Totally Edacious, Dude Word of the Day for March 31:

edacious \i-DAY-shus\,
adjective: Given to eating; voracious; devouring.

Yesterday I had an encounter with my old friend, the Marks and Spencer Caramel Shortcake. Yes, it was yet another Cake Day at work. And since it was good quality cakes, instead of those shithouse cakes-that-taste-like-sand from Morrisons that some people bring, I partaked in the cake. Partaked? Partook?

I really savoured that Caramel Shortcake. I took ten minutes to eat it, enjoying the shortbread perfection and the way the chocolate splinters when you bite, then burrows into the caramel. I’d take a bite, pause for some tea, take another bite, contemplate the meaning of life.

And then I chased it down with FIVE Marks and Spencer Extremely Chocolate Mini-Bites. Sure I only ate two of them whole – the others I just nibbled the chocolate off the outside and chucked away the innards as I really only wanted the chocolate. Damn you Mr Marks and Mr Spencer, and your delicious confections.

I went home and ‘fessed up to the Scottish Companion. He looked bemused and confused as always. The poor lad never passes judgement on what I eat yet is always being subjected to my verbal food diaries. Perhaps some church could have a special confessional box for food-related sins, and the priest will say, “Say three hail marys, tape your mouth shut and don’t nick the communion bread on your way out.”

Not that I have SINNED, mind you. Caramel Shortcake is not bad. Caramel is the nectar of the gods! I refuse to divide food into good and bad. There’s just food to eat often, and food to eat not so often. Yesterday the not so often happened too often. So I put a stop to it quick then got back on track at dinnertime.

As you can see I am far from perfect. But if you asked me for the weight loss secret, there it is. It is just getting up after you fall down. Over and over again.

. . .

Thanks for being so cool about the Happiness entry. Sometimes you just need to put on your ranty pants and let it all out! I used to be terrifed of admitting I was happy or proud of myself, thinking that would somehow undo all my hard work or I’d be mowed down by a bus – pride cometh before a fall, etc etc. But in many respects happiness and success is a choice, or perhaps a reflection of your choices. So as long as I keep doing the good deeds and shuffle along in the a positive direction, I’ll be alright.

13 thoughts on “Totally Edacious, Dude

  1. Oh Lordy – nothing beats a bit of quality caramel shortcake. NOTHING! Okay – maybe melting it for just a moment and serving it with real Italian vanilla ice cream.

    PS) Thanks for the mention the other day. I was suitably chuffed! Work it!

  2. That sounds like it was yummmmmy! I love your comment on food to eat often, and the not-so-often foods. There’s a lot of liberty to be found in that.

  3. Your last para rang a bell with me – I realised I’m terrified of telling anyone that I’m proud of myself for dieting and especially the exercise. Thank you for putting it in to words, it gives me a lot to think about.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the cake and didn’t spoil the moment by misplaced guilt.

  4. Those cakes sounds divine! I think it’s great you pointed out that sometimes we will fall down because that is human nature. The important thing is that we must always get back up.

  5. EVERY time I eat something “bad” I immediately post it on my blog – it ends up looking like I snork junk food every day! I guess I feel the need to confess it somewhere, as a pre-emptive defense against those who might accuse me of not tracking my food accurately.

    Yes, I know I’m paranoid…

  6. This post really, truly inspired me – especially what you wrote about falling and getting back up again. You’re so right. It’s delusional to think that one can be perfect – it’s acknowledging and living with the imperfections that counts!

  7. What is perfect anyway? Is there such a thing? I am not perfect, but I am perfect for me. Thanks for another timely reminder that food is not good or bad, it is just food 😀

    Hope you have a sensational first week of Spring 😀

  8. Oh, lordy, Shauna. I spent last summer in London, and I desperately miss the M&S Caramel Shortcakes. My mouth is watering reading your entry today. You’re right, the fall from the wagon feels less guilty when it’s not on account of shite, but actual heavenly caramelly goodness. I’m glad you enjoyed the hell out of them!

  9. well I had a whole week of eating crap last week. In that light you are perfect *L*.

    just wanted you to see it from a different angel

  10. What exactly is a SHORTcake? Sounds delicious even tho I haven´t got a faintest idea…. 😛 Luckily I´ve never met those luring M&S products, my mines lie elsewhere. Like in that handmade artesan chocolate piece with dried banana on it I got for housewarming gift. It yells my name in the closet! I shall be it´s saviour sometime soon, I´m sure. I could be proud of that 😀

    Loved your entry, as always.

  11. Those words strung together caramel + shortcake, make me want to hop a plane over to Scotland to partake in whatever you’re eating!! I too eat whatever I want – I try to make sure that I really really do want it and that it’s good quality stuff. After that, if I see a few lbs on, it’s just back to watching my eating really carefully. No one’s expected to be a perfect healthy eater ALWAYS. GO DG!!

  12. Except that you didn’t “fall down” — all you did was eat a piece of cake. You didn’t binge on an entire cake. You ate one piece. You savored it and moved on. That’s life.

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