Movement at the Station

Howdy troops! Thanks for your comments on the last entry. I wasn’t contemplating blogicide, especially not for this blog that I always enjoy writing. It was just one of those blue periods that crop up now and then.

Have you heard about Blog Depression? Perhaps you’re suffering yourself, or know someone who could be? This pamphlet may help, and is also the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the internets for a very long time. Please, pretty please, have a read. You will never take yourself, or blogging, seriously ever again πŸ™‚

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I wrote something new for Cooking With Ginger, and guess what – I enjoyed doing it! It only took two hours to write, instead of my usual two weeks. Consider this progress, or a reflection of the crappy photos contained therein.  Anyway, So I Married A Vegetarian talks about my flesh-filled past and has an easy, delicious and healthy recipe for a Spinach and Pumpkin Frittata.

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The scales finally moved today! 2.3 kilos gone (5lb)! As I whined last week, I’d been maintaining since February 1. So this lonely big loss more than makes up for that, and averages out quite noicely over the past month! Just goes to show, it pays not to panic when nothing’s happening, and instead to stay focused on all the good things you’re doing. I didn’t do anything radically different this week, just kept on keeping on with the exercise and good eatin’, while minimising the avocado toast. Mwahaha.

. . .

At lunchtime today I made the swiftest jeans purchase in the history of Jeans Purchasing. Five minutes round trip! I’d been bitching about my baggy jeans for weeks, and even the Scottish Companion conceded they were taking on that Shat Your Nappy look. I bought them in Australia last October, a size 14 for a bargain $30 (Β£13). I arrived back to the UK all excited about the size 14, so I rushed to the shops to try on UK jeans and trousers. Imagine my hysterics when I discovered that over here the size 14 would go no further than mid-thigh. I tried three different shops but had the same result. Bastards.

Fast forward five months to today. I’d been eyeing off some jeans in Monsoon for awhile, as they seemed to be the only ones on the high street that fit my criteria – dark denim, bootleg, not too stretchy, no light streaks down the front that make my thighs look huge, and no cat whiskers in the crotch that may as well be neon-signs screaming CHECK OUT MY FAT GUT. I’d never tried them on, just admired them from afar, biding my time.

This morning I caught sight of my saggy-arsed reflection and decided it was D-Day. I waltzed into the shop and grabbed the 14 jeans (US 12). And a size 16 and 18 too, in case Consolation Prizes were required. Then it was into the change rooms, dacks off, jeans on… they fit! Not too tight in the thighs, yet enough snugness to accommodate a little more weight loss. Plus nicely fitting in the bum. Wheeee!

I was dressed again and at the checkout in two minutes, credit card outstretched. Does anyone else do this? As soon as I find something that fits, I am out of there in a flash, coughing up my cash before the garment has a chance to un-fit.

The only downer is that the jeans cost Β£40, which isn’t bad until you realise that’s $94 back in my homeland! Oh, and because I ate homemade bean burrittos for dinner tonight, they probably won’t fit me tomorrow. Holy bloat, Batman!

19 thoughts on “Movement at the Station

  1. I definitely look at the side bar, 179 lbs. That is awesome!!! Congrats on the jeans too.

  2. Congrats on the new jeans! So exciting to fit into a smaller size.

    I’ve been told that if you are an Aussie living in Britan DONT convert your purchases to Aus$ otherwise it makes you crazy. Enjoy those new jeans! I have to spend almost $100 here to buy jeans that fit normally.

  3. Then you won’t want to hear about the US$2 jeans I bought in Hawaii. They were 75% off the already reduced price. Although the plane ticket from Australia cost me a bit more.

  4. Yay for Size 14 Jeans!!

    When I moved back to Oz after living in the UK for 10 years I was so excited that I could fit into size 10 jeans again. I could only ever fit into a size 12 in the UK.

    It seems that the UK sizing is one size bigger than the Oz sizing. Works for me!!

    Has there been much mention of the Commonwealth Games over there? We’re being totally flooded with it here. Of course that’s to be expected considering it’s being held here!!

  5. Congrats on the new jeans !!! Isn’t it a buzz to buy something like that in a size or 2 smaller. I bought a new pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago (even though it is up around the high 30’s in temperature) and bought them 2 sizes smaller than the ones I have now. Yes they are a little tight but no doubt once winter hits they will be perfect. A fabulous way to encourage good eating and lots of exercise.


  6. WoW what a loss!!! A very deserved one too!!! And new jeans. Smaller jeans. Where is the photie missus?

  7. πŸ™‚ cheers Ellen!

    LisaC – Everyone always tells me to stop converting the prices but after three years I still find it hard to stop! πŸ™‚ At least now it only happens AFTER I’ve made the purchase, hehe

    Judy – seems it’s cheap to buy jeans anywhere but here! Except maybe Japan?!

    JayKay – The games get mentioned a fair bit as we have a good chance of some medals. Although I work at a sporty place so it’s our business to talk about it. I hope we get the swimming on telly over here!

    Narelle – good on ya with those jeans! Hope the weather cools off soon then…

    Argy – I *was* going to take a pic but once I had the jeans on it made me realise how saggy my bra is so The Girls were camera shy! Time for bra shopping unfortunately…

  8. Fabulouso!

    Stand back into the body of the former diet girl. Now tell her that in a few years time she will be wearing a size 14 jean. Can you imagine?

    I am with you on this post. A size 14 is like a size 8 to me.

    Thanks so much for the pamphlet link, what a scream!!

  9. Woohoo size 14 jeans!
    I love Monsoon and have a Monsoon card but am still in the 18-20 range. One day, grasshopper…

    P.S. pamphlet was hilarious.

  10. I bought a pair of pants today also, didn’t even bother trying them on ’cause I know I hate everything at the store but then I love them when I get home. Thank God they fit!

    1,2 kg til you hit the 70’s!!!!!

  11. omg “shat your nappy” made me literally lol… i have myself referred to the dreaded “poopcatcher” pants.. but shat your nappy is sooooo much more hilarious πŸ™‚

    congrats on the new jeans!

  12. Hi DG ! Its a small world but the blogging community is quite connected hence I was surprised when my friend clare from commented that she had read your cooking with ginger blog and this blog as well,and she noticed you left a humourous note on mine aboout Doctor G’s beefy vegetarianism πŸ˜‰ This is such a great inspiration! I have been battling the bulge for many years now, hopefully I will be as succesful as you have been πŸ™‚ Slow and steady wins the race doesn’t it?

    Australia has just started its own version of “the biggest loser” I am not quite sure at this point what to make of it, except I am unsure why the contestants have to be weighed in crop tops and tighty whities (well almost) I would be a bit embarressed if it was me. Hopefully them learning good habits will all be worth it in the end.

    BTW she said something about how you had written a book. I thought I’d get the answer straight from the horses mouth. Please let me know if you did as it will be a great read I’m sure. I am a fan of your literary style πŸ˜€ Take care! P/S lovely photos and I have always thought that a beautiful smile can never be hidden, no matter how many kilos try to mask it, pity about the veiled previous photos. However, in the last one, you can see from your eyes that you are smiling from the inside and glowing with health and self confidence. Bravo!

  13. Hello, Dietgirl,

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been reading, and very much enjoying, your blog for some months now, but haven’t commented because I didn’t know how to. Being middle-aged (and that’s being optimistic – am I going to live to 110?), I find all this talk of URLs and things rather bewildering. But I think this may be the right way to do it. Or possibly not. Anyway, it’s a bit redundant to say this, since you have so many admirers, but you make me laugh a lot (and also think quite a bit). And I’m so glad you’re not contemplating blogicide.

  14. Great to read there will be no blogicide this time round and LOL at the pamphlet, love it! Yep, gotta laugh and take the piss out of ourselves πŸ™‚

    Oooh, will have to scoot on over and check out Cooking with Ginger later…and how about that shopping, now that’s what I like to hear.

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