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Help! Can anyone identify this strange vegetable that appeared in our vegie box today?

Update: It’s kohlrabi. Thanks everyone!

. . .

Everyone tells me that the Last 10 Pounds are the hardest to lose. I think this will be the case for me. But I have to admit, it’s mostly because I am making them the hardest.

I’m being a tad premature, since I actually have 15.3 pounds (6.9 kg) til I reach just the top of my healthy weight range. But there’s no doubting I’m at the business end of this lard busting adventure and it sucks. Why is it taking me so bloody long? You’d think after losing 170 pounds that a piddling fifteen more would be a breeze. I should be overjoyed! I should be throwing myself into completing the task! So why I am dawdling along in a halfassed manner?

I think I’m chicken shit, to be honest. I’m scared that I’ll get to a healthy weight but will still look like a flabmonster, therefore I’ll need to lose even MORE weight and never be free of this stinking task. Therefore it’s better remain comfortably overweight so I never have to properly finish and find out.

Or maybe part of me is scared of finishing the job because once it’s finished, I will have to find another obsession to throw myself into, and I have become quite fond of this lard-busting journey in a way, with all its ups and downs. It’s comfy and cosy and a great way to avoid any other Issues in your life.

Another part of me worries that if this journey Ends, I’ll no longer be a legitimate part of this lovely cosy blogging world. I’ll be like some middle-aged fart who keeps hanging around his old high school, because that’s where he spent the best years of his life. All his old teachers have moved on and the current students think he’s some sort of pervert, but he just can’t let go.

Or perhaps I am simply too lazy. You know when you’re a kid and there’s certain phrases your parents have to say to you over and over again, so often that it becomes permanently engraved on your brain? Mine was always, You always leave things half-finished. Do the job properly!

Mums are smart, I tell you. She had my character sussed right from the start.

But I can’t let this become just another half-knitted scarf or play-without-an-ending, shoved up the back of the cupboard. I want to finish this job. I will, I will! Just have to keep reminding myself of what I want, especially when confronted with Caramel Shortcakes.

So here’s to the Final Fifteen. They’ll only be as hard to lose as I let them.

. . .

I’ve never been a fan of gym cardio – treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers. I always feel like I am huffing and puffing on the road to nowhere. But with crappy weather, crappy knees and some of my classes being permanently cancelled, I’ve had to venture back into the mirrored sweatbox.

But it’s actually enjoyable with a bit of forward planning. I’m a big fan of interval training, the variations of speed and intensity make the time go much faster. It’s even better if I bring Pedro, my iPod shuffle, and work the intervals into the Playlist.

This will probably be of no interest to anyone unless you’re particularly nerdy, but I’ll tell you all about yesterday’s session anyway. It was about 50 minutes, split between the bike and the cross trainer machine.


For warm-up we had Jump by Van Halen, because it’s incredibly cheesy and makes me laugh. You may as well get yourself into a good mood if you’re going to spend an hour getting sweaty.

Tracks 2 – 4 gradually got faster and more intense. I varied my speed and the resistance on the cross-trainer, sometimes going backwards for variety, and putting on bursts of speed for the choruses.

Track 5 was Thunderstruck by AC/DC. It’s one of my favourite Body Pump shoulder tracks, but here it is good active recovery, slow and pounding. Once I got my breath back I increased the resistance to fry the legs.

Track 6, Smack My Bitch Up, is hella fast and furious! It always gets me in the mood for moving. I decreased the resistance but basically sprinted like the clappers, as fast as I could for the five minutes. Same deal for Track 7. After this I am sweating like a bush pig, to borrow a phrase Pete used to say. That’s when I had a quick stretch then jumped on the bike.

The bike started with James Brown, a medium-paced funky track to recover. Woohoo! Then it was Transmission by Joy Division, with the best bass ever, and 3 minutes 34 seconds of sprinting! Killer!

After that it’s Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand, a slinky and perfectly paced recovery. Again I increase the resistance once I’d recovered. I also used this time to sing along and watch the big freaky blokes doing their weights. I love how their eyes always dart around when they’re checking the mirrors, to see if anyone’s checking them out.

Next it was that old chestnut, Girls And Boys by Blur, in which I sprinted through the choruses. Then I cruised into the B-52’s track, a nice and steady pedal with mediun resistance to finish off the sweaty section

I cooled down with a laid back Lemonheads song then hopped off for some stretching. Then it was a ten minute walk home to finish. Huzzah! If you’re a certified cardiophobe like me, I say iPods are the way forward!

Today it’s upper body weights. Woohoo! Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter!

29 thoughts on “Do The Job Properly

  1. My 2 cents on maintence.

    Frankly, maintenance blows. It is nowhere near as sexy as the weight loss part of the journey. The carrot of weight loss – the dropping pant sizes, the NSVs, the compliments – they eventually drop off and you are faced with little outside positive reinforcement except what you can give yourself.

    And worse, it’s not really over, because instead of it being about losing 50 or 100 pounds, it’s about keeping that first 5 pounds from creeping back on. And they do, and if you are lucky, you put a stop to it, if not, back into weight loss mode.

    There is no magical end. Now, where is my chocolate bunny?

  2. I agree that the last little bit of weight that separates you from “success” can be a bitch to fight off and sometimes part of the reason can be in the unconscious assumptions you make regarding what it means to be “thin” — will you have to be an adult now and quit listening to Radiohead, Van Halen and the rest of your hit list? Will you have to find a new excuse for why you can’t find anything to wear in your closet? Will you have to acknowledge your feelings as yours and not a by-product of cultural oppression/obsession? All these things and more can seem to be lurking at the end of the weight loss journey. Of course, they aren’t, or if they are, they’re with you now, too. But, sometimes they get assigned to the goal weight and make it oh-so-very-avoidable.

  3. Ah yes, the chasm that may open up when you say “what now” after the euphoria of having achieved your long-term goal…it’s a tricky one. What if it’s a huge anti-climax?! BUT you can’t think like that! This is where you have to dig deep and…finish. Get closure with the weight loss journey and begin…maintenance!!! And that’s another story altogether (so no need to leave the community you’ve helped to establish).

    Why not start a new fitness routine and by the time you have got to grips with it, you will have reached the magic number on the scales?

    I know you like weights; one of the best routines seems to be Body Doctor by David Marshall. His book is fantastic or check out the website ( Yes, you still have to provide the background soundtrack but it’s a great way to shift poundage…and sadly, I am not on commission!

    You are SO nearly there!!! Just like when you started running…hang on in there.

    Good luck with the final bit.

  4. aww man… now you’ll all go scaring me about maintenance, as if it’s scary enough trying to lose the last few kilos ๐Ÿ˜›

    (although i have practically maintaining for the past bloody YEAR, i am getting quite talented at maintenance. i’ve been practicing for the real thing, you see. ha ha!)

    woof – i do have the body doc book, it’s great! never knew you could do lat pulldowns with a towel! ๐Ÿ™‚ i bought it as someone recommended it in the comments here… was it yourself? i will check back. anyway, it is a top book…

    jude, you always have such great taste in tunes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Excellent music mix! I need to search and see if I have all of those songs around.

    Not to be a negative nelly, but in my experience the “journey” of weight loss is never over. It just takes a different course. Those last 15 will be tough but I have no doubt you will make it. Just don’t think of it as a finish line or you may end up disappointed/unfufilled/etc.

    Congratulations on your success thus far!

  6. Okay I’m officially a stalker. I am obsessive by nature so reading an archive and forcing myself not to look at the side bar (current weight) or the newest entry until finished the entire 5 years was extremely satisfying. It took my about a week or so but I tell ya it reads like a book so I have no doubt your book project will be a huge success (I’ll be first in line in Canada). I started my weight loss journey only one week ago (hence the stalking) you are a huge inspiration.

  7. I was just re-reading your blog and I amazed at how much weight you have lost. I also love your honesty about not eating and exercising perfectly. I read success stories and they all seem to be the same: “I was fat. Then I decided to lose weight. Then I stopped eating all junk food and got to goal.” I have lost weight, but I struggle alot with wanting to use food for comfort. You have lost 170 pounds! How amazing it must be to have ‘only’ fifteen left to go! I know, it’s annoying as hell to lose the last few pounds. I am just inspired by your writing.

  8. Omg, you will be like Screech in the new episodes of Save By The Bell!

    And i have to say, I love you more than ever. Woohoo, someone else who has Jump on their ipod… and ACDC … and Lemonheads!

  9. DG wrote:
    Another part of me worries that if this journey Ends, I’ll no longer be a legitimate part of this lovely cosy blogging world. I’ll be like some middle-aged fart who keeps hanging around his old high school, because that’s where he spent the best years of his life.

    Huh? Are the only “legitimate” weight loss bloggers the ones who don’t reach their goals, but instead gain and lose the last 15 (or 10 or 20 or whatever) ad infinitum?

    I don’t think the journey really “Ends”. I think it becomes an onwards and upwards sort of thing. And I say this as someone who doesn’t particularly care what her maintenance bodyweight will be as long as she can bench press it.

    There are so many other exciting challenges ahead: lifting more, running faster, doing double digit sets of pushups, one handed pushups, doing pullups, doing a marathon or triathlon if you like that sort of thing ๐Ÿ™‚ … You can actually start on these now and probably discover those 15.3lbs gone before you know it. Or you might discover that those 15.3lbs pale in comparison to the exciting new things your body is capable of. Or you might lose them and then decide you want to put on 15 lbs of muscle instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Whatever it is you decide to do, I don’t think you stop being a legit part of the weight loss or fitness blogging world as a result.

  10. lots of great ideas there, thanks mich ๐Ÿ™‚ you have always been high on my list of inspirational blogging heroes. i definitely want more muscle! and bench press your own body weight would be a great challenge to work towards!

    kathryn, YES, screech was exactly who i had in mind. hehehe! i hope people realise i was kidding/exaggerating with that part of the post. you won’t get rid of me that easy ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll be like the common cold you cannae shake!

  11. I wouldn’t be too worried about being left out of teh blogging world – we all still need you! Plus, the Maintenance stage after losing a ot of weight will still require you to be calorie-conscious and exercise. Loved the awesome mix! I’ve heard interval training burns a lot of calories quickly.

  12. Hi Dietgirl!
    You rock!

    (Just thought a little more positive reinforcement couldn’t hurt.)

    Also, you inspired me to go on to Rhapsody and download some new music for my workouts. I love intervals, but needed something to spruce it up!


  13. That vegetable looks to me like kohlrabi. Not that I have any idea what to do with it. Let us know if you figure something out!

  14. ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck with the tune hunt, DiWriter, it really does help make cardio less dull!

    Flora – THANK YOUUUUUU! Mystery solved! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. OMG, kohlrabi! I love this vegetable…it is one of my most favorite things to eat in the summer. Although you can cube it and steam/boil it the best way is to peel it and then eat it like an apple with salt. Enjoy…I’m jealous!

  16. Kolrhabi definitely. You can use the leaves in a soup (loses some bitterness that way) and you can eat the bulb (minus the skin) plan, with some salt.

    beware of wicked farts if consumed in vast quantities ๐Ÿ˜› don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  17. That vegetable photo FREAKED ME OUT!! I may love my veggies, but if that thing came into my house I’d be googling “TRIFFID” !! Anyway, glad it turned out to be harmless. Hope its tasty.

    Maintenance? Its, well, basically whatever you make of it. Hard? Sure. Doable? Definitely.

    My unsolicited advice is to give yourself a break on the last 10-ish pounds. I feel as though we do best sticking to our healthy weight goal only when we’ve had the time to “try it on for size.”

    You’re changing on the outside AND on the inside, right? Be gentle with yourself!


  18. Maintenance just sucks. Exercise and food choice are a constant. I don’t know if they ever become second nature. The upside is the nice muscle tone and not wearing undies the size of a football field and nice bras. Nice bras that you can even buy on sale. And not having your boobs sit on your waist and your arse at your knees. And buying things from Sportsgirl and General Pants(if I pick wisely for my age) and not Noni B. Bit like the Sound of Music song, ‘these are a few of my favourite things.’ as I remind myself when I get tired.

  19. Oi! I’m still blogging after getting to goal ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just keep going babe coz reaching goal is worth it. It may be a bit anti-climactic but then you just find other things to get excited about. There’s lots of journeys to be had and completing one before going on the next is such an awesome feeling.

  20. Mich just said everything I wanted to say. Thanks Mich.

    Do you understand how much of an inspiration you’d be telling us about the exciting new things your body could do at your goal weight?

    I’d much rather read about you stepping forward into a brand new (scary), exciting realm.. explaining it all for us through your eyes.

    You are not going to be ousted from the blogging community just because you reach goal. It may be an anti climax for you, but I for one know I’ll be tuned in waiting to read about the power you gain, the new challenges you set yourself etc etc..

    The longer you cling to ‘fat blogging’ the longer it will cling to you. You deserve to be pushing forward. Mate, you have come this bloody far. Let me live vicariously through you will ya? huh huh? *grin*

  21. Hear you on the iPod issue, I too have a shuffle but I havenยดt named it yet ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I shall reveal a secret; Iยดve got a million Michael Jackson tunes on me iPod at the moment ๐Ÿ˜€ *laf* but I love the drama and feelgood feeling in the older tunes. I also wear my shuffle when I exercise so besides Jacko thereยดs two lps from System of A Down, one by Moby and one by a Finnish girl duo called PMMP.

    Eek gotta run to the swimming hall, see ya later! And gotta respect your honesty, thatยดs what makes you sooo readable, together with your great writing talent <3

  22. Hi DG,

    I am going through the exact same thing at the moment. After losing 80kg you would think that I would be up and motivated to lose the last 25. Yet it has taken me ages just to decide that I will lose it. FOr a while I was on the “I can fit into great clothes now, why worry about the last 25kg” wagon. For me it was the obsession thing. If I was to lose all of the weight what would I obsess about now. Would it be work, love life….what? I guess I have come to the conclusion that something to obsess about will probably rear its ugly head when I am 25kg less so why not jump the ravine of lard and land in healthy weight land.


  23. Hey – good track listing. My friends in NZ introduced me to Sleater-Kinney when I was there in feb and those girls are pretty cool. Actually I’d forgotten that I was going to find their album until I saw your list – so thanks.

    I agree about the ipod thing (well, I have a creative zen actually). I read one of those 52 brilliant ideas books – the one called ‘Win at the Gym’ – which i definitely recommend BTW. One of the ideas was getting a workout playlist and I work out so much harder in the mornings now. Pumping music makes such a difference and the gym music always seems to be slow-jam or old school soul stuff. Great but not good for getting the legs going.

  24. Love your playlist, and I have to agree that music is the only thing that gets my ass moving! Even when I used to wait tables, I can remember the days being so much easier when there was good music playing on the speakers instead of the usual boring pappy crap.

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