just got to be a living to be made out of all that talent. Well done chickadee!

  16. Great article (and thanks for the scan for those of us outside the UK). The compilation of your writing came out great and so did your pictures! What a great picture of you now. And I agree with the comments, a perfect top (and accessories). I always enjoy your posts for their humour, honesty and inspiration. You have helped me see it is possible to lose the weight and I am showing it pound by pound.

    On a totally different note, I can’t believe there has been another series of bombs in London. Thank goodness no one was killed. I used to live in Shepherd’s Bush and it hits close to home even if I haven’t lived there in several years.

  17. You are beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Good for you. Don’t get seduced by the game of inventing criticisms of how you look just for the heck of it (I’m sure Angelina Jolie for that matter could play the same game, but,likewise, it doesn’t mean we’d believe a word of it). Stop for a second, and look at yourself. You’re beautiful, and that’s all there is to it.

    I hope I have the stamina to lose my own 50 pounds or so. Your story gives me courage. And btw, I read you faithfully, although I mostly lurk.

    Love ya!

  18. another long time lurker, first time poster…

    you look amazing! just gorgeous! congratulations! and I’m so glad you had the courage to share your story, before photos and all, it gives the rest of us a little hope in achieving our own success : )

  19. You look absolutely stunning and radiant!! Truly and genuinely happy. Thanks so much for sharing the article with the rest of us in other parts of the world. I bet you never imagined this when you started your journey! Sooooo proud of you!

  20. O- stuipd work computer is blocking me from downloading or opening it! Will try at home this weekend.

  21. Oh, Shauna – As all the other commenters point out, you are certainly just so adorable! but of course this is not just about your body and how you look, it’s about your heart, your mind, and that damn Betsy! You look so happy and content in your pics! It seems quite visible that you have found good headspace, and heartspace, about yourself. and now you wear very different feelings about yourself. truly: major kudos. and, major thanks for not just sharing the journey but sharing it so intimately. it’s truly a help to the rest of us. I wish I could hug you!

  22. Hah. I always knew you were freakishly good looking. Forget the fact that you look sexy as hell, the secret that you can write is also now out.

  23. Hey DG

    am also delurking to say how fabulous you look in the article!!! Positively sparkling! Like Jo said, if i were flipping though a mag, would have thought you some “famous” chick (well, you are a famous writer….loved tales from the scales) being interviewed, not someone in a mag for being overweight/about a weightloss story. You rock!

    XXX Cat

    PS have been enjoying the “wedding” stories, good luck with the rest of them & look forward to reading about them on your site.

  24. Shauny you look wonderful, beautiful, and oh so slim. Don’t pick the photo apart… REVEL in it. You SO deserve it.

  25. Amazing story, my dear! you are stunning… before and after. What a great thing to have happen for you… and you are SO deserving of the attention πŸ™‚ Go, YOU!

  26. You look so pretty, what lovely taste in clothes you have and a beautiful smile. You must be so proud of yourself, and rightly so. Here’s to slapping Betsy down!!

  27. Oh firstly, I have to comment on everyone elses comments – listen very, very carefully to what everyone is saying.

    Don’t shrug your shoulders or roll your eyes or belittle your efforts in anyway because people don’t say these things just to be nice. They say it because they feel it in their hearts when they look at you. πŸ™‚

    You look so incredibly relaxed and happy and gorgeous! I want to see some self gratification. Some self ‘BOOYAH!’ some self praise… because you Shauna are just a devine, hardworking, beautiful, touching person.

  28. Shauna…As a first time poster (and longtime reader), let me say a couple of very original things never said before:
    Ok…not so original. But, oh babe, so true. You are inspiring! Your achievements speak for themselves, and I wish you nothing but happiness and success. You do need to cultivate this wonderful writing skill you have into some serious cash! I see personal shoppers and limousines to carry you to your next 5k in your future. xoxox

  29. I’ve been an avid reader for quite some time but a first time commenter.. πŸ™‚
    I just wanted to say you look terrific!!! I am so proud of you and you have been an inspiration to me! πŸ™‚

  30. You know you have reached a pinnacle in the weight loss journey when you are written up in a mag. Excellent photos and great to see how far you have come. love the hair doo as well. And as I comment I am to be the 44th comment. That, in itself, let’s you know what a legend you are.

  31. All of the cool words have been used up in the other comments, so I will just say, “You Rock!!” Oh, and thanks for the scan. πŸ™‚

  32. You are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful outfit! Omg. Your life seems so wonderful right now – you totally deserve it all, the cool person you are.

  33. Firstly, yes… I love the hairdo (already commented on). You look fabulous and OMG – you have lost the equivalent to an entire person BUT… and this is sooooo important… you did this YOURSELF. No surgery, just you. Be very proud because we all are!!!

  34. you’re gorgeous Shauna! loved the article — what i could read of it πŸ™‚ how scary and exciting having something like this happen… does it feel like a dream?

  35. Ditto what everyone else has said. Ditch the various neuroses because you are gorgeous. Best of all, you looked really natural and comfortable.

    Will buy the mag today.

  36. Never, never in my life I have felt I ached so much from my desire to hug someone!!! I so want to hug you Shauna, hug you and share my happy tears and bravos and congratulations and more happy tears and more hugs!!!! You would be soooooooooooooo squezed in my arms!!!!

    And I have never felt a louder BRAVO for a comment I read than the one I feel now for Beck’s comment!

    You need to get out from the window and shout out loud “I am Shauna and I made this miracle all by myself!!!”

    World must know the exquisite material you are made of honey!!!!

    Show you off now for all of us!!!! And get a copy of Grazia for me and send it signed please!!!!

  37. I just have to say that you look absolutely fabulous in the article. You are simply the best and I laugh and cry with your every entry here on the blog. You kick ass!

  38. Rock on Aussie babe.

    Obviously people like your writing. It’s time to ditch the doubts and start doing some serious effort in persuit of ortha-ship. I expect the first book to be instore by next Christmas. Get to it!

  39. *grin* see.

    We all love you.

    We see the magic that is inside you.

    It’s called every-day-ordinary-human-who-did-something-for-herself-against-all-odds.

    You deserve this. Every sweet calorie packed minute of it!

  40. Everyone else has said it already, but you are gorgeous, and that is a stunning photo! You must be so proud! I have NO IDEA why all your progress pics are blanked out!!!

    Congratulations on being published, just another achievement to add to your already long list πŸ™‚

  41. You are beautiful and brave! None of those terrible things you have thought about yourself are true. Remember when you used to read those slimming mags back in AU? Now, you have been profiled but in an even better mag! You have done very well and continue to do so. If you never lose another pound, you have gained so much more in your life.

    Congrats DietGirl, it has been an amazing adventure!

  42. Soooooo beautiful! You look joyous and so comfortable in your own skin. You probably never imagined when you were crying after your initial WW weigh-in that folks would be JEALOUS of your looks!!! Off to continue reading TftS!

  43. You look fabulous — very happy and cute, and how cool is it to wear capped sleeves?! As always, very inspiring.

  44. DUDE!

    1) How cute are YOU? Eeee! I could just bounce around the room from those pictures. You’re a doll!

    2) You’re in a MAGAZINE! Omigod!

    I would have more, but m ded of the proud. Ya done good, and I am totally jealous. Go go team DG!

  45. Their words speak volumes my friend.

    Talented! Was talented there? I hope so. If not then I’m adding it.

    Now all you have to do is put that gorgeous picture and all of these wonderful comments somewhere prominent and look at them every day. Your mind just has to catch up with your body sooner rather than later. Life’s too short. NJ

  46. OMG!!!! What a beautiful little scrap of a thing you are! You are gorgeous. I often wondered what your eyes would look like.


  47. Hi Shauna – I’ve been a size 10 forever and I just hope I look as amazing as you on my wedding day!

    Funnily enough I read the Grazia article the day before reading your blog for the first time. Absolutely love it – you should sort out a whole book of your own some time soon.

    Well done, you Loser!

    E πŸ™‚

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