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It pelted down with rain today. For a week the weather has veered wildly from rain to hail to sunny bursts to gale force winds to general shitiness. Top temperature of 13’C (55F). It’s almost June! WHERE THE HELL IS SUMMER?

I went out on my bike on Sunday afternoon anyway. It was smooth sailing for the first half of the trip. The dark clouds behaved themselves, there was minimal dog shit on the cycle path, and I was feeling rather speedy and competent! Until Gareth pedaled up beside me and pinched me on the arse.

I let fly with a nasty torrent of abuse that I won’t repeat because my mum reads this, all while staring straight ahead. I couldn’t reach out and pinch him back as I’m too scared to let go of the handlebars. I can only ride in a straight line, you see. There’s no admiring the scenery. I’m no good with corners or sticks on the ground and afterwards my hands are cramped and red raw from my death grip on the handlebars. I am sure this will get better over time!

Riding back home was interesting, as we were heading into the wind and my too-big waterproof jacket filled with air to add even more resistance. It was like pedaling through treacle. Mmmm, treacle. I remember thinking, Whoa! This is just like when we turn up the resistance in Spinning class! Then when I hit a non-windy stretch I thought, Woohoo! Just like the sprints in Spinning class!

Then of course I eventually remembered that cycling on roads actually came first, long before classes where you pedal to nowhere. Moron.

So I had great fun and felt nicely worked out too. The only drawback was feeling like I had been repeatedly kicked in the groin. Even with padded shorts, the seat just ain’t comfy. Gareth has kindly ordered me a nice Women’s Seat, which are designed for a wider butt. And they’re nicely padded with an indent to nestle ones delicate nether regions. A FLAP GAP if you will, as my husband so eloquently calls it.

And! Geekgasms ahoy! I have a bike computer! It’s a tiny hunk of plastic that looks like a glorified stopwatch but it can tell me the time, how far I’ve ridden, how fast and my average speed; plus stock tips and astrology reports. I love statistics. I think this calls for another spreadsheet. Huzzah!


In other news, I weighed in today and the four pound gain of last week has been reversed. But I don’t trust those figures. I will see what happens next week. I’m paranoid that it’s only because my precious muscles have all wasted away from lack of lifting! That was a joke, hold your fire!

Here is a picture of my bike! It’s supergrainy and nicked from the bike shop website. One day I will take a photo of my actual bike with me on it, but I feel too flabby right now. I’ve still yet to give it a name; I was thinking Valentino, after my favourite MotoGP rider. But he has had a run of bad luck lately so I don’t know if should curse my precious machine!

17 thoughts on “Geek On Wheels

  1. I’m just starting my “life change”. Trying to get back into shape. I’m glad I stumbed across your blog. Hopefully it will give me some much needed motivation.

  2. The flap gap had me laughing out loud. Sexy bike. I know how you feel, last time I rode a bike, there was no turn and no fancy stuff. The road looks surprisingly hard and scary when you’re on a bike.

  3. That Gareth of yours is just a crack up. I think you are perfectly suited πŸ˜€ And whoot for the fancy shmancy computer thingy. Very professional.

  4. Nice bike! I would hold off on naming the bike to see how Valentino goes in the next few races, because it is a cool name for a bike, and if his luck improves i’d use it πŸ™‚

    Since I fractured my knee my bike has been off limits, and DH has taken it over – looking forward to the day I can kick him off and get my bike back. Have fun!

  5. If you are just riding on a bike path, make sure you put on slick tyres rather than the knobbly dirt ones, it will make the ride a lot smoother and easier. The more you enjoy it the further you can go and the better you will get – and the more benefit you get.

    I started riding 3 years ago and now I am onto a road bike with cleats and up to riding 80-100kms a week. Get that spreadsheet started πŸ˜‰

  6. OoOOooOOo I loves the geek-gasmic bike-o-meter-compy-schlang!

    I wish I knew how to ride a bike – my parents tried so desperately to help me learn, but its not much help trying to teach someone when you don’t know how to do it yourself. At least they didn’t make that mistake with swimming, way-hey!

    By the way, Shauna, I saw something on the New Zealand Sports News regarding the State of Origin League match that I *had* to mention with regard to your ‘Be Australian, Buy Australian’ post on WNP (I could mention it over there… but that’d involve opening a new tab and I can’t be bothered ctrl-t-ing now that I’m in full flight. I ask for forgiveness!) The newsreaders introduced the story as “Maaaaayte against Maaaaayte! Staaaaaaayte against Staaaaaaayte!”. I thought of you straight away!

    Am looking forward to seeing statistics from your bike computer! πŸ˜€

  7. The bike is BEEYOOOOTIFUL! I think Valentino is a great name; surely he will make a surprise comeback. Plus he’s nearly as pretty as your bike.

  8. I second the comment on the slick tires – it would help out in the city. When you are ready to tackle some Munroes, you could put the knobby ones back on πŸ™‚

    Bike computers are really fun (I guess I’m a total bike geek for writing that…) and it’s great to have some numbers to gauge your improvement by. (yes, I have a mileage spreadsheet)

    I also happen to think Valentino is a very cool name.

  9. My uncle just move back to the U.S. because the weather in Scotland was so bad. I hope you get many sunny days to ride that bike.

  10. What do you mean, where is the summer? Summer was last Sunday! I know because I did “Race for Life” and got my annual dose of sunburn … this is Scotland, m’dear, Summer is usually over in a flash – if you blink you miss it!

  11. hehe… this is my 4th scottish summer. i was spoilt on my first with record temperatures and it’s been downhill ever since!

  12. Love the ‘flap gap’ comment – gave me the giggle for the morning. Well done on the riding – I did some a couple of years ago and had to take the next day off work cause I was so sore I couldn’t walk !!!


  13. Hi DietGirl πŸ™‚

    You want the summer, I HATE the summer because I’ll sweat and feel heavier than I already am.

    I enjoyed your rendition of your biking expedition. I too laughed out loud in certain parts. πŸ˜€ I love the fact that you want to name your bike! It’s a beauty – enjoy it a lot. πŸ™‚ I have a bike that goes to nowhere lol but when I use it I use it with a cycling DVD. I bought a cushy large-size seat too for my fat woman’s butt in a local bike shop in my neighborhood. LOLOLOL That computer thingy is really neat! Now you have me thinking that I better start riding my bike more often.

  14. I’m with FB with regard to loathing summer; over here, the trees are confused because it should be deep into winter by now but it hasn’t cooled down. HURRY UP, DAMMIT! I do *way* more exercise in winter when I’m not already sweating when I start working out. >_<

  15. You finally got a bike!! YAY! and a noice bike it is too Kimmy.

    Just last week I was looking for a ‘wide load’ seat. Gel filled I think. For more riding comfort.

    Isnt the intial sensation weird. Not fast like a car, not slow like walking. Once I got over the intial weirdness I LOVED riding my bike. I rode it everywhere and I know you’ll get into it too!

    Valentino sounds terrific! I think you’ve inspired me to dust Stella off and go for a ride.

  16. The bike looks so cool. I can’t seem to ridr a bike. I just fall over like a rock.
    Maybe one day.

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