Wednesday Weigh-In: 0.7kg (1.5lb) gone.

So I’ve now finally lost my Portugal Pounds. 6 weeks to lose 6.5 pounds. So much for the idea that Holiday Gains are temporary! That said, I’ve only been working really hard for half of those weeks. I still want to take it up a notch this week, and get both exercise and eating right in the same week. I want this loss to stick. I want Virgin Territory next week! Woohoo!

. . .

I cannae type no more, cap’n. My shoulder is killing me. In fact, the pain starts in the side of my neck then shoots down the side of my forearm, through my wrist down to my freakin’ thumb. My good ol dodgy right shoulder again. Not sure why. Maybe too much furious writing/typing? Maybe I pulled a wrong move with the weights. Och well. I have a date with some ice and ibuprofen. Rest, rest, rest.

In the meantime, please chat amongst yourselves. How’s life treating you today? What’s been happening?

18 thoughts on “Stickability

  1. Hope the shoulder is all better soon and well done on losing the holiday weight. Life’s treating me well except for this bloody cold weather πŸ™‚

  2. I hope you feel better. I hate it when I have back and shoulder pain.
    Congrats on losing the holiday gain it might have taken a while but you got there and it’s all that counts.

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling 100%! Not much is happening here although I’m slowly feeling better after having bronchitis earlier this month. May has got to be better than April’s been so far!! Take care of yourself!!

  4. Nothing exciting’s been happening to me, but John Prescott’s been having an affair! Horribly fascinating. Clearly being fat is no obstacle to romantic adventures… .

  5. Well done on losing the holiday weight – I’ve yet to step on the scales yet after my Sydney adventures; but already I’ve caught the climate-change flu. And at the moment I’m surrounded by toffees, toblerones, fudge and Ferrero Raffaello – but am not able to eat any of them since I bought them all for other people, BAH!

    Keep up the good work, girl!

  6. Congrats on your loss – come on Virgin. Territory. LOL

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon. I get that sometimes and often it is because my back is out slightly and pinching the nerves that go up there. A quick visit to the Chiro and I am ready to type, type again.

    Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather (loved the comparative weather post) πŸ˜€

  7. Nothing much happening here either. Beautiful day in Melbourne today. 23 degrees with beautiful clear blue skies. Was a bit chilly this morning, but not cold enough for me to get the winter coat out just yet….getting close though!

  8. Hope the shoulder feels better.

    Checking in from the colonies – not much new here in my part of Canada. Finally starting to get warm-ish! I’ll be starting my bike commute to work soon, about 22kms each way.

  9. Go DG!! I think the side bar might be wrong, it says 189lb. Should it be 179? I always look at it. πŸ™‚

  10. indeed it should, ellen! thank you for your eagle eyes. don’t want to cheat myself outta ten pounds πŸ™‚

  11. Too much hot sex with the Scottish Companion, eh? Tell him to take it easy on ya until the shoulder heals. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  12. Hey – I am feeling your shoulder pain. I get it in my right one as I use that one for the mouse. I also get a pinching feeling right on the tip of my tailbone and I think that is from sitting on my voluptuous rump all day!! LOL LOL!!

    Me, well, I have just fed child #1 and child #2. Child #3 is fast asleep with her favourite “Paddy” bear and child (or should I say embryo?)#4 is beating away in my uterus. The other half is at the pub drinking beer and I am looking forward to a weekend at home without neon lights and timesheet issues (work for an accountant – nuff said!!)

  13. Ummm… I got my race pack for the Race for Life at Holyrood – you doing it this year? That’s about it for excitement. Still haven’t managed to book a honeymoon!

  14. sorry to hear about the shoulder hope it feels better soon I had to work all day and so Im being a slacker and not doing the exercise thing and Im going out for dinner proably a salad however on the up side I found out that Im getting an award at graduation Hope your day tommorrow is sunny side up

  15. Virgin fat…soooo cool!
    sorry bout the pain darling…im sure you will treat it right!
    How ive been…ummm…busier me thinks…if this can be possible!
    but im happy cos i got to almost finish my balcony and this makes me smile first thing in the morning!

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