Soldier On!

Urgh. I was a complete slug this past weekend. I had grand plans and a whopping To Do list but instead just slopped around the flat. I only went outside once, to buy leeks, zucchinis, bread and cocoa. Once! No wonder I am so freaking pale.

I didn’t go the gym on Friday or Sunday as scheduled, either. Nor did I do any "back up" workouts at home. I actually got changed into my clothes on two separate occasions. I tied up my trainers. I shuffled all the workout DVDs on the shelf. I knelt down on the floor and peered at the weights under the bed. Just looked at ’em. Then I took off the gym clothes and had a long bath instead.

Not sure why I was such a crabbit bastard all weekend (crabbit, incidentally, is my favourite Scots word). I was just a little tired and fed up. And frustrated by situations I want to fix but can’t seem to. Some days it is easy to balance all the things in your life, but other days you feel like one of those martyred women in the cold-and-flu commericals, walking down a rainy street with a red nose, just struggling on with their busy, tortured lives because they have to and NOBODY ELSE BUT THEM could do it.

I hate them bitches.

Anyway. At least I went to Pilates today. It was abso-bloody-lutely brilliant. I am finally getting the hang of the convoluted breathing and there’s some serious toning happening in the flabba-abba-dabba region. Since the class is only once a week, I’m looking for a Pilates DVD so I can carry on at home. If anyone can recommended a title I’d lurve to hear it!

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  1. I have those days–those weekends–those weeks. I too have put on the clothes, peered at the options and then flipped them off to do something else. Glad it’s not just me,

  2. Shouldn’t putting the exercise clothing on count for something? I’ve done the same thing twice in the last week and it’s downright discouraging!

  3. Hi,

    With your lamingtons I was always instructed by the Grandmothership and Mothership to leave the cake for a day or two before icing and coconuting, making the cake slightly firmer and thus easier to handle and everything adhered better.

    On a traditional hot Australia Day we had lamb roast, pav, lamingtons, passionfruit slice, choc/caramel slice, choc coated macadamias and Roses chocs. All washed down with Aussie champers, chardy and white shiraz.

    ‘Australians all let ostriches’

  4. My favorite Pilates DVD is the Windsor Pilates Basic 3 DVD set. It has one how-to disc, one longer workout and one short. Great on the days when you don’t feel like doing anything!

  5. What! You didn’t eat ANY lamingtons. Well I’m very impressed with that. I’m not sure if I could be that strong.

    Hey Shauna, you may not know it but you’re inspiring me at the moment. I’ve been re-reading my old diary entries and there I was encouraging you to reach 115kg while I smuggly sat on 92kg. Guess what? I’m now 97kg and you’re low 80’s, so who’s smug now? I’ve let you overtake me and steam on towards the finishing line. But no more. I’ve rejoined WW and I’m back into the weight loss gain and feeling fine. This journey must end and the sooner the better I reckon. NJ

  6. ahh judy! love that aussie fare. yummo. and you are right about the lammos. normally i leave the cake two days but since it was already three days past australia day i had to make em quick, hehe.

    NJ – well if anyone can do it, that’s YOU. good luck mate 🙂

    cheers for the winsor suggestion laurie… sounds like a goodun!

  7. Uuuu if I were you I would´ve definetely at least tasted the Lamingtons… Since I´ve never eaten those so purely out of curiosity 😉 Sure! Now I gotta come up with the appropriate event for baking those to get into the Aussie baking mood.

    And what I have learned during my long lasting sports history is that one of the most valuable things is not self dicipline (a good number two ;-)) but to learn to listen to your body and it´s needs. I´ve been a couple of times in over-training condition but finally, I think I´ve learnt maybe a bit of my lesson.

    Body needs a bit “extra” rest every once in awhile which prevents the stress injuries. The art is to find the balance and not rest for too long… As you already went to your Pilates class which I greatly envy btw. 🙂 My “winning a billion in the LOTTO” -dream includes Pilates classes! 😀

    Oh but I´m sure this is all old news for you, just had to write about it to remind myself of my theme for this year: Optimizer ´06! Less exercise and greater results. Sure it works that way 😉

    Have a nice day!

  8. This is one reason I don’t exercise at home – I would find reasons to put it off until later! Once I’ve hauled my gym kit into work with me, I can’t bring it home clean, so I HAVE to go to the gym… (probably makes no sense, but it works). Then again, I’m probably going to try to get some weights for home soon and do at least one workout a week at home. And I’m not sure how that’ll go. Still, if you went to Pilates I can do a few exercises in the privacy of the livingroom…

    I wouldn’t have managed to resist the lamingtons. Not that I’ve ever had any, but they sound like an evil cross between cake and Tunnock’s Snowballs, and I don’t think there are any instances of me resisting those. At all.

  9. oh kirsten, i admire your technique. sadly i can put off exercise in any place! doesn’t matter if it’s home or not. i bought my gym clothes to work yesterday but walked right back home again.. hehe!

  10. Try freezing whole cake first. Then ice whole frozen cake before rolling/dipping (or is it dipping/rolling and cutting process. Works very quickly as icing sets faster and lessens drips and thus nibble opportunities.

    Back to gym on Saturday after 3 month lay off due to surgery – can’t wait! Have missed it and so has the body.

  11. Ok, don’t know if this will work for you but I have a deal on the days I don’t feel like doing any exercise. I call it the 10 minute rule. I only have to do the activity of choice for 10 minutes and if after 10 minutes I want to stop I can. But mostly after 10 minutes I’m either so absorbed I don’t realise or I feel better for doing it and can continue on to finish.

  12. Hi! I just wanted to say I found your blog address in Fitness magazine. I’ve recently started a journey to lose 100 pounds.

  13. I snagged the Winsor Pilates 20 minute workout at my local library, and have to agree it’s pretty good. Have’t tried the other 2 in the set though I might when I return this one. I’ve heard good things about Ms. Winsor on various messageboards.

    Also, if you have a netflix account I think they have fitness videos so you could try before you buy.

  14. Ah, but see the key word WALKED. Also, isn’t your gym nearer your house than your work? Mine is near work, so it’s easier to get to than home is. Also, then everyone would know that I’d skived. So I’d have to kill two hours in town and although I could happily do that in a bookshop, the guilt would pull me gymwards.

    It’s true, though, that it’s much harder to persuade myself I like the idea if I’ve had more than a few days away from it.

  15. Once you’ve got the hang of basic Pilates, the best DVD by far is Classical Pilates with Bob Liekens. He’s got a really cool Belgian accent.
    It’s pretty light on instruction, but it moves straight from one move to the next so you can get a good sweat going. And the full intermediate workout, which can take like 45 minutes with stopping to give instructions for each movement, only takes about 20. You’ll want to compliment it with a technique book, like Pilates Body in Motion by Alycea Ungaro:

  16. Surely our bodies get seasonal on us sometimes. Sluggishness happens unfortunately. I just hope you made the most of it *wink*

    Lamington saint!

  17. ok, so from your positive write up about pilates I am guessing that I shouldn’t have judged the exercise form from a 15 minute free dvd in the special k box and not ever done it again – i soooooooo have to stop making snap judgements : P

  18. My favorite Pilates tape is called Crunch Gym’s Fat Burning Pilates. It combines strength trianing and cardio and boy, is it a good workout!!!

  19. DG, I just wanted to drop in and say “hi”…I know you receive TONS of feedback and emails from others who you’ve inspired. All I can say is THANK YOU. I stumbled across your blog last week and got so absorbed in it I had to go back to Day 1 and follow your story from the beginning. You truly are an incredible inspiration and have an awesome gift. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, and most importantly…you’ve made me really take a deep long look inside and realize where the change must start from.

    Best of luck to you and G in your (somewhat) new life together. Your baby will be truly blessed to have such wonderful parents!

  20. just a quick q… what was the name of the gym u used to go to in Canberra? am moving u there soon and wanted to know what you recommmend?

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