The Year That Was

Just saw the most HILARIOUS thing on eBay. Someone is selling a Weight Watchers 10%  Keyring. Now why would anyone buy that? The seller is very persuasive:

Went to Weight Watchers? Did you loose 10% of your body weight? Then you would have received a Keyring. Comes in red presentation box Postage and packaging is charged at a fixed rate of 55p (UK).

Hmm. It's tempting. And international bidders are welcome too! So even if you haven't lost 10% of your body weight, or even if you've never set foot in a WW meeting in your life… NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO FAKE IT!

. . .

On Wednesday I clomped up the 530 steps to the top of St Paul's Cathedral. As I stood out there on the balcony, pinned up against the wall by sheer terror and the icy London wind, it occurred to me that if I'd been here a few years before there's no way I'd have made it up those steps at all, let alone without a single huff or puff. Oh yes. I felt rather smug and proud.

Until, of course, I had to climb back down those 530 steps. I fucking hate walking down steps. Is there any -phobic word for a Fear of Descents? I don't have a problem with the upward part of the journey. But whether it's a mountain, staircase or escalator, I turn into a trembling freak coming back down. Perhaps it's a leftover from my Very Large Days when my belly rolls were so big that I couldn't see my feet. The reward for the labourious climbing a great height is meant to be the speedier descent, but that ain't the case for me. I picked my way down, one hand squeezing the life out of the bannister, the other clawing at the wall. All smugness gone!

. . .

I loved everyone's End of Year Review/NY Resolution entries. Holy optimism and determination, Batman! I've been so absorbed that I haven't got round to making my own list. Some ideas were so great I'm gonna poach em for myself.

In terms of Lard Busting, my real new year actually starts on January 15, which is the date I started the journey back in 2001. So I will reflect on the fat then.

But in terms of 2005 in general, it was bloody wild!

On this day last year, I was simply shitting my pants. My visa was rapidly running out and my fate was uncertain. Would Scottish Companion do something as insane as propose to and marry a twit like me? Or would I be deported back to Australia? It all seemed so bloody hopeless. I never imagined than in 2005 I would end up:

  • getting that proposal just four days later, in the middle of the night
  • quitting my shitty second job
  • moving house
  • eloping in Las Vegas… twice!
  • staring down into the Grand Canyon
  • holidaying in San Francisco
  • running a 5k race
  • being published in a book
  • being photographed for a national UK magazine
  • having my mug being splashed in a Sunday tabloid
  • traumatically having my secret fat life outed to my colleagues due to Sunday tabloid
  • celebrating the weddings twice more, in Scotland and Australia
  • writing a story for Cosmopolitan

It just sounds hilarious and surreal that all that could happen to me, especially when I still feel like the dorky farmgirl from Nowhere, New South Wales. But I am glad I still feel like the dork, otherwise I doubt I'd have relished the adventures half as much.

But where to from here? I worry I have used my Adventure Quota for the next decade, but I know things only get boring if you let them. I also don't believe in resting on your laurels for too long. Fair enough a wee bit of New Years reflection, but after that… new goals and gettin' on with it! I will let you know when I've got my list.

2005 was also a damn fine year in Blogland. I read fatblogs in the morning when I am usually daydreaming about croissants or melted cheese (or both, together). But once I've read a few entries about people doing healthy things it's usually enough to get my brain back on track. "Well if X is eating spinach and Y has been to the gym twice already this week, then I can hardly go to the vending machine, can I? CAN I?!".

I am best motivated by fear and envy.

Thank you to every blog writer and reader and friend for just being round this year. Cheers for your emails, comments and ideas. And an honourable mention to the sweet generous souls who sent wedding gifts. It was such a buzz, bringing this virtual life into the real world. Every small appliance has been put to good use.

(And a side note to Ann whose suggestion to meet up in London I did not see until I was BACK from London – sorry I missed that, dude! I couldn't find an email address on your site…)

Here's a few more honourable mentions:

Mistress Julia – The Running Goddess. She was so generous with her time and advice in virtually coaching me from Slug to 5K Runner in eight gruelling weeks. She has been patient and wise, especially during my Dodgy Knee troubles.

(She also sent me two brand new bras that she'd bought but didn't fit her. They are sooo fancy and lacy, and they make my boobs all perky like those 1950s babes in the tight sweaters. How could you not love someone who can make your boobs look great all the way from Italy?)

Jillian – Reader Extraordinaire. After cultivating a nice email friendship, she generously invited SC and I to stay with her in San Francisco, showing us around the town with great flair and imagination, introducing us to burritos and sushi and just generally being kind, generous and oodles of good fun. Next to Melbourne, San Francisco is just my favourite city in the world and I know most of that is due to the Jillian and Greg Welcoming Committee. Cheers, mate!

And similar thanks to Tree who met up with us in Melbourne. She gave us a whirlwind tour, plied us with great tips on what to do and more importantly where to eat; and was even more warm and witty than she is en blog. Woohoo!

Kathryn – I have read Kathryn's non-fat writing for years but it was only 2005 that I discovered iDiet. She worked her arse off and overcome some major hurdles. And she updates regularly! It's like a free daily Kick Up The Arse when you can read someone who's just getting on with it. Good on ya, Kathryn.

Argy – For just being herself, the one and only.

YP – For showing me that it's all about hard work and just getting on with it. She rules.

Nicole – The Anonymous Fit Woman. Smart, insightful, and owner of the most stunning eyes. I wish she lived closer so I could ask her for make-up lessons!

Meg – I devoured her every word this year. She had so many lightbulb moments that I stole for myself. Score! She is a great writer and hella funny.

I could go on for another fifteen paragraphs but this entry is huge as it is. Just remember, if I haven't mentioned you doesn't mean I don't think you rawk. I mean, look at the size of my freaking blogroll. I get around!

Happy new year tigers, and all the best to you. Let's squeeze as much out of 2006 as possible. Woo!

21 thoughts on “The Year That Was

  1. Awww, thank you sweetie. And I should point out, should you get the opportunity to hook up with the lovely DG, DO IT! She and her boi are delightful fun and a pleasure to hang out with.

    I think for the first part of this year I’ll be motivated by fear and envy, so everyone has to stay on track and lose heaps of weight and be completely ravishing, dammit! πŸ˜›

  2. Aww you’re the best. You’re one of my favorite bloggers, you know.

    And if I don’t hit my damn 10% soon, I’m going to bid on that keychain!!!

  3. Happy New Year from a new but faithful reader here in The OC :). If this next year is as eventful as the previous, you wil be a double supahstar!

    It is funny about that keychain because I actually received mine from my Dad…..I only do WW online and don’t go to meetings, and my Dad, having received 2 keychains for some odd reason, decided to give me one when I hit my 10%. Hrm, wonder if he secretly got it on eBay ;).

  4. Just want to thank you again for inspiring me to do this blog thing! Its so much fun and i’ve already met some AMAZING and inspiring people.

    I don’t think i’ll be bidding on the keyring… postage to SA is a bit hefty.

    If I can achieve half of what you’ve achieved this year I will be extreeemly happy.

    Good going!!

  5. Do you see now why I met you online and got the inspiration from you to start my own blog? Yep, right, so I could get mentioned in yours…hehehe

    Thank you shauny for all the inspiration, support, and smiles you have given me last year.

    Now you got to stand up to your reputation and kick the same arse this year too! πŸ˜‰

    I love you baby!!!

  6. I know what you mean about stairs – I don’t mind going up or down on normal stairs but I do hate spiral staircases! I’m sure you’ll come to the Big Smoke again sometime to visit your sis, so we’ll have that smoothie then!

  7. Aw shucks, I’m blushing and feel so undeserving after a mini-pigout at the movies tonight. And thank you for being an inspiration yourself – what a year you’ve had! So deserved too after so much work.

    I am the same about walking downstairs to the point where I can’t do it unless I’m holding the hand rail. I think it’s a balance thing. Of course a few drunken stair falling incidents haven’t helped my confidence either.

    I guess the keyring would be great if you were one of those super skinny chicks that everyone hates. You could whip it out when everyone is complaining about their weight just so you fit in.

  8. I’m still in shock that someone would want to sell their 10% star, and that ANYONE would actually buy it off of EBAY. How weird! You are incredible DG and if you ever come to my little site I always feel special!

  9. Re the wacky things that people try to sell on ebay, a couple months ago someone was selling their two week Weight Watcher meal plan for about $7!! Last I checked, no one had taken her up on it.

  10. I totally have that fear of walking down the stairs as well, especially long steep flights. I am convinved my body is unbalanced and i am going to topple head over heels and break my neck. Or maybe my knees will give out and i will be cripple for life. Really, the potential mishaps are endless, in my mind, anyway.

  11. Hi, I just ran across your blog, and noticed your SW and CW. Wow, so impressive! I wanted to say congratulations. My SW is 281.8 (US) and am currently 203.2…so close to 80 and yet so far! I’ve been stuck for the last year in basically a holding pattern(started the year at 214.8), and I am hoping to get inspired by checking diet blogs and seeing how successful everyone has been.

    So, thanks for the inspiration!! And have a great year.

  12. Damn. I’d just typed out my epic in praise of fatblogland then I come here and you’ve done it first! I’ll have to think of something else exciting to say now…

    I agree about going down stairs being worse than going up – I still always hold any rail I can find over three years after breaking my ankle going down a couple of innocuous looking steps.

  13. I was feeling a little bit uninspired, so I went back and re-read all your archives. I really enjoy your writing, and the honesty just bloes me away. Truly, I’d pay to read your blog (but don’t charge me cause I’m broke!). You’re just awesome.

  14. Thanks for your posts – I visit every day for inspiration and laughs! I especially enjoyed your rundown of other awesome blogs, and although I visit some of them already (YP), I love to hear about new ones that rock. I was practially in tears over Tree’s. Thanks.

  15. It’s six month later but I have to say it. I do not think it’s hilarious or weird to buy the keychain at ebay. I started WW but it was too expensive to go to the meetings so I stopped going although I’m still following the plan. And when I lose my 10% I most certainly want to have the damn keychain to show. So I’ll buy it in ebay since it’s the only place available.

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