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Ha ha! Not really. This hefty blockbuster is just five years of Dietgirl ramblings, printed for a handsome fee by Blogbinders. Still, even a giant print-out of blog archives is a cool thing to hold in your hands!

Yesterday I finished my rough outline/plan of the book, so I’m onto the gruelling task of reading through 424 pages with my pencil handy, making notes and sorting the wheat from the chaff. It’s great to have so much source material but it’s going to take awhile. Luckily it’s fun! Especially when you read things you’d totally forgotten about, like that my resting heart rate was 100 beats per minute at the start of 2001. ONE HUNDRED?!? How the hell was I not dead?

. . .

Aside from starting The Book Project, my biggest achievement this weekend was to hem some trousers. The bastards have been mocking me with their lengthy legs for almost six months! They’re wide-legged ones, only Β£15 from H&M. I’d bought two pair since they look far more expensive than they were. The only problem is that they were designed for Scandinavian giraffe women. I’m 5’8" and don’t normally need to hem things, but these pants were three inches too long.

You’d think being such lovely dacks that I’d have hemmed them right away, ready for winter. But nooo. At first they were unwearably tight so I chucked them in the cupboard. Once they fit, I wore my gym pants and trainers on the train then changed into the trousers at work, where my boots were juuust tall enough to make them wearable, if I was careful not to tread on the hem walking up stairs. But then last week I forgot to change and wore them home with my trainers, and being Scotland there was a torrential downpour, so they absorbed about a litre of water and mud as I tripped through the puddles.

On Sunday I took advantage of my burst of productivity and finally said RIGHTO! Time for action! It took me about three hours to hem the two pairs. I thought it would be quick and easy, since I am a highly qualified seamstress and all (where qualified = earning my Sewing badge at Brownies circa 1986). The reality was multiple stabbings, ironed fingers and accidentally sewing one trouser leg to the other.

Och well. Now I can wear these dacks without risk of injury. But since I waited so many months they’re now on the verge of baggy. So hopefully I have learned my lesson – procrastination does not pay, kids!

. . .

Hang on! This is meant to be a fat fighting blog, isn’t it? I should update you on the fat. I’ve been doing great! Where great = Monday to Thursday, that is.

The weekends have been shoddy. No wild bingeing, just still too much food. I didn’t need two portions of trifle at Chez In-Laws on Sunday night, but down they went. Jelly creamy goodness. Sometimes I fantasise about plunging into a giant bowl of trifle. How nice would that feel? Slipping past the cool cream and custard, wriggling through the fruit and jelly, with no risk of head injury due to the soft boozy sponge cake at the bottom. Oh baby…

My sister and I were having an email Bitch Session and seems she is having the same Weekend Issues. Being Chicks of Action, we’ve been brainstorming the problem together. One idea we’ve copied from the lovely Renee – we’re going to be e-mail buddies. Each morning we’ll be writing each other with our eating and exercise, talk about plans for the day and any Upcoming Challenges. We already email daily, and were good at lard busting when we lived together, so now we’re going to try it long distance. I really need to add another layer of Accountability, and there’s no bullshitting with me and my sister. Wish us luck, comrades!

18 thoughts on “Back To The Fat

  1. Whoa, impressive! The binding of all of your blog archives is about as chunky as Dolmio’s Pasta Sauce.

    [italian accent]
    “Its-a delicious Mama, and Chunky! Just like you!”[/italian accent]


    Anyway, email buddies is an awesome idea, I’ve always wanted an email buddy for the sake of emailing eating and exercise plans – though everyone I’ve tried that with has gotten lazy at checking/replying to their emails. Meanwhile I’d be sitting at the computer hitting F5 every 2 seconds. I tried posting everything that I ate and all the exercise I did on two separate blogs, but since noone was reading and commenting, I started thinking, “noone will know if I don’t log those four mince & cheese pies that I ate… *look left, look right, delete*”

    Its like you said, layers of accountability keep you strapped down to your task. Good luck!

  2. Whenever my traffic goes thru the roof I *always* know you have something to do w/it πŸ˜‰

    I LOVE to hear that people are buddying up and w/your sis no less…how cool.

    Your Book Project sounds intriguing. It’s something I’m thinking about in the future future so I’ll live thru you in the meantime πŸ™‚ Take care girlie!

  3. Good luck with the book! Turning a blog into a book is tricky. I’ve read some blog-to-books before and they’ve done it with varying levels of success. I guess it’s like trying to turn a book into a movie. There are different things to consider for each medium. You might want to read what some others have done to figure out what to do and what NOT to do.

  4. Cool, good luck with the book. That email buddy thing sounds like a good idea, I need a support group and all my friends live miles away from me.

  5. Awesome! You were one of the first blogs on weightloss I ever read- and one of the most inspirational to me. Giddiup!

  6. Hi DG, I’ve been reading you for a long time, it’s the only blog I read and if you’re only going to read only one, it’s a damn good one to read I think. I just wanted to share an idea that I had – I sent out an email this morning to all my girlfriends to start a Sports-of-All-Sorts Girls Club on Sunday afternoons. The idea being that we get together every Sunday to do something physical from hiking to volleyball to swimming to whatever. The response was outstanding. It’s only been 2 hours and already I have 15 girls in the club. It’s a great way to keep yourself on track on the weekends. I find that exercising a) distracts me from food and b) just compells me to eat better in general. The problem was I’d be so good in the week and loaf around on the weekends. And let’s face it, when us girls get together, we tend to gossip & eat. But as of this Sunday, not anymore πŸ™‚

  7. Your book is going to be so good! I am also printing out your list from the last post — I’m a fiction writer and budding songstress, except for the fact that I rarely DO either of those things. Your list is just what I needed. Simple, concise (unlike the myriad books on writing that I never seem to finish and really are just means of procrastinating anyway). Thanks, ahd cheers!

    BTW, as you may know, trifle isn’t very common in the states. But I always giggle when I hear or read about it, because it reminds me of the “Friends” episode in which Rachel tries to make trifle, only her cooking mag’s pages get stuck together and she makes a trifle shepherd’s pie concoction. A must see (the rest of the ep is delightful as well).

  8. I can’t wait to read your book cause it’s too hard (I’m too lazy) to read through the 5 years of archives (kidding).

    I’d like to plug the post you did when you talked about how you’ll never be loved by anyone and the torture of going out to party with your girlfriends while all the men around you ignore you. It was one of the first posts I’d read and it FLOORED me because I knew exactly what you meant. Now, it’s laughable that you’d NEVER be loved given the SC and all, but you’ve written some posts that really hit home with me and I hope with that source material it becomes a blockbuster book. And ya know, fat=>thin narratives are ‘in.’

    Good luck!

  9. Weekends seem to be the hardest for most people. I’m always so proud of myself during the week and then I go out Friday night and completely bomb my diet! What gives? Maybe I need to get an email buddy as well.

  10. Somehow my husband and I have turned our healthy-eggy weekend breakfast tradition from modest veggie-laden omlettes to FRIED eggs AND toast AND hash browns AND bacon…

    We’ve both gained 5lbs since January.

    I wonder how that happened?

  11. What an amazing idea! Blog binding! I’m off to do it now! Specially the baby blog etc…

    The email buddie is a great idea too.

  12. Good on you Shauna. I’ve been reading your blog before you went to Scotland. I hope you reach your dream to get a book published. I often recommend your blog to friends who are trying to lose weight.

  13. Mmmm. Trifle. I had that for dessert last night. Currently on holiday in Ireland and really enjoying it. I am sure that Ireland is the only place you can get trifle for dessert in a proper restaurant…

    Good luck with the writing. The one thing that impresses me more than anything else about you is the way you put your mind to something and then just do it. I think that’s what I meant a few comments ago about looking to you for inspiration. As I said, we all know how to lose weight it’s the HOW to lose weight if you know what I mean. Anyway, I am damn sure you’ll be as successful with the writing – not like me who just enrolled on the 3rd writing course in the last 2 years… I know how to write and was an English teacher so taught teenagers how to write. But again it’s the getting down to do it.

    In a brief update to your ‘I want to be an astronaut’ entry – I have decided to quit the horrible job and take my chances. Have to give 3 months notice anyway so I’ll be looking for the next opportunity and networking my ass off in the local professional association! If it all comes to nothing, I know I can temp and have done it before. But have decided that life is too short to work with nasty people and felling miserable about it.


  14. I’m so glad to see that you have kept a copy of all your entries. Unlike myself who was burnt when Diary-X imploded. I feel like crying when I think back to the 6 years of my life that I lost into hyper space because I didn’t keep a copy.

    I’m looking forward to your book DG. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t grab a copy of Cleo (was it Cleo?) when you were in it. NJ

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