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Yesterday my GP said I was, "obviously a very sporty person". I almost snorted, but mostly I wanted to drop to my creaky knees and kiss his feet. He made my day.

He also agreed that my shoulder is screwy. I got a physio referral but the appointment isn’t for a couple of weeks and I don’t think I can wait much longer. Been calling round today, trying to get a private appointment but having no freaking luck at all. The back of my hand and under my collarbone are all tingly/burny and it feels freaky I tell you.

(Update: Just got an appointment for Monday. Huzzah!)

He also gently pointed out that my posture was appalling and that was certainly not helping. Even sitting there in the surgery, I was slumped in the chair, my shoulders bunched up around my ears and my back curled. You know what it is? I sit like I still weigh 350 pounds. I sit like my chins blend into my boobs with no defined neck, like there’s still that giant wall of flesh between my spine and the back of a chair, like my arse and stomach is a vast moat surrounding me. I looked in the mirror and you could just see it in my posture, me in the middle of the chair with all the space around me filled with invisible fat.

I might try walking round with a book on my head.

. . .

Another 0.7 kg (1.5 lb) surrended before the scales yesterday. Hurrah!

The Scottish Companion and I are heading off for a couple days next week, so there’ll be a fortnight before the next weigh-in. I must be strong, grasshoppers! I do not want a repeat of the Portugese Pounds.

. . .

A huge thanks for the comments on the last entry. Lots of great cycling anecdotes and ideas. And a particularly cheers to Nic who has provided me with something new to obsess about: online rowing. And then Anna emailled with some excellent tips on rowing technique. Cool. How dull would life be without the internet?

. . .

So it’s May. A third of the year is gone. OH DEAR. A third of 2006, people! What a slap to the chops that is.

One nice thing is I’ve now successfully and religiously tracked my food for four straight months, something I’ve not done for years. And I am detailed, man. My spreadsheet gives me the horn.

Here are some fascinating statistics for you! In the first four months of this year, I have consumed, among other things:

  • 23 cans of tuna
  • 96 apples
  • 57 almonds
  • 54 bowls of porridge
  • 9 chocolate digestive biscuits
  • 205 cups of tea
  • 5.5 glasses of wine
  • 1 serve vegetarian haggis
  • 53 pieces of sushi
  • 480g of chocolate

I don’t know why I get such immense satisfaction from knowing this information, but I do.

24 thoughts on “Sporty Spice

  1. Just with regards to the posture thing – have you considered the Alexander Technique? I did a short course years (god, about 15 years now) ago, and the exercises really helped my posture.

  2. I was so excited to see the 177.5 lbs on the side bar. I have been so slacking on the food and exercise and this given me motivation!!! Have fun on your trip!!!

  3. A friend told me the other day that she now sits on a yoga ball rather than a chair at work. This enables her to practice better posture (it’s necessary) and strenghen her core while sitting at a desk all day. Amazing! Might try it myself even!

  4. Not to be one of those annoying types that thinks they can solve all your problems, but I’ve been doing Pilates for the past two months and it’s helped improve my posture. I think it has less to do with posture than the fact that it’s built up my back muscles so I can actually manage to sit up straight without getting tired and slumping forward.

  5. cheers for the suggestions, troops! πŸ™‚ youse rule the school!

    i have been doing weekly pilates classes since december and it has improved things a lot, also do my yoga/stability ball dvd’s twice a week. it’s my everyday habits that i need to be slapped around for. i just seem to slouch after a few hours at the puter. it’s a hard habit to shake. no point doing exercise if you don’t put it into everyday practice. i need to remember to take breaks and readjust my posture… arrrgh.

  6. I too was thrilled to see the 177.5 on the sidebar! Way to go. You are such an inspiration!!!

  7. Hi Shauna……..the burning, tingling pain sounds like you may have some kind inflammation going on. Have you tried taking ibruprofen? It’s the only thing that works for me for this kind of pain, and it might help to tide you over until you see the physio on Monday.

    Just curious…….did you tell the doctor what you used to weigh after he made the “sporty” comment? And if so, did you have to pick him up off the floor afterwards?

    Congrats on being down another couple of pounds, and I hope you have a great mini-break next week!

  8. Speaking of the Sidebar, crikey, you’ve lost the equivalent of an entire 5’4″ woman who thinks she is fat. That’s just mind boggling. Have fun on your little escape!

  9. Is that all the wine you’ve had all year! Bloody hell! Mine would be more like 5.5 glasses every couple of days! Eek!

  10. hehe, yeah i’m not much of a drinker, rhiannon! i prefer to keep my calories for solids πŸ˜›

    (nice to see another rhiannon! tis my sister’s name!)

    linda baby! cheers for your comment, and your diagnosis is excellent – the doc did recommend ibuprofen, to keep taking it regularly for a few weeks. and i didn’t think to mention my old weight to the doc, must remember next time πŸ˜€

    oh and mary! the vegie haggis has beans and lentils in lieu of guts and stuff πŸ™‚

  11. SURELY that’s a typo re number of glasses of wine?! 5.5?! If I looked back at my tracker for the same time I’m sure it would be 555 glasses or similar, and they’d be the glasses I actually managed to record. Impressive.

  12. Hi DG,

    I, too, was looking at your stats! Wow DG, you are nearly to the point where you will weigh less than the amount you’ve lost!

    All I can say is. . . wow.

    CW: 80.51 kg (177.5 lbs)
    Loss: 78.7 kg (173.5 lbs)

  13. posture is a bugger! i was having sudden headaches when weight lifting last fall and winter and my trainer diagnosed me with upper crossed syndrome (had never heard of such a thing… but google it, you’ll have thousands of hits)… basically tight hunched chest, and rounded slumped upper back. she set me straight with some nasty exercises to strengthen my mid back and i too must be ever vigilant re the posture…

    btw i have lost 85 lb and kept it off for a year almost, but still adjusting to the new body image, including posture… trying not to hunch/hide anymore, but feel a bit weird. trainer told me not chest out but up, so that helped a little.

    good luck on the final lard lossage and solving your shoulder thing too.

  14. Well done on the loss and have a nice break with your man. I was also impressed with the 5.5 glasses of wine.

  15. Woohoo for being sporty!!! My PT told me lat pulldowns are great for bad posture – they correct all that sitting at a desk slumping (I just like them for that bit at the end when you finish and let the bar pull you up – I get simple pleasures at the gym).

    I used to love doing the book on the head thing. Do you remember the episode of the Brady Bunch where Marsha wants to be a model and does that? I grew up thinking models walked with books on their heads πŸ™‚

    Actually, confession time – I still do it sometimes. When I go shopping with my son, we play this stupid game where one of us balances a grocery item on our head and the other has to push the trolley — until you drop it then you change over. Yes, we do get weird looks and, come to think of, no wonder. But of course, I *only* do it to correct his computer nerd posture and not because it’s fun.

    I’d hate to know how many sushi rolls I’ve eaten this year – I seem to live on sushi and vietnamese rolls. They are my fave after-gym snacks. You are a legend on the wine. I thought i was doing well but i’ve had a couple of big nights this year.

  16. Bejesus!

    I am continually shocked (in the nicest possible way) and in awe of the way you keep losing! Unreal!

    And loving the stats! Gives you a nice warm glow inside. x

  17. I agree that yoga can help. When I was doing it I started holding my posture better without even thinking about it. Now years later here I am drooped over like a granny. Guess I better start it up again.

  18. I agree that yoga can help. When I was doing it I started holding my posture better without even thinking about it. Now years later here I am drooped over like a granny. Guess I better start it up again.

  19. DG — you continue to astound! Most hearty congratulations on the “sporty” status! After having kicked cancer a small piece from my foot (I was aiming for the curb, and I fully expect it to topple over so I can exhale) I am now resuming my journey to babeland…I knew if I came here for inspiration, you wouldn’t disappoint.

    You are a rockstar, and I am so happy you’re so happy. πŸ™‚

  20. Like some of the others have said, try yoga for your posture, even better Bikram Yoga (26 postures in a heated room, 90min sessions). Physical, but calming and feel so zen πŸ™‚ My husband is a recent convert and while he’s lean his body shape and posture has changed almost overnight. Lovely!

  21. Love love love your journal! The real questions is – can I get a copy of the training you did for your 5K? I am in a similar boat as you were and want to make this one of my goals. My little bro’ (who just finished a MARATHON like 350/5000) will do one with me if I train and can move my chub rubbing thighs fast enough.

  22. Wish me luck – I just joined WW yesterday after two years (at the very least) of hemming and hawing and general excuse making. 76.8kgs down, 20 (ish) to go!

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