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You know, Dr Phil is a bit of a tool, but I have always liked his mantra, You Gotta Name It To Claim It. Dieting in secret never worked for me, and neither did keeping my writing ambitions secret. Being secretive just meant I faffed around and achieved nothing. But now I’ve finally stopped the vagueness and properly defined my goals. And most importantly, I have Claimed ’em out loud. Now that openly declared that I want to Finish The Lard Busting and that I want to Write A Stinking Book, I feel motivated and focused. Saying it out loud makes it feel real and accountable.

It’s also making me better organised with my time and energy. I am about to finish my second week in a row of Proper Planned Exercise! My muscles ache deliciously and it’s great to feel smug two weeks in a row. Woo bloody hoo.

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My favourite mantra is actually a quote by Winston ChurchillWhen you’re going through hell, keep going.

It’s particularly useful during catastrophic events, but also works for trifling inconveniences, such as When The Bloody Scales Won’t Go Down.

I’ve been having my Fat Camp fantasies again. When I was super lardy, I used to dream of being banished to a type of gulag for the obese, where I would be pummeled into shape by a crack team of nutritionists and trainers, before being returned to society a brand-new, slim and healthy person. Oh, just to be removed from society for a year or so, to focus on nothing but losing weight! No work, no social events, no family dinners, no Christmas feasts, no corner stores with chocolate bars.

I hadn’t thought about Fat Camp for ages.  But lately with my less than spectacular results, I’ve been daydreaming about being Sent Away to finish the job without Real Life getting in the way. I’d only need two months of extreme regime. Three, tops!

Last night we went to a friends house and the plan was to get an Indian takeaway for dinner. I’d been sulking in advance all week, knowing that even the vegetarian dishes would still be greasy. Why do we have to be social anyway? Can’t I just live in a vacuum til I’m done? Bah humbug!

It was fine in the end. The veggie food was nice, I ate too much naan but didn’t drink the wine. I’m not one to waste calories on liquids. It was great to see our friends. I realised once again that life does not stop for weight loss. I am not about to bring along a bowl of lettuce to someones house.

I guess all I can do is aim to be consistent as much as I can, and minimise the damage on these special occasions. I have to remember what works for me in the long term — slow and steady, no extremes. If I stay consistent, my efforts will bring results eventually.  Which of course brings to mind another quote by another great 20th century philosopher, Rachel Hunter.  As she famously said in the Pantene commercials, It won’t heppen overnight, but it will heppen.

rachel hunter

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Here’s a most excellent, sane and informative podcast that’s well worth a listen even if you don’t have kidlets – Getting Children To Eat Well, by Dr Joel Furhman, author of Disease Proof Your Child. All via the lovely Loobylu.

16 thoughts on “Keep Going

  1. aahhhh I wanted to go to Fat Camp too and still do or nowadays maybe not so much Fat Camp but more a boot camp where they can make me sweat like Ive never sweated before *L*. And I know Im going to hate every second of it

  2. I’ve been feeling the same way re social life and eating and wanting to cower away and go “NYERRRRRRRRHE! Can’t you see I’m trying to lose weight! Eeeeediots!!!”, though I’m on holiday in Sydney and what I’ve realised is that you shouldn’t ignore opportunities and experiences for the sake of losing weight.

    I’ve had amazing meals all across Sydney – from Parramatta to the Blue Mountains; from hot chocolate in Blacktown to a buffet in the Centrepoint Tower (btw, regarding Centrepoint – food, average. View, stunning)

    When I packed my suitcase for the trip, I included a whole lot of my exercise DVDs and packed several resistance bands. Have I used them? Nooooo. Do I regret not using them? No!

    Life isn’t a fat camp. Its life. And its awesome, just as long as you stop to experience it once in a while.

  3. Since I have never been involved or heard of any camps of sort when I was a child, I just dreamt for the worst: a Nazi concentration camp. Only now I realize how macabre it was to think that nobody there was fat and that a visit there could help me with my weight problems…

  4. Ohhh Nazi concentration camp… I never thought of that one. I used to wish I could be like the kids in “Flowers in the Attic”… locked away and brought my food so I didn’t have to be out there in the real world making choices. HOW SICK ARE WE??? lol

  5. Thanks for your recent comment! It is nice to be back in the game, at least with a foot in the door. That picture (bathing beauty) is so gorgeous. Doesn’t her body make you green? I wish I could look like that!

  6. Donna! You crack me up. I always thought I wouldn’t have minded much being locked in that attic, because there were lots of books to read. But I would have skipped the creepy incest stuff!

  7. OMG, love the Rachel quote. No matter what that woman does in life, she’ll be remembered for that.

    As for the Flowers in the Attic – when my sister read that book, she actually shut herself in her room and made mum leave meals at the door for week afterward.

    I really think having one meal a week that’s a treat is good for you. So long as it’s just the one. And the Indian sounds excellent.

  8. Aahhh the Fat Camp Dream. Every few months when things get too hard (read – when I have been a lazy food shovelling sow) I have this dream. No children to distract me. No husband to get cranky at. No work to provide me with temptation. But then when sanity steps in and I realise that along with the fact that I could not fund this amazing dream, I know that the self-pride I will have once I achieve this on my own, living my life, taking the knocks and getting up again, that will make it all worth while.

    Love that you are naming it 😀

  9. I’ve started a “one day a week relaxed eating” method. Works for me now and whenever I want something I can always wait til that day…when I usually don’t really want it anymore…

    You could always try and better your 5km race from last year :-))…

  10. Speaking as a newbie i have only just begun so I am not entirely ready for a sleep away camp from hell however I feel as if I am already being tortured by the large people eating gym machines

  11. Here’s what I had to say about Dr. Phil last year. Still feel the same way and more so:

    Why are people so attracted to Dr. Phil? Are we all masochists, or what? His confrontational style (what he calls “getting real”) is only really good for sadistic voyeristic pleasure, not for any kind of empathic understanding or helpful guidance. I admit I’m sick enough to watch when I get teased into a show about weight loss, but I almost always end the show feeling queasy about the thinly veiled hostility behind his mocking helpfulness. The desperate folks he’s purportedly helping just hang on his every insult as if they could be shamed and humiliated into acting in their own best interest. Gah!

  12. I wanted to go to fat camp when I was younger. That dream is no longer there.
    There will always be a party, holiday, birthday summer vacation. It can be daunting.

    I think Dr. Phil’s diet advice is too negative for my tastes.

  13. Yep, you gotta keep living and enjoy your life too. I know how fatty Indian food is but I do give into my craving occassionally because it makes me happy. It’s all about moderation hey and I love that quote! Hell is not a holiday destination so keep moving along 🙂

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