The White Stuff

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Yes, for shame, I will need to admit defeat on this food blogging caper for now. At least until I get this stinking Dietgirl book written. No, I’m not one of them high-falutin’ bloggers with bookdeals, this is a personal project I have undertaken purely to see if I can rise to the challenge. But I have been far too easily distracted from it lately. Thanks very much, bloody World Cup.

The thing is, I have cooked so many wonderful healthy dishes that I’m sure the lard busting crowd would be interested in hearing about. As I’ve said before, I’m not short of ideas and I love writing about food. But after wasting the first third of 2006, I came up with a timetabled writing plan in May and I am determined to stick to my deadlines. So this is it for now, unless I suddenly become ridiculously ahead of schedule.

Thank you for all humouring me as I made my ill-advised foray into the foodblogging arena. I made this pavlova today and I could spend hours composing a witty post full of childhood pavlova anecdotes, but instead I will just link to the caption on Flickr which outlines my problems. If you have any handy hints on how to make my meringue taller, I’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “The White Stuff

  1. Hi Shauna, the pav looks delicious. The Australian Women’s Weekly recipe library is great and has a good pav recipe, scroll down to the recipe search box at : As well as pavs there are 7000 + great recipes to choose from. Hmmm …… as well as recipes that site has everything, even Aussie farmers desperate for a wife – just look at Geoff C – wants a woman interested in horticulture and labradors…????
    Tracey from Melbourne

  2. I used to make them in January for Australia Day. Summers in MA were too humid to make a good pavlova, but the winters were dry. But even when I beat the egg whites for a real long time mine would still end up on the flat side. As long it still tastes good, it’s OK.

  3. beat whites at room temp and add 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar… meringue peaks as high as I want every time…(I use it on my key lime pies) I would say my meringue is approx. 5-7 inches high…hope this helps

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