Bom Dia

Greetings comrades!

I am off for a few days of sunshine and shopping with my dear sister. What better way to celebrate clocking up one year of lovely marriage by skipping the country without your husband?

My new jeans now in danger of strangling me because I ate like a pork all Anniversary Weekend long!

  • It all started on Friday lunchtime when I accompanied one of my work pals to the Salad Bar, where salad = drowned in mayo.
  • And then Friday night there was the most fan-freakin-tastic Anniversary Dinner in Edinburgh, gorgeous fresh Italian food. Including gorgeous olives, bread, cheese, wine and let’s not forget the creamy tiramisu.
  • And after that was a night a posh hotel, my surprise gift to the Scottish Companion. He thought we had to leg it home on the last train! (aka The Rocket Express, always full of drunks), but instead I bundled him into a taxi. "Where are you taking me?" he protests, "What’s going on?!". It was classic!) Anyway, that ended with a lovely hotel buffet breakfast on Saturday morning! There was a freaking huge fresh loaf of brioche with a KNIFE right beside, so of course I had to saw into the damn thing and a cut rather thick slice. Okay, two slices.
  • And after that, Saturday lunch with a couple of mates.
  • And after that, a brief respite for the stomach and a glorious two-hour workout on Sunday morning (kickboxing and leg drills followed by upper body weights)
  • BUT THEN, off to the in-laws for Sunday dinner. We had champagne! And salad and cheese and fruit and ice cream. And then lemon drizzle cake and after-dinner mints. I thought it was going to be an innocent wee dinner but it was bigger than Christmas!

Bloody hell.

It’s funny how you can go weeks and weeks of smooth sailing with no major Social Events, then along come seventeen at once. Yet I enjoyed it all, and haven’t slackened with my exercise so I know I’ll bounce back.

That said, I’m now away for five nights. Bloody hell! Temptation! Pray for me, people. But I have my exercise gear and some almonds in my handbag and will keep repeating my mantra, CHOCOLATE IS NOT A MEAL.

Take care groovers. I’ll be back on Monday!

20 thoughts on “Bom Dia

  1. DG have a great time with your sis and a wee bit of chocolate never hurt anyone, just don’t eat the whole bloody bar all at once…..oh, happy anniversary baby!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary… man, that went quick!

    Maybe chocolate should be a meal – that way you don’t get the calories of a meal plus chocolate. I’m hungry after reading all that and I have nothing in the house for breakfast πŸ™

  3. Have a great trip DG – look forward to hearing about all about it when you get back!

  4. Have a great time with your sister! I’m off to see mine next week (who’s also in London!) so I’m eagerly anticipating lovely English chocolate rather than the nasty American kind that I can easily avoid here. I will try to remember your mantra ‘Chocolate is not a meal’ but I find ‘Beer is not a meal’ is the harder one to avoid when I’m over there with all those lovely pubs!

    But have a great time and Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Happy anniversary! sounds like a fantastic time πŸ™‚ looked at that menu from the italian place, amazingly delicious mmmhmm Now have a great 5 days, chocolate is not a meal indeed lol

  6. Sounds like you have been having a great time! Eating out is just so much fun!

    Chocolate is not a meal but it’s a great substitute!

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. Oh, man! You’re going to The Land of Port, aren’t you? And sun. And sweet-tart little oranges. And linguica… I’m sobbing here.

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Hi! I was reading Fitness magazine last night. Its actually from January 2006. I was reading the article “log on and lose weight” and I saw that you were quoted! Thats so neat! Congratulations on losing 161 lbs!

  9. Okay, how frickin fast did that year go?? Happy Anniversary and look forward to seeing what year two of Married Life has in store for you.

  10. Happy Anniversary and what a great way to celebrate. Of course this perfectly justifible indulgence is also not going to become a daily thing, so enjoy it. Enjoy the shopping!

  11. Wohoo! Have an awesome trip with your lovely sister πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back!

  12. I did leave a message over yonder….

    Here’s how it went.

    Something about knee… something about happy anniversary and something about something else.

    Gawd, ‘mothers brain’ sucks.


    I hope you enjoyed EVERY morsel and every moment!

    I LOVE the snow ball pic… ohhhhhhh now I remmeber. I said your legs look HOT.

    From this day forth, you shall be known as slinky McSlinky.

  13. god you look so damn skinny!
    Im amazed, congratulations to the aniversery and the look

  14. ‘”Where are you taking me?” he protests, “What’s going on?!”‘

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week. You scheming, husband-‘napping woman! (At least it’s your own husband. I am in awe of your skillz.)

  15. Happy belated anniversary, and that is a lovely snowball shot! I saw it on the other site a few days ago. πŸ™‚

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