Say No To Bullshit

A couple of years ago I wrote about Bullshit Calories, which are defined as:

1) the calorie-dense foods that you can bullshit yourself into eating excessively by focusing on their flimsy bit of nutritional merit (eg. dark chocolate, nuts)
2) foods with poor nutritional merit that you bullshit yourself into eating excessively because their calorie content is low. (eg. 6-pack of diet chocolate mousse)

I’ve been having too many Bullshit Calories lately.

On Wednesday I finally faced up the scales. I weighed in at 80.51 kilos, which was the same as my last official weigh-in four weeks ago. At first I was happy because it showed my excellent ability to maintain my weight, which is apparently the hardest part of all in this weight loss caper. And furthermore it was particularly good considering I couldn’t exercise with my injuries.

But then I realised that was actually the BULLSHIT perspective. Excuse my language, but really. Yes, I couldn’t exercise, but I did sweet bugger all in terms of reducing my food intake to make up for the lack of movement. In fact, I ate more than usual for much of that month. My weight was actually up halfway through the month, I was just bloody lucky I reigned things in so it didn’t stick.

Here it is, the middle of the year, and I’m still messing about with this blubber. I’m not going to mollycoddle myself anymore. I could have done more if I’d wanted it more. But somehow I’ve been convincing myself I want that hunk of Marks & Spencer Caramel Shortcake, that chocolate, that extra piece of toast… more than I want to get to goal. I keep putting off putting in The Effort until tomorrow. Then tomorrow gets postponed to the next tomorrow.

So starting this Monday I’ve been taking it day by day. Just committing to 24 hours of good decisions at a time. I seemed to screw up if I think further ahead than that. This has worked for five and half days in a row now, hurrah! I’ve said no to muffins, cream-filled profiteroles and Mars Bars, and with every no my resolve gets stronger to keep going and get the job done.

Now back to work. Have a good weekend, everyone!

18 thoughts on “Say No To Bullshit

  1. Good for you, Shauna! I, too, have been dinking around for the past EIGHT months, not losing a single pound but not gaining either and giving myself some half-assed excuses as to why I’m not succeeding. This past week I made a concerted effort to say “no” as well and while not entirely successful, I’ve done much better than I have for the past months. I’m hoping that next week’s weigh-in will show a pay-off at last.

  2. Good job for resisting the temptations. But hey, according to what you’re saying, keeping the weight off won’t be all that difficult for you. You can eat shit loads of bullshit calories and not do a single exercise AND you still maintain your weight (for the wost part). Right on!!!

    PS: Who cares how many calories dark chocolate has!?! Cocoa is a godsend.

  3. too true, videl! i guess the trick is, my definition of “loads” of bullshit calories is a lot smaller than it used to be, hehe πŸ™‚

  4. hiya there! i’ve traditionally done progress pics at around 10kg intervals, so there’s more of a chance people will be able to see a difference. but since i’m closer to goal now i’ll make it 5kg intervals!

    the last pic was taken at just under 85kg so the next one will come when I get under 80 πŸ™‚

  5. Oh I so know how you feel. This year has been hard. I’m going to try your one day at time approach and see if it gets results.

  6. I have not left a comment for a long time but must let you know that you are still doing amazingly well. I watch these shows on TV with all these fat people having surgery to lose weight and then “ta daaaaa” they are slim… but with loads of hanging skin and no lessons learned about why they got fat. You, on the other hand, have done the hard yards. You have done this the right way. Do you realise that every single week that you don’t put on weight you are an absolute goddess? Someone to be worshiped? I could go on and on but there are only a handful of people I know who do this THEMSELVES and without medical intervention. Please be very proud of yourself because I and your reading public are!

  7. Hey there!

    Have you tried planning your food at the beginning of the day? I have always found that’s a really great way of keeping track of what goes into your mouth, and you can also make sure your choices are the best for you nutritionally before you are faced with choices through the day. I know how hard it is to maintain!! don’t worry- now that you’re onto it you’ll be fine..


  8. Blogger has just eaten my extremely profound comment, so I’ll just say – it’s comforting to us lesser diet-mortals that the great Dietgirl isn’t always perfect. It gives us hope. And yes, I’m going to stop this maintaining nonsense too – it would only be ok if I were maintaining the goal weight.

  9. This was exactly what I needed to read — I have been doing the same thing, and I know it, but I haven’t faced up to it. I was down 102 lbs, but have gained 24 back over the last year. I have been focusing too much on how it’s awesome to have maintained a 78 lb loss. But it’s not really maintaining if I’m gaining, is it? Reading your post was particularly good for me because I have ankle surgery on Wednesday, and I need to keep my mind wrapped around the idea that I won’t be back to full athletic capacity for a couple of months at least. I have to adapt my food intake accordingly. So thanks!!

  10. Good onya Shaunie, it really is do or die now isn’t it? Because your only alternative to not getting on with the job is to either stay the same weight or to gain weight and my guess is you don’t like either one of those options. So looks like it’s nose to the grindstone and lots of hard yakka to get those pesky last kilos off. It won’t be easy but the rewards will be massive. Good luck matey and I’m cheering very loudly from the grandstand with the rest of the crowd. Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie, Oi! Oi! Oi!

  11. Hello.
    I just found your blog yesterday and started reading from the beginning, which I found a great inspiration, especially regarding exercise – I am 130 kilos and just starting out on the first proper ‘weight loss caper’ of my life and there seems suuuuuuuuch a long way to go … I am at the ‘struggling to go for a half hour walk’ stage …. I just thought you might like to know that even after all this time your very early blog entries have helped someone πŸ™‚

  12. Hey,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and find it really interesting.
    I’m also a huge motogp fan and race motorbikes myself. Slighly on the chubbers side so always trying to lose weight. Damn food taste way too good though.

    Go Rossi,
    Leo πŸ™‚

  13. i’ve been having first hand experience with b/s calories… oh well, such is life… everytime i get in the “i’ve got to get to goal so life will be complete” mode i stop and think, well, if it takes another year is that really a bad thing if in between i have enjoyed the afternoon tea or dinner or b’day cake/chocolates… i’ve decided that as long as i’m really good with my choices 95% and i’m still exercising i can live with slow but steady losses… i was looking over my progress during one of my self loathing sessions and realised that in just 4 months i lost 20kgs, it has since been 4 months and i’ve only lost about 3-4 but have maintained really well and battled a pretty bad bout of the flu which rendered me unable to gym it… i guess what i’m saying is that i love my food and i’m not really prepared to give it all up to lose the pounds that little bit quicker! not to mention i feel and look so much better and that’s what i was after rather than the magic number…

  14. Keep it going !! I’m trying to lose weight as well , and while I have control over my Bullshit Calories , portion control is just fucked up .
    A. K. A. in a cooking class today – oh , I still go to high school ,by the way – we has to make different types of cake ( melting , rubbing method , etc ) and we had to have 4 pieces to compare . I ended up having EIGHT AND A HALF , from the leftovers . how crap is that ?!?!?!

  15. “I’m not going to mollycoddle myself anymore.”

    I’m not 100% sure I know what that means (excuse my American ignorance), but I love it! I’m going to remember that next time I’m in a rut!

    I so know what you mean about focusing on today… I just wrote about that, actually. If I think too far ahead, I screw up. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe I just get overwhelmed.

    I also totally get bullshit calories. Wow! I’ve even used both definitions at various points! Thanks for the term to fit the behavior!

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