The Spectrum

When I am on top of the world and everything is cruising along with healthy eating and exercise, it seems impossible that I could ever I behave any other way. The idea of ever sitting down with a 100g block of chocolate and ploughing through the whole thing seems absurd. Who was that piggy in the window?

But when things are not cruising along, it seems impossible and hopeless that I could ever reach a point where I wasn’t out of control. I can’t remember ever not thinking about chocolate every waking second. Who is that stranger with the diet blog and the gym membership and the pile of jeans in diminishing sizes?

When you’re at one end of the spectrum, you just can’t believe that you could ever be at the opposite end.

The latter is how I felt after coming back from holiday last week. The successful Dietgirl seemed like some lofty stranger. But I am crawling my way back, the old baby steps routine. My exercise has been good, my eating has been healthy although my portions have been too big on some days. Och well, I’ll get there.

. . .

I was up til 3AM on Sunday watching the Commonwealth Games. Oh lordy, I love sport. What’s not to love? It’s competitive, it’s exciting, it’s emotional; it’s full of gorgeous bodies to perve on!

Although not exactly top drawer in the perving stakes, I particularly enjoyed watching the marathon. The women’s race was won by Aussie Kerryn McCann in a nailbiting finish. After running for 2.5 hours, it was neck and neck for the last 300 metres. I was screaming at the telly, GO AUSSIE WOO WOO WOO! And then she won! And then I shed a few wee tears.

The men’s race featured Errol Duncan, from the tiny Indian Ocean island of St Helena. This was his first marathon! From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"He immediately dropped behind, stumbled over a witch’s hat marker and almost missed the exit [of the stadium] as he acknowledged the cheers of the crowd."

He ended up finishing almost exactly an hour behind the winner.

Now this is the kind of thing I really love! It’s so refreshing a world where it seems sport has had the soul sapped out of it by commercial interests. And it’s so inspiring. People from all sorts of backgrounds overcoming all sorts of obstacles to compete. You don’t have to be a runner to be inspired by that. It’s just people wanting something, working their arses off for it then experiencing the pure joy of seeing that come to fruition.

. . .

I’ve seen a lot of people mention SparkPeople lately on their blogs. SP is a free website packed with weight loss tools. There’s a food diary, exercise planner, a thriving message board community and personal webpages.

I got an email from Grant from SP inviting me to check it out. I get random emails now and then from companies asking me to put up links to their crackpot diet drugs or whatnot in return for a link on their sites (wtf!?!) and this freaks me out no end. But since Grant writes a nice polite email and SP is a free, non-crackpot website, I was happy to take a look around. It looks like a great resource, I really like the goal setting bit. While I have my own lardbusting method down pat now, I think SP would be a great site particularly if you are still looking for tools to help you. There’s a lot of top advice on there and Free is a nice price!

. . .

Oooh there’s a thing come on the BBC just now about the obscenity trials in the 1960s over Lady Chatterly’s Lover. It promises Strong Language and Adult Scenes. Sounds good to me. Til next time, groovers.

13 thoughts on “The Spectrum

  1. I totally relate! I gained four pounds last week and after being the Diet Saint for weeks, I feel as though I could inhale a supermarket. God, it’s annoying. I feel like Sybil sometimes. One half is a Non-Stoppable Diet MACHINE, the other half is Rosanne Barr.

  2. I begun my baby steps too. All I am consetrating at now is eating breakfast and having a healthy dinner. Then I will worry about eating lunch. And then the exercise will enter the scheme.

    What I have found out lately is that I am freaking out more than I should. Last night our friend who lives up north came to visit. He and I got friends when we were studying in brussels. he has been always nagging meabout loosing weight and he has been very supportive to me. So everytime we meet he checks me out. he is neverthe sweetkind that wont say if he sees me expanding. So he said to me that I look good.I told him Ive gained 3 kilos. He said…yeah right…in your head!

    Which is true.The clothes are not tighter. And in two days of chocolate eating one cannot gain 3 true kilos. Its just the bodys reaction to the new ingredient.

    The Bank concept. I will tell you once about it. Not now though. This comment is too big already!

    Your voice is sweeter than caramel mate!

  3. Im in a good flow too now but Im far from you it sounds like.

    Eating 100g of chocolate is nothing. I mean 200g is a problem now which is wasnt before but 100g I would do in no time *L*.

    You are soo good and you are soon at your goal.
    that must feel so amazing.

  4. Yep – understand the difficulty getting the head back on the right way round! After buggarising around for about 3 weeks after my holiday I’m finally on the straight and narrow – so straight that I’m even off alcohol! But it feels good. Sounds like your head only needs a quarter turn and you’re right. Go girl!

  5. The chocolate thing is wacko – after a few weeks of lusting after chocolate to the point where I’d pimp my own mother for it, today i walked past a chocolate shop and was just meh, not interested. Part of the fun of being a girl really.

    I’d pimp my mother for a pair of killer boots though πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Shauna, what’s with the white legged, Scottish laddies and lassies beating our bronzed Aussies in the pool? How weird is that? I didn’t even know that Scotland had pools let alone any that people could train in. πŸ™‚

    And here’s another hey. Hey Shauna guess what? I’ve lost 10kg this year and I’m now teetering on the edge of the 80’s. I haven’t been there since the 1980’s! I’m doing it baby. I’m doing it! Thanks for the inspiration. NJ

  7. What’s with the incredulity, NessaJane? You’re never far from the SEA in Scotland.

    Bit chilly this time of year, though.

  8. I just love the way you write. You can be serious and reflective for several paragraphs, expressing exactly the frustration of battling desire to eat the wrong stuff – and then with a flourish of three little dots, you’re hilarious again. So good.

  9. NJ – go YOU! well done. you are a legend.

    and thanks folks for your comments. tis midnight and i have to go to bed before i turn into a pumpkin so will reply to these later.

    btw. the Lady Chatterly thing was crap… disappointing!

  10. To the true Aussie more sport is never enough. The Commonwealth Games has been a wonderful festival of sport. I must say the beauty of a resting toucher is a joy to behold.

    I quite liked the Adelaide school teacher who won the hammer throw too. It reminded me slightly of the Trunchbull in Matilda. Did she practice by hurling her students across the back paddock?

    What has been great about the games is listening to the althetes talk about their strategy. Persistance, learn from mistakes, always strive forward. Great mantra for loosing weight and keeping it off too.

  11. I check for new entries on all three of your blogs like 4 times a day. That might sound weird but your writing is freakin’ hilarious! And I am in the U.S. so I never know what time you post. Type faster…no pressure!

  12. I really liked the post on cooking with ginger. couldn’t agree more.

    just to let you know that that sparkpeople link needs an extra ht written at the front of it – right now she don’t work πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Shauna,

    i used to read your blog all the time but fell off the wagon BIG STYLE last year, like three and a half stone style.

    Anyway, thought i would swing by again like the good old days for inspiration and as usual you have not dissapointed – thank you!

    And Spark People – this actually seems quite good!

    abs x

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