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On Sunday afteroon I was reading about Kathryn and Phillipa shopping for winter coats in chilly Melbourne. Meanwhile in Scotland, I looked up from the screen to see a bunch of blokes outside, sauntering down the streets with their shirts off. Pale, scrawny, sunken chests giving off a ghostly glow beneath the piddling spring sunshine.

I checked a weather site and discovered the maximum temperature for both Edinburgh and Melbourne on Sunday was 14 degrees! (57'F)

It all depends on context. If you're in Britain and the sun manages to squeeze past the clouds after a long and dreary winter, you're looking for any excuse to show some flesh. Likewise in Oz, after those endless scorching summers, everyone is busting to dig out their jumpers and scarves. I remember in high school, I used to listen to the weather forecast on the radio each morning in eager anticipation. If it was 14 degrees or below I'd declare it Trackie Weather, cool enough to wear my beloved sloppy trackies/trackiebottoms/sweatpants to school!

But over the past few years my thermostat has adjusted to Scotland and now 14 degrees sounds positively sub-tropical. I am thinking salads, long walks and ice cream. I am completely useless in the heat now. It reached 20'C (68'F) in Portugal and all I could do was slump on a park bench and moan, "Water! Water!".

Here's the forecast for this week. I predict mittens, casseroles and roaring fireplaces for Melbourne. And short skirts and barbeques for Edinburgh!


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Just a few wee items of housekeeping!

  1. Try not to take things out of context. Simply saying that I liked Dr Phil's catchphrase, "You Gotta Name It To Claim It" does not translate to a ringing endorsement of said doctor. There's no need to keep emailling to remind me that Dr Phil sucks. I have always thought him a complete tool; I just think the catchphrase is handy in terms of clearly defining goals.

    This is no doubt my fault and possibly a cultural misunderstanding. When I said Dr Phil was "a bit of a tool". I meant tool as in wanker, idiot, moron. Not as in, "something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one's occupation or profession" as defined by

  2. Please don't pimp your business in the comments. If you have a product you'd like to me to review or try, why not send an email, as most companies are kind enough to do? But if you simply post a comment chock full of URLs flogging your wares, that is spamming and your comment will be removed. This is a personal blog. I do not have advertising on here and I am not looking to make money. I just want to talk to my pals, tell a story and have a laugh.
  3. I'm compiling a FAQ for this site to help out with the most common queries, including the ubiquitous Loose Skin Conundrum. I am always happy to share what has or has not worked for me in this lard-busting caper, so if you have any burning questions please let me know – dietgirl @ this domain. The most frequently asked will obviously go to the FAQ, woohoo!

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Pilates started up again yesterday after a two-week Easter break. Holy FLAMING CORE, Batman!

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I am thinking of getting a bike. I can't actually ride a bike yet, but I am hoping that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

23 thoughts on “International Thermostat

  1. It’s been frezzing over the last few weeks here in Melbourne. But this week looks much nicer. Today the sun was out for ANZAC day. It was a beautiful. Enjoy you short skirts and barbeques Weather in Edinburgh lol.

  2. It is strange how you adjust to the local weather. My MIL reckoned that the autumn weather here was cold (equivalant to winter in Adelaide) but we were still wearing t-shirts.
    People are still wearing coats here, but in a few more weeks we’ll be seeing bare mid-riffs.

  3. I totally understand the weather thing. I’m from Canada and our temps right now are about the same as Edi…shorts and pale white flesh abound! It does end up much warmer here than the UK, but those first glorious weeks of warmth are heavenly!

  4. hi DG,
    Just thought i would drop you a post. i am also on the diet band wagon, have been 4 five months, and am going great guns ( if i don’t say so myself):)

    Love coming in here for updates, you write amazing posts, and are a great inspiration to me

  5. I dunno, it’s pretty frigging cold in Melbourne at night at the moment. It causes me physical pain.

    I’m with you on Dr Phil being a tool of the wanker kind and he can so stand to lose some weight himself. i always reckon if he’s telling it like it is why isn’t he telling people to turn off the teev and stop listening to people like him. Day time television is the tool (in the other sense of the word) of Satan!

  6. I did not learn to ride a bike properly until Later Childhood (later than lots of other people, anyway). Then I wnet to a famously-bike-ridden university. Now I can ride a bike in long skirts, four-inch heels or flipflops if required, although I wouldn’t really recommend any of them.

    I’d say go for it. Go to a quiet-ish park and do your first wobbling on the grass. Get Mr Dietgirl to hold you steady. Riding a bike is good.

  7. So true.

    I remember my first year in Britain and someone writing to me about how cold it was in Auckland with a high of 15 and low of 5. If it’s 15 in London, that’s definitely a short-sleeved top day!
    Speaking of the weather – it is a bit strange at the moment because it’s that in-between temperature. I am sweltering in my coat on the tube but it’s too cold to go without. Time to get the summer clothes out of storage.

  8. Oh god yes, get a bike. Get a bike! Professor Taco and I bought matching Schwinn bikes a few weeks ago, and we have been unstoppable on them ever since. Once you get the hang of it, riding a bike is a truly glorious feeling. Plus, you save tonnes of money and time — they are cheap, easy, speedy and environmentally friendly means of transport. Maybe I’ll go ride mine RIGHT NOW matter of fact…

  9. I completely understand the quick adjustment to local weather conditions. I moved to San Francisco from Canada. The first ‘winter’ I spent scoffing at my new friends for moaning about the cold (14C) and mocking them for wearing gloves. Seven ‘winters’ later, I’m the one piling on the extra wool sweater and complaining incessently if it rains more than a day or two in a row.

    Soft. I’ve gone completely soft. Sad, really.

  10. I amazed myself by going the other direction — always hated hot, humid weather and hid inside if it was going to be above 80F. Then, I moved to Naples, Florida, USA — the highest year round average temp in the US with approximately 6 months of hot, humid weather above 90F. Now, when it gets into the 70’s I’m chilly. Weird, huh?

  11. P.S. I knew you meant Dr. Phil was a tool as in wanker, and I sooooooooo agree with you.

  12. I absolutely, postively HATE cold weather. For some reason, even a mild chill gets me right to the bone and I’m freezing for the rest of the day.

  13. We are a lovely 26C…lots of sales on sandals and waiting in lines for pedicures. Ahhhh…spring in southeast U.S.A.

    My brother religiously watches Oprah and Dr. Phil. He won’t go out to do errands or anything else during those times. It’s his version of free therapy I suppose. It could be worse!

  14. You’re so right about climactic context! Even as an avid winter-time skier, I find when walking around in San Francisco that I like to wear gloves ANY time the temp is below 50F (10C).

    After I hit my goal weight I was cold for, oh, approximately TWO YEARS! So my advice is to buy really nice stuff so you don’t ever feel tempted to put the weight back on for warmth! You’ll look better in a nice parka than in a fat suit (speaking from experience)!

    As for the bike, think of how much good it’ll do you — you’ll feel more accomplished for learning how to ride and it really helps with toning the leg muscles. (No need to buy all those fancy spandex clothes and pricey biking accoutrements — I ride around in work clothes on a 10 year old bike and its really no biggie).

  15. That is similiar to the weather we are having here in the states though in our little section it was 78F yesterday 4-24-06 ND TODAY IT IS A MERE 57F and as far as the whole bike thing havent ridden for around 20yrs would proably fall off now

  16. I’m from Melbourne and I can remember the first time I experanced winter in New York. I was bloody freezing, I couldn’t belive that it could get that cold. It might be cold here in melbourne right now but it’s warmer then the winter up there. Luckly I love the cold. Being fat and hot is not my idea of fun.

  17. I remember coming back home to Melbourne after 10 years in the UK. Temps were saying average 16 degrees each day so I packed my suitcase for 16 degrees – t-shirts and light cardys!

    Of course I’d forgotten all about that biting wind when you walk out of Tullamarine Airport. I had to go and buy fleeces, I was that cold!!

    We’ve had the ducted heating on for about 3 weeks now. And it’s bloody cold when I go out for my run at 6am. Gloves are now firmly ensconsed (sp?) on hands. I even pulled my ugg boots out of the cupboard on the weekend!

    PS: Happy Anzac Day for yesterday.

  18. Thank you for saying Portugal is warm. Everyone here thinks they are frozen all the time. I’m dying with a t-shirt on and people around me are dressed like they are going to the north pole. I came here from Utah, U.S.A. so I’m used to snow.

  19. A Bike!! I love biking. I use it for exercise but most of all it is a cheap, economic way for me to get around town. If you start biking DG, put some pics up.

  20. Uuuu as a Finn I know those wickedly pale chests ;-P The forecast in Helsinki is about identical to Edinburgh and I HEAR THE SUMMER´S COMING!!!! As a habitant of the Northern Peripheric Areas (definetely deserves capital letters!) you gotta be over-joyed (spelling?!) for any grades more than 5. And I am. Been looking for a spring jacket but so far no luck… More than the beginning of the terace season (havin´ a Bud or whatever chillin´ outside) I´m looking forward to the “ice-cream a day keeps the winter away” period!

    And I guess I´m a bit of a tool then too; I´m sot of fond to Dr Phil´s weight loss challenge… prolly ´cause I´m an ignorant European. 🙂 But I don´t mind being a tool. Lost and Dr Phil (I only manage to watch it once a fortnight max) are the only tv shows I follow. I´m so sad 😀

    Best spring wishes and let the flesh show!

  21. Whew- I was nervous posting, but Meri did it first- lol… I, too, enjoy Dr.Phil’s take on weight-loss. I find it intriguing that people think he is fat and needs to lose weight before he can help others do the same. He isn’t thin, but he has never said he wants to lose the weight he has- maybe his ideal body shape isn’t smaller? I don’t know, but we all need different motivation and he reminds me that it is all my choice.

    DG- you rock!

  22. Leaving in the states by the time I see your comments they are nearly a day old oh well dont care it is fun to read and put my 2 cents as they say here we are expecting 72F weather tommorrow hope it does come it makes the walks outside better dont really like being couped up in YMCA not to mention every comment typed is a another calorie burned

  23. I stop wearing jackets when it reaches 0c! After that, I am just too hot. Of course, just a month earlier, it’s like, -40c, so, 0 is balmy babe!

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