The Mantra

Wednesday Weigh-in, Week 251 — 1.1 kilos gone. Huzzah! 11.7 kilos to go.

I am still 2.2 kilos above my lowest weight this year – I was 84.5 for one magical week way back in June when I did the Grazia photoshoot, although that may have been me being so nauseous with terror that I barely ate. However, I can now officially say five weeks after returning to the UK I have finally lost the Australia Lard.

Next mini-goal is to get under the elusive 84.5 and finally be back in Virgin Fat territory.

I know I shouldn’t number crunch too much, but at this stage I need to focus on the numbers. The little details. I need to remember how little there is to go, compared to all that came before. All week I’ve been haunted by that stupid ticker with its cheery refrain, "71 kilos lost, 13 to go!". Thirteen to go, dammit. If I’ve managed to bust 71 kilos – a whole STURDY PERSON – then I know I can lose 13 more. That’s a chubby toddler at most.

I can do this. I can do this.

I was talking to myself all week. When confronted by cakes or gym apathy or admiring tiny jeans in the shops, I mumbled my mantra, "Thirteen to go!".

And now it’s Eleven Point Seven to go, so it must be working alright.

I am trying to frame things in a positive light, instead of mopey thoughts like comparing my weight loss progress to other people’s weight loss progress, or dwelling on my slow progress in the past six months (At least I have the ability to maintain, ha!). All this self-talk is helping, as I am staying conscious of my food choices and feel balanced again. I’m in control, and I feel that hunger is back – the hunger to achieve and push myself hard.

I could write more, but it’s snowing here in Edinburgh today and I just want to look out the window and squeal. Plus 75% of you readers are American and lazing on your couches in a turkeymarshmellow stupor so you won’t be reading blogs anyway, so I’ll save it for another day. Bon weekend, my pretties!

17 thoughts on “The Mantra

  1. Went out for Thanksgiving with another couple and between the four of us, drank eight, that’s right, eight, bottles of wine. Not on couch in turkeymarshmellow stupor but hope to never see a bottle of Pinot Grigio again. I did at least save myself by drinking a glass of water or diet coke between glasses of wine so I think the others feel more of it than I do, but Ugh. Next year I’m volunteering at a shelter instead.

  2. When I get to comparing myself to others who have lost a LOT faster than me, I then say to myself…well at least I know I can maintain for long periods of time, LOL.

    Our journies are all different, they are ours and no one elses, because we are nobody else but us, LOL

  3. Thanks Shauny and Trish, I needed that right about now. I have a friend that I inspired to begin her own weight loss journey… and while I lose in increments or maintain, she is having 3,4,5 and even SIX pound losses in a week. She has lost over 40 pounds in less time than it has taken me to lose 18, and we started at about the same weight. ARGH!! It’s so easy to just want to say “what’s the friggin’ point?!” But in the end we gotta remember we are all different and I will eventually reach my goal weight, and I can just hope she hits a cruel plateau and I get there first. OOPS did I say that out loud?? Heh.

    Congrats on a great loss, and glad you found your hunger again! Tou CAN do this, you WILL do this!

  4. Everything you have just written could’ve come from my own head, except I think I’m maybe a stage behind in the process of not comparing.

    (If you’re 84.5, we’re weight twins at the moment. But I’m shorter than you.) Hang on, that was comparing. Grrr.

    The snow makes me want to squeal too – I’ve never seen it so early. It’s all melted here now, which is sad, although maybe just as well for those who have to wait for trains on cold platforms. Keep cosy!

  5. You know what? I think you are doing fantastic. I too take a long time to lose, but I have mastered maintaining! I think this is a very good thing; we are much less likely to put the weight back on. And that is AWESOME! πŸ™‚ Congrats on the loss.

  6. Don’t underestimate the value of knowing how to maintain! But I hear ya… it’s tough when you’ve come this far and are stumped by 11 measely kilos! I’ve got about the same to lose (about 20 pounds) and I really wish it were as easy to lose those LAST 20 as it was to lose the FIRST 20!

  7. WOW you’re motorin’ along. Glad all that extra baggage back home from aussie didn’t stay long! I get caught up comparing myself to others too, it starts off as being inspired by how great they’re going and then it’s like @#$! why can’t I lose that much… You SO can do this, heh hell you’ve been doing it for 251wks!! That’s a feat in itself.

    Hope you enjoyed the snow lucky thing – I seen snow for the first time here this year and it was measly but I was like a 4yr old running around and watching it.

    Enjoy the rest of your 251st week and you will SO do this!

  8. Good loss Shauny!!! Its not more than a couple of weeks hard work now, and you will indeed be in vergin fat! How fantastic this will be eh? I never really got to thank you about your previous post, it had me thinking and thinking for days!

    You know, it amazes me and makes me feel really fortunate to have known you. You have done all this incredible work both inside and out without the weekly visit to the “couch”. This is no small thing you know…

  9. heeeey im down 1.1 too well done chickey it CAN be done and you are living proof… maybe i need to steal your ways and have a little self talk to keep the ball rolling. isnt the snow fun? πŸ™‚

  10. Good job on losing the aussie lard!

    P.S. I love those stupid ticker things πŸ˜€ They’re dumb but… cute! πŸ™‚

  11. Okay so if you can imagine me in cheer girl outfit squeeling, “Give me an S. Give me an H. Give me an A… GooooooooOOOO SHAUNY!!”

    This is really happening mateyyyyyyy! You are making it happen and you are almost there. Soon you will be within the last 10kg and that will feel mighty fine. Focus girl and don’t let anything stand between you and what you have dreamed of for all these years. NJ

    Go Shauny! Go Shauny! Go Shauny!

  12. Do not underestimate the power of maintaining and I’m really pleased to hear of your latest “lard busting” adventures! (You always make me smile – thanks.)

  13. I wish I had your strength..I wish I had your courage, believe in you and keep on going…well done so far, its very inspiring…hope you find both the physical and emotional place you r lookin for

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