Into Temptation

So this is Christmas, and what have you scoffed? I am doing well so far, from a combination of talking to myself (Do you need that chocolate? Do you really want it? Will you regret it once you’ve swallowed?) and/or chaining myself to furniture so I’ll stay out of the kitchen.

I’m all psyched for the culinary challenges ahead. Christmas Lunch with the In-Laws should be okay tomorrow, then it’s off to London for four days to celebrate with my sister. We’re cooking up a big feast that includes two desserts, and I plan to enjoy the whole thing. But it’s the leftovers and in-betweens that are always my downfall, turning Christmas Indulgence into a binge that lasts well into New Year. But I am determined to keep talking to myself and keep up the Home Gym exercisin’ to limit the damage. And not drink a whole bottle of port on my own this time. I gained over six kilos last year! I am not going there again, darnit.

Happy holidays to all you kids out there in fatblogland. Thanks for your inspiration and support.

Finally, check out this post from Denise that bought a wee tear to my eye.

See ya’s next year!

19 thoughts on “Into Temptation

  1. Merry Christmas!! I hope 2006 brings the end of your journey and the beginning of a new way of living – keep those entries happening !!!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you, too!

    Those in-between times are so hard, aren’t they? I also have some celebration time with my sister planned, and I’ll be talking to myself a lot, too! We can do it! πŸ™‚

  3. Hope it was a fab Christmas DG and that you were able to eat without guilt! I also wish you all the best with keeping it under 6 kilos. I hope I’ve done the same! Have a great new years too!

  4. Merry Christmas to you! I am brand new to the blog world and I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for your amazing site. You have helped me to kick myself in the ass again.
    I have just started my own little blog site, i’d love you to have a look πŸ™‚ I don’t really know how to do this blog thing properly but so far so good.
    Thanks again. B

  5. Ack, I’ve eaten everything that wasn’t nailed down! I did manage to get some good workouts in, though. Merry Christmas, DG!

  6. Hang on. By my reckoning you were heading to London on 26th and it’s now only the 27th so you are still there. And so am I. (Well I’m normally here to be fair). If only I was as regularly a commenter on your blog as I am reader of it you might agree to let me buy you a fresh fruit smoothie in a London location of your choice.

    It’s weird, but having been reading you for a good while now I feel I know you, whereas you have no idea I exist. (Though I was the one that gave you the idea of getting a handblender) Blogging is strange isn’t it!

  7. I read your story in the Cosmopolitan November 05! And I just wanted to congratulate you! You have done well and you look amazing! : )
    I have battled with my weight somewhat over the past 5 years myself – but have lost a considerable amt of weigh this year – simply by losing that “inner fat girl” that you spoke of : )
    Your story is very encouraging. Wishing you all the best for 2006. Alicia, QLD

  8. There’s been a cookie-decorating party, eggnog every day, a giant box of boozie chocolates, turkey, ham, AND roast beef for christmas dinner, but a nice 7 mile hike on the 26th helped a bit.

    I’m hosting Hogmanay, so I get to call it Hogmanay and confuse my Californian friends.

    Have a blast in London! Just stay away from the waffles and crepes place right next to Bond St station on Oxford St. Not that I want to give you any ideas now ;->

  9. Have the final year dieting darling! And the best year of all you had so far!!! I wish you all the bestest and I send you love and hugs!

  10. DG you are a inspiration to the masses!!! After reading about you in Cosmo 2005 I thought I would visit your site. Having my own “inner fat girl” i needed inspiration, and I was not disappointed. Thank you!!! and keep on fighting the good fight.

  11. I too ate everything not nailed down for Christmas, but what’s done is done and I have a shiny new year to play with.

    Hope it was happy and merry and bright and here’s to all that we can achieve in 2006.

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