Old Gold Chocolate

Ten days! Ten days of good behaviour in a row!


I’ve been muttering to myself so often during these ten days that people must be wondering if I am a deranged serial killer. But don’t lock up your children and pets, folks! It’s just harmless dialogue between me and my brain so we prevent each other from eating anything stupid.

No official weigh-in this week coz the results would be skewed by my extreme bloatedness. But if I keep this up there could be a positive result next Wednesday. The Mothership arrives this weekend but that shouldn’t be too bad as she’s healthy eater herself, althought she’s bringing me a stash of Aussie chocolates! I will have to lock them up until further notice. I am still in that fragile state where I feel I could be undone by just one mini Cherry Ripe, so methinks I should steer clear for now.

Other news in brief!

Neck News: Responding well to better posture, exercises and a groovy little wheat bag that you heat up in the microwave then slap onto your hurty bits.

Knee News: Seems to be improving *touch wood* and physio says one more week of rest and boring quad exercises *touch wood* then I should get on my bike and pedal *touch wood* in a low gear sans-hills for ten minutes and see how it feels. Since I’ve had this injury over a year he says it’s very important to take things very slowly, so I don’t end up back where I started yet again.

Writing News: Warning! Only read on if you’re interested in the boring and laborious writing process.

ARRRRRRRRRGH! I still have 2.5 months of 2002 to finish by tomorrow night. ARRRGH! Too much World Cup watchin’, I tells ya. And 2002 has proved such a dirty bitch to write about. Six months of the 2002 Dietgirl archives are missing due to a database failure so I have to write so much of it from scratch. You may be gasping, she’s not writing the whole thing from scratch? Well no, of course I’m not. I have tens of thousands of words already written that capture the moments so much more vividly and accurately than my shitty memory could. It’s a great starting point. Some of it is useable as is, but soooo much of it is messy, disjointed, and poorly-written so it is a stinkingly mammoth task to give it structure and continuity. Plus there’s bazillions of gaps and inconsistencies in the story, so there’s bazillions of words to write and re-write.

I decided to stick with a diary format. But not in choppy "10st, 3 gins, 45 cigarettes" Bridget Jones sort of way. Proper prose but keeping the diaryness. I tried to do it all "novel-like" but got so mixed up with my tenses I nearly threw my iBook out the window. I think the diary format is the way to go for a long, rambling weight loss journey because it keeps things immediate and personal and allows for dramatic mood mood changes every five paragraphs, which is how it is when you’re trying to lose blubber. I know there’s a few writerly/edity types out there so if you have any better ideas let me know. But gently, coz I am 34K words (of shite) into this and fairly committed to the format, hehe.

HOLY SHIT I better go and get on with it. Another sub-par entry but I will be back when the Mothership departs on Wednesday. Take care, groovers!

11 thoughts on “Old Gold Chocolate

  1. Hooray for neck improvement. I’d knock on some wood to wish you luck for your knees, but I’m at a formica desk with metal drawers…so how about I knock my knees for you instead?

  2. I can’t wait to hear how the Mothership visit turns out, those are some of your sweetest/funniest entries :). Great job on the 10 days in a row (I am still working on 2 days in a row..ug)

  3. Yaaay for 10 days of goodness. Even in the midst of soccer (sorry – football) madness you are managing to pull this trick out of your nether regions. Well done.

    And way to go on the ailments update. Good to see they are on the improve.

    Enjoy the mothership. Keep those bad bad Aussie goodies locked up.

    And way to go on your word count. Keep it doing DG, I can’t wait to order my book and read it from start to finish. πŸ˜€

  4. 10 days!! well done!! I know its tough but you just keen on chatting to yourself πŸ™‚ If anything it will amuse all those around you.
    Glad your body parts are on the mend!

  5. Good on ya! 10 days of good behaviour in a row is AWESOME! Oh how I wish I could get my act together and do that as well…

    I think the diary format will be great for your book. Can’t wait for you to finish, so that we can all read it!

  6. I just spent the past two days reading every single blog entry going back to 2001. I think it’s 2001. Is it? My mind is boggled. Love your blog, love your writing. It’s hilarious, I found so many similarities between our styles of writing. I only found your blog 2 days ago so I swear I didn’t copy! Anyhoo, great job, keep it up and keep writing!!

  7. I am hoping I really can burn 5 calories by commenting today πŸ™‚ I need to! I am absorbing your good vibes.

  8. Well done. You’re back on top πŸ™‚

    I think diary form is the way to go. As you say, it’s more immediate. I really hate reading weight loss stories in the mags cos they have seem so formulaic – the diary form would definitely avoid that.

  9. I’m glad everything is going well. (This is a banal comment – my brain is weary – but sincere.)

  10. Aww the mothership. I had that at Christmas. My mother is always on a mission to lose weight and she has typically been heavier than me but when she came to see me, she was just a couple sizes larger :|. But there is always the comment on my weight when im heavy. Thanks mom. πŸ™‚

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