Clickety Click

The only exercise I got yesterday was my bloody fingers, as I clickclickclicked the Radiohead website for over SEVEN HOURS, trying to buy concert tickets.

The tickets go on proper sale this Saturday, but at 12.00 PM yesterday they had a strictly limited Pre-Sale for diehard geeks like me who have nothing better to do than sit all day in front of a computer. Chaos ensued. There was so many stupid geeks all over the world trying purchase stupid tickets that the stupid website crashed over and over and over again. The tickets page would load, but then it would freeze. Or the buttons wouldn’t load. Or it would ask you for a password when noone has a password. Or it wouldn’t let you add tickets to the basket. Or it would just be a complete bastard. For over seven hours.

Would you believe I finally got through at 7.37 PM. And by then the shows I wanted were gone. There’s a show in Edinburgh in August, but we’ll be out of town then. So I was gunning for London. Cheap flights with BMI, crash at sisters house, beautiful. But by the time I got through, London was sold out! Plenty of tickets for Edinburgh though, d’oh!

So okay, I’ll go to Blackpool! Even though the cheapest train ticket I found to get there was £80. Sold out.

Okay then, Wolverhampton! I don’t even know where that it is! Sold out too.

I was this close to booking for Amsterdam or Copenhagen until sanity prevailed.

I was happy to see that lovely Jude got tickets out of that godawful process. It’s nice to see a real person with the goods, rather than those shonky fuckwits who are now selling them on eBay for five times the price.

Now I will go through this crazy trauma again on Saturday morning as I try my luck with Ticketmaster.

You may be wondering what’s the hullabullo? But there are few things I am truly passionate about in life that aren’t edible, and one of those is Radiohead.

In fact, last time I saw them in 2003, I was soooo hyperexcited that I forgot to eat all day long. Yes that’s right, me, Dietgirl, forgot to eat. And the outcome of that was that I actually passed out cold, a dead faint, right there in the middle of the mosh pit in Glasgow, knocking over two skinny chicks on my way to the floor. I am a dedicated fan, you see.

. . .

I lost 1.4 kilos this week, just under half of that pesky Lisbon Chocolate Binge blasted away. This week I am going to work on my portions issue. It ain’t half as healthy if you eat double, kids!

9 thoughts on “Clickety Click

  1. Damn the shonky ebay scalpers. I’m sure they are driving up ticket prices too cos the bands think well if the tix are going to sell from triple price on ebay anyway, we might as well charge more to start with.

    My heart goes out to you, sounds like a ticket buying nightmare.

  2. When I was a teenager- I LOVED Radiohead! Nothing like wailing about your angst ridden life to the sound of fake plastic trees (my fave song of theirs). Good luck with the tix buying. Lemme see those fingers – I really wanna see those fingers (Do you get that british tv ref?)

    And well done on the loss! That is AWESOME (Shouted out in the style of a pumped jock). Well impressed with you madame. x

  3. I’m sure computer rage must burn lots of calories. Is that any comfort? No, possibly not… . “Shonky” – now that’s a word I’ve only ever heard on “Neighbours”. (There’s a shameful admission.)

  4. I completely understand. Im like this with Foo fighters. I was FRONT ROW for a gig, 20,000 people surging against me. My heart still palpitates thinking about it.

    Oh, I think its time I went to another concert.

  5. Last time Radiohead toured, I ended up buying tix from eBay. Mucho money, but it was still cheaper for me to fly to Edinburgh to see them than to get London tickets. What was interesting (and soul destroying) was that when we got to the gig, the touts outside had a huge glut of tickets, and were having to sell them at face-value! Maybe that would be an option? Just show up at one of the less popular venues. What was the problem with Amsterdam? Nice town, and cheap to get to if you’re starting in London.

  6. HA HA! Sucked in, touts. Hi Foob!

    I didn’t go for Amsterdam in the pre-sale, as it’s cheaper for me to get to London. so I thought I’d try to get London in the general sale. So Saturday 9AM rolls around, I was overjoyed to get 2 tickets in my basket right away. Butby the time I’d typed my CC details and hit submit, both London shows had SOLD OUT! And that was 5 minutes past 9. ARRGH! Popular lads!

    A couple of minutes later, all the other UK shows were gone too!

    So I ended going with Amsterdam. It’s not as cheap flying there from Edinburgh as it would be if I lived in London, especially only six weeks out from the show… but they are well worth the dosh, I reckon 🙂

  7. Ah, Radiohead 🙂 Quite possibly my partner’s favourite band right after Mr Tom Waits. Genius. Now they’re artists.

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