Imperfect Ten

The lovely M has a blog game thingy going on where she gives you a letter and you come up with ten words starting with that letter that somehow pertain to your life. Here is my lacklustre attempt at the letter T!

Total rest is what the physio ordered this week, since the knee hadn’t improved. No bike, no Spin, no Pilates, no Everest attempts – no freaking exercise at all. (Updated to clarify: This is rest for the upper body too as the shoulder/back are still problematic, see my comment below. The only thing I am doing is certain kinds of ab exercises and of course the physio exercises.)

For the past five-and-a-bit years I have spent all my energies trying to motivate myself to move my flabby arse, but I have to find the motivation not to move. It’s been complete and utter…

Torture! There was a time when I’d have done anything to avoid exercise. I’d long for broken legs or measles or rabies – anything to keep me out of PE class. I’ve finally got my note from the doctor and now I don’t want it. I feel so flabby and blah. But I will be good and rest properly, because I have a fear of…

Theatres. Operating theatres, that is. If my knee doesn’t heal soon I may need an arthroscopy. It is a routine procedure, but that doesn’t mean I won’t freak out. I don’t want a camera poking round in my joints, thanks very much.

Three is the number of days left in May, which means I have three days in which to finish the draft 2001 chunk of my stinking book. I am slightly behind schedule.

Time-wasting is what I am doing by writing this entry instead of writing those chapters.

Thirteen thousand words of shite is what I have so far. It stinks. Can you smell if from where you are? Let us pray that it will all scrub up at the editing stage.

Tea is a beverage I like to drink. Especially when paired with scones and jam and cream.

Tea is also another word for dinner, and tonight I’ll be cooking Melissa’s droolworthy Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Spicy Feta-Olive Salad.

Triceps are my favourite body part to exercise when doing weights. I like tricep kickbacks and barbell extensions, but cannot do tricep push-ups for love or money.

Two kilograms is the amount of Yeo Valley Natural Yogurt crammed into our fridge right now, since I accidentally clicked on four 500g tubs when placing our online grocery order, instead of the usual four wee 150g tubs. Anyone for smoothies?

Righto, old chaps. I better skdaddle. Hope you are all well!

23 thoughts on “Imperfect Ten

  1. Personally, I don’t see where swimming could hurt you. You could also work on your abs and arms without even touching the knee…never heard of no movement at all as a subscription…then again, I’m not a doctor.

  2. I did the mucked up order thing a couple of years ago with parnips – I thought I ordered 15 parsnips and what I got was 15 kilos of parsnips. I made some wine with it – and it was disgusting. I am VERY careful now when I do my ordering. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. fifteen KILOS!? oh my goodness… sarah, that is hilarious πŸ™‚

    howdy julia! – i should have explained it better – he told me to take a week off from exercise, ie all the kinds of exercise i told him i do, as even gentle stuff is exacerbating my problems right now. maybe if i’d asked could i swim he’d say go for it, but since I cannae actually swim that’s not an option at present. (i am looking into adult lessons πŸ™‚

    annoyingly, i’m still having upper body problems too – shoulder and back all inflamed from this computer overuse injury. i’ve beeen doing the exercises and taking breaks, watching posture, but is still painful and irritated by the slightest activity. sooooo, he suggested a week of complete upper body rest too. i haven’t really given the ol bod a proper chance to settle down.

    i’ve been having problems for so long now – i have not listened to my body, didn’t take things seriously and ignored pain. i’ve tried to make “comebacks” far too early and it has got me nowhere. so i am just going to take a week out and rest properly and give it a chance… πŸ™‚

    how bORING is my injury talk!? ARRGH! ArrgGGGhHH. I’ll shuddup now!

  4. Tedious is what your injuries sound – poor you, hope the rest works.

    Terrific is what your blog is, though. I’m sure your 13,000 words are excellent.

  5. You just made me hoot out loud. I’ve got visions of you opening the frigo door to a tidal wave of yoghurt.

    Why not open a thrush relief centre?

  6. Trust: is what you need to have that the book will be fantastic and that it is ok to listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs (albeit in a vehement fashion!!)

  7. hi again, it’s frosty over here in Canberra, am loving the blog and i have to agree with your Dr, total rest is what you need! it’s only a week and you’re going to be better off waiting the appropriate time for your body to recover than making more early comebacks… just enjoy the break, pretend you’re on holidays…

    i’m sure the book will be an excellent read…

  8. Shauna…the book I am sure is great, we are our own worst critic. All I know woman, is I looked VERY forward to your stories in TotS as you have a way with words that makes it so very fun to read your thoughts and stories.

  9. hi! haven’t been around for abit so thought i’d drop by.

    how about an exercise/Swiss ball? i just got one 2 weeks ago and it’s been fun using it. kinda fun to bounce around on it although i’m not sure with the back problem you have. can check with your physiotherapist.

    anyway, have been using it as my PC chair and it has help me to stand up straighter as well as walk straighter.

  10. Hmm, I get through vast amounts of natural yoghurt on a regular basis. Smoothies are great, also:

    – eat with fresh fruit; stewed fruit; honey or even a tsp of jam stirred in as a dessert (possibly an insultingly obvious suggestion, though I think the jam thing is a neat trick)
    – soak oats in water, mix in fruit, seeds, raisins, yoghurt = my usual breakfast
    – mix with pesto for a salad dressing or dip
    – use thinned down with water to make soda bread (I’ve just started making this – yum)
    – stir into curries, stews, soups etc
    – smear on face for a cheap facepack

  11. When I want to use up plain yogurt, I make yogurt cheese. Just put it in a colander lined with cheesecloth over a bowl to catch the whey and let drain in the refrigerator until it’s nice and thick (I leave it for about a day). This makes great tzatsiki (just add grated cucumbers and garlic), or I mix it with icing sugar and vanilla to make a great dessert topping.

    Also, as mentionned by Cal, using yogurt for things like soda bread is another good way to use up yogurt. I especially like making scones with yogurt. The Chocolate and Zucchini blog has a great recipe for yogurt scones….

  12. That was an excellent read. I’m new to your blog, so would you care to share some info about your book!

    Like the way you transitioned between words. Clever girl!

  13. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I appreciate your blog. It makes me laugh how real you are and I look forward to your new entries. If there is a slump at work, I cant wait to jump online to read about your antics. Cheers :o)

  14. Darling girl, that’s 11K more words of shite than I have. I don’t know if I mentioned this before today, but you were key to getting me off my ass and back to writing after kicking around this idea for FOUR FUCKING YEARS. If shite is not written, then there’s nothing in place to be re-written and edited and turned into something good.

    If you want, we can cheer each other on. Here is your free sample: YAAAAY! GO, DG, GO!

  15. Seriously, if you are having shoulder problems, swimming is so not the exercise for you. Shoulder problems are the injury most associated with swimming! (Lap swimming, that is. I guess you could muddle around a pool and not damage much.)


  16. Sorry about your injuries–just rest, and you’ll get back into it. I love that you’re doing the anti-diet diet! Good luck!

  17. We discovered your blog while doing some research. Wow – we can’t believe how much weight you lost. Good for you!

    We run a blog called The Beauty Brains that specializes in helping women understand how cosmetic products work. We just wrote a post on cellulite creams and weight loss, so if you and your readers are interested, check us out. If you like what you see, feel free to link to us.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  18. Not lacklustre at all. WOW you have done really well at your book and whilst you are a little Teeny bit behind, it will still be a knockout.

    I like the way thinking through letters lets us in a little bit more into your mind. Hope you are able to solve the Yoghurt problem. I am voting for the Thrush treatment centre as offered up by lainey. LOL.

    Have a great weekend and hope you get some relief soon πŸ˜€

  19. Well, the yoghurt has brightened my day quite considerably.

    Sorry that you’re laid low with malfunctioning joints. I seem to recall that typing aggravated your shoulder – does that mean you can’t even write? (I just stopped myself from typing “What a pain in the neck” – you’ve got quite enough pain to be going on with!)

    I’ll think of you at the RFL on Sunday!

  20. I have been a pussycat reader(heh! that sounds cool) for ages but never knew you had these other websites until yesterday. Whole new blog reading material on topics I love! Food and Weight loss!
    I commend you on the honest documentation of your journey and congratulations on your achievement.

    You are right. It is a hard slog and a journey that never seems to end. I wish you every success and that your injury heals quickly.

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