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Apologies for the lack of updates! I have been hella busy as the Wedding Party Thingy is on Saturday.

Right now everyone in the UK is glued to the telly as news of a series of bomb blasts in London comes in. I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. My sister and other London friends are okay, but my heart just aches hearing about trains and buses being blown apart. It is just one of those times when the world is just so hard to comprehend. How there is nowhere you can truly feel safe, not even just sitting on the train for your dreary commute. How you can love someone so fiercely and be protective yet ultimately you cannot prevent harm coming to them. My heart goes out to all those affected. I don’t have the brains to articulate this very well but it’s all just madness.

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  1. It’s really frightening. I’m at work with the internet radio on BBC London for updates. I work in Whitechapel behind the Royal London Hospital and the helicopter and sirens are going regularly. I have no idea how I’ll get home. I’m staying put for the moment. Feel relatively safe here. May go and donate blood if they need some at the hospital because I have a relatively rare blood type. But I will try to start my journey home at about 3pm.
    Take care everybody!

  2. It took me half an hour to get through to my London based family to check everyone was okay. Stupid phone congestion.
    Be safe everyone.

  3. We’re locked in our building – they are not allowing us out. Right above Moorgate Station… How safe do I feel? NOT!

  4. Thinking of you and all my friends in London and wishing you safe transport home. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. There just does not seem to be anywhere to escape from people who are willing to blow up innocent civilians to make their point. Bastards.

  5. My friend texted me this morning to say everyone was ok – so I knew something was wrong right away. I am so sorry about the attacks in London – it is one of my favorite places in the world, and some of my favorite people live there. No one deserves this kind of madness. From over here in DC, I’ll keep you all in mind – get home safely.

  6. Sick feeling is right. I’m so sorry this is happening… again!. Please know that we’re all thinking about you.

  7. Hugs to all in London, or with friends/family there.

    The US media is pissing me off with this wierd self-centered approach, focusing on how now all Americans should be scared to leave their homes… when there should be outrage and sympathy for all those who are hurt right now.

  8. I agree with Rosemary. We should remember how we felt on Sept. 11th and quit that shit and start finding a way to help the people who are willing to put their men in the line of fire for us.

    My heart goes out to all of you. I’m glad you sis is okay Shauny.

  9. Horrible, sad news. My heart aches for London. Wishing the news will get better. Not knowing what to say.

  10. I agree with Rosemary, though I have to say, the local news in San Francisco did a good job of just that- remembering 9/11 and helping people learn what happened to their friends in London. Walking around today, I get the sense that everyone’s thoughts are with your country right now, and hoping that the damage is as minimal as possible.

  11. So glad you and your loved ones are safe, Shauny – sending hugs and prayers to you after this dreadful thing.

  12. I think it is awful but I still think we should not react by becoming fearful. That means the attackers achieve exactly the result that they hoped for. It is easy to say on the other side of the world – I know! Time to unite and stand strong not become overpanicked. Let’s show these cowards that their shit is not going to make us stop believing in living a free life.

  13. I’m so glad your sister is safe. So are all my London friends and family… and it could have been so much worse. Although it is bad enough. 38 dead, hundreds wounded.

    People have been very calm in the aftermath, everyone keeps saying. I don’t think we’re succumbing to fearfulness. Sadness, yes.

    Safe journeys, everybody.

  14. Living in NYC, not a day goes by when I don’t remember (feel free to read my post on the issue from today)… my heart was breaking for Londoners and the UK this morning. I began to cry immediately, because maybe it’s silly, but I like to think of you all as our “friends”, our “neighbors across the pond”, if you will.

    I know London’s dealt with terror before because of the IRA, but this type of terror is new, and I sense there’s some loss of innocence… I know that feeling. I will never forget, and I think everyone should remember, not only the US, but Madrid and now London. Not to mention the embassy bombings and the Cole…


  15. I moved to the UK from the East Coast US in August 2001, 6 weeks before the Twin Tower bombings and watching the events unfold on TV ripped out my heart like it did most people – and despite living in England, the US was still very much HOME to me, NYC where I spent so many crazy weekends as a teenager, shopping and the museum and the park and endless visits to relatives, etc. Now, I’ve been living near to London for almost 4 years and watching the coverage ripped my heart out all over again. Not just because it was a horrible, callous, barbaric event but because now London is a bit of HOME to me again. My friends in London are safe (thank god) but I can’t watch the coverage or the events without getting all teary-eyed, thinking of all those who will forever be affected by this horrible attack, remembering how I felt watching the 9/11 attacks, knowing this too, will not defeat us. xxxx

  16. “Still mor majestic shalt thou rise,
    More dreadful from each foreign stroke;
    As the loud blast that tears the skies,
    Serves but to root thy native oak.”

    Which is, of course, the 3rd verse of Arne’s Rule Britannia.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Tragic, tragic!

    Miss S, I have just returned to your site after a long, long break. (Permission slip from my mum has been posted and will arrive shortly). And what’s this I read?? Engagement? Marriage? Weight loss galore? New inspired determination to rid yourself of the weight by January 2006? I can’t leave you alone for a second can I? So very happy and excited for you. NJ xx

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