Thunder from Down Under

An odd little thing I’ve noticed: my clothes take up less space. In the wardrobe, in the drawers, in a suitcase ready for a holiday, but especially when hanging things out to dry. My size 26 undies used to hog so much real estate! But now I can get two pairs on one row of the clotheshorse. It’s silly shit like this that keeps me going!

Three cheers for everyone’s favourite running supastar blogger YP with her incredible half-marathon today! Her time was speedy as hell. Kick ass. Inspirational stuff!

Feeling a wee bit homesick tonight. Firstly because Saffron used the word "texta" in a post. I haven’t heard anyone say that word out loud for almost three years and it made me feel a little funny inside.

Then another blogging fave mentioned a Sydney thunderstorm. I have not seen a single storm while living in Scotland. Strange eh? I grew up on a farm, and I miss looking up at a heavy sky, the unmistakable smell of rain approaching, especially strong when it hasn’t rained in ages. I miss the lightning and gurgling thunder, and the smell of damp soil afterwards. Over here it smells like rain all the bloody time, but it’s a grey and fusty smell.

But this is not an Australia v Scotland rant. I love it here too, don’t you know. Like yesterday when Scotland beat in England in the rugby, I was screaming at the telly like a native. I was just so proud of them boys. When you’re Australian you quite often get to see your team win, but the Scots hadn’t beat the English since 1999, and before that it was 1990. It was ridiculous how emotional I got. Hehe.

This entry hasn’t got much to do with fat, has it?

To be honest I’ve been having one of my stupid Existential Crises. Where I question why the hell I am doing this blogging malarkey. Not this blog so much as the other two. I just get overwhelmed sometimes, by the sheer number of blogs out there, this blur of voices. I wonder sometimes what is the point of my contributions. Am I just adding to the noise?

I also get overwhelmed with the task of keeping up with other people’s blogs and comments, and commenting on comments, etc etc. I don’t want anyone thinking I am some snobbyass blogging from my lofty tower. But I’ve been so obsessed with what everyone else is doing that I have neglected my own efforts. My new years writing goals have fallen by the wayside.

I have moaned about this to the poor Scottish Companion and he, as always, was wonderful about it. Don’t think I don’t know how lucky I am! I’ve been frankly quite jealous of him lately. He discovered Garage Band a few months ago and decided to make an album. He’s been tinkering away in his spare time, and already has half a dozen great songs. And why is he doing it? For the pure joy of making music. For fun. For himself.

I was jealous of his productivty and focus, and especially of the happy grin he gets after a session in the "studio". I realised that I have let the joy drain right out of the process. I’ve become too self-conscious about writing, ever since the audience got bigger and particularly when people I knew started reading. What I’ve got to do is Think Like The Scotsman, and get back to just writing freely and openly. To pretend noone is there like I used to, and just bloody do it instead of quietly freaking out.

Ack, it’s time for bed. Instead of editing this to death over the next five days in my usual manner, how bout I just hit Publish and to hell with it? πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Thunder from Down Under

  1. That thunderstorm last night was a big one! Buckets of rain and everything smells clean and fresh.

    It must be hard knowing people who read your blogs- I would never be able to do it!

    Love the bit about the clothes taking up less space. It is those little things that can really reinforce all the effort.

  2. You can’t quit now! I’ve only just found you! I live vicariously thru WNP, as I am dying to move to the UK but haven’t been able to do it quite yet. I love your everyday life stories… nights out on the town, concerts, travels, office politics… all of it! The most mundane of of stories give me an idea of how it will be when I get there. I miss the bus riding stories big time!

  3. I love your “Existential Crises” posts. They always make me feel less lonely in my nutshell.

    Not that you’re nuts… πŸ˜›

  4. I’m originally from midwestern US…thunderstorms were amazing where I come from. Then I moved to California… never heard or saw a thunderstorm again! I know what you mean about missing them… I can remember a very specific storm from when my (now) husband and I were dating. He had never seen or heard anything like it and I remember the two of us lying in bed watching it. It was truly amazing and I miss those storms!

  5. Divine Miss S, you can’t believe how many hits I got via your link. Now I know there are two of you reading. I can’t believe I never knew this blog existed even though I was reading you when you were working in the ACT. I am so dense but I love all your writing. Ah, the rain was lovely last night and I miss nothing about Scottish weather, though I yearn for the long summer nights.

  6. Please keep writing! Take a vacation if you need to, or turn off the comments, or stop reading other blogs, but please keep going and Think Like A Scotsman!

    (the first person I think of when I hear “Scotsman” is Willie on The Simpsons, so you can imagine I have a very strange picture of The Companion in my head).

  7. “heavy sky, the unmistakable smell of rain approaching” made *me* homesick! I grew up in eastern Canada and now live in California. Not a lot of thunderstorms here and that’s one of the things I miss the most.

    Just keep writing! I know I’m not alone when I say you keep me inspired and entertained! It’s always appreciated.

  8. Thunderstorms are the best. I grew up on the plains and you could watch the gray roll in and the air would change. It is one of the things I miss most.

    PS don’t quit bloggin.. I think you are great!

  9. Forget thunderstorms πŸ™ It hasn’t stopped raining here for almost a week. But yes, I can relate. When I lived in england the thing I missed the most was looking up at the hazy grey sky and wondering what happened to the lovely shade of blue that I was so used to seeing. Its scary how much we take for granted. At least when you do go back to Aus for a visit, you will appreciate those things that much more.

  10. It is odd being an ex-pat. While in NZ, the one thing I gloried in was the really bright sunlight. The light has a different quality and English people never know what I’m talking about. The UK is generally rather dreary – even on sunny days the light is somehow weaker or more diffuse.

    I was also cheering on the Scots. My Mum is Glaswegian and Dad is English but I was identified more with the Scottish side of things. However, my partner and his family were not too impressed with my loyalties!

  11. ::hugs::

    I will help by giving you my banana-nut pancake recipe. Or, rather, how I make banana-nut pancakes.

    1) Open recipe book, find basic pancake recipe.

    2) Use half regular flour, half whole-wheat, because what do these bastards know of nutrition? Sneeze repeatedly due to too much flour going up nose.

    3) Follow rest of dry-ingredients recipe, although you may want to pull back on the amount of sugar because the banana will do most of the work there. Chuck in a tiny bit of cocoa powder, because, hey, what the hell.

    4) Pull frozen-solid banana out of freezer where it had been chucked two weeks ago when it started to get too brown for easy consumption. Peel banana, with knife if necessary because, yo, frozen. Cut in chunks and put in bowl. Put bowl in microwave for a minute or so. Remove bowl and check to make sure it’s all defrosted and gooey. (If not, repeat microwave process.) Smush up with a fork.

    5) Add a splash of vanilla and some grated cinnamon and a wee bit of nutmeg to the smushed banana.

    6) Find wet ingredients. Any eggs called for, just use the whites. (Note: separate using a whole different bowl, because I don’t know about anybody else but I utterly suck at separating eggs.) Pull back or eliminate any fats called for, because they’re not doing anything in the recipe that the banana won’t take care of.

    7) Chuck mushed banana mixture and wet ingredients together. Mush more.

    8) Chuck wet into dry mixture. Mix, but not too much; you don’t want the carbon dioxide from the baking soda to escape. It’s okay for batter to be lumpy.

    9) Ransack cupboard looking for nuts. Remember walnuts are in freezer to avoid rancidity issues. Smack self in forehead. Chuck nuts into batter, and fold ’em in.

    10) Heat griddle, with a spritz of non-stick spray, and smack self in forehead for forgetting to heat it before. Not too hot. Make pancakes.

    11) If syrup is needed, another frozen/peeled/chopped/nuked banana, zorked with a stick blender and with a bit of brown sugar in it, is a fabulous addition.

    12) Serve to snoozy husband. Make sure he does not fall asleep in the pancakes. Consider adding coffee to mixture next time. Shove cat off lap and inform cat that pancakes are not for him. Eat pancakes. Belch.

    The end.

  12. I would miss your blogging if you decided to commit blog suicide. Please stay and entertain the rest of us. I’ve been really blessed so far.

  13. yeah – sounds good to me. More heart less fart as I say to my students who write hardly anything and then spend hours making it look pretty. Is fart an aussie word? I might just have made you nostalgic again…

  14. Do people read this blog LOL.

    I think there is a big bout of identity crisis happening around the blogs at the moment and also that feeling of guilt and worry when not posting comments or getting around to an ever growing blogroll. And then you start to question if you are blogging for the comments, or for the content. You sound to me to always post true to the content of your life. People love to read this as you reach out in a way that touches. You don’t need to comment back for most people still to get a huge kick out of reading you.

    Take it easy dg and have a wonderful Spring Day.

  15. LOL at the big knickers ‘coz I can relate! I also can relate to the issues you brought up with blogging. I started it for myself and then my readership grew but also the emails. I couldn’t keep up either so I have my favourite reads that I comment on now and only read the rest. I don’t encourage email at all because I just don’t have time. Some people can get catty but ultimately, this blog is for you and you are not someone else’s therapist.

    So anyway, my point…keep writing for you and sharing it. I love the way you write but don’t let it become a chore. What goes around comes around too. Think of how many people have helped you with a comment or you have helped with a post πŸ™‚

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