Honorably Discharged

Well that was a slightly longer break than expected! The Mothership ended up staying an extra day, then last night I was too busy moping around watching Wimbledon to do much bloggin’.

It was great to see Mum again. It had only been eight months since I was in Australia, and she never feels that far away with the phone and emails, but it’s always nice to get face time. It’s also kind of weird, seeing a body attached to all that voice and text. She did her usual disconcerting thing of just STARING at times, as if she couldn’t quite believe we were in the same room.

She also insisted that I was much slimmer than October, and her fella chimed in too and said I must have lost a stack more weight.

"Not really," I replied. "Maybe five more kilos if I’m lucky".

It’s probably closer to eight or nine kilos, but the visible difference is most likely due to how bloated I was the last time they saw me, when I’d been eating my way around Australia for three weeks straight.

But still. It was lovely of them to say so. Even though it reminded me that my loss since then averages out to like, one kilo per month. Good lord, it’s taking eons!

. . .

I’m pretty happy with my eating while Mum was here, a few too many chocolate biscuits but och well. I have reserved three fun size Cherry Ripes from the bag she’d brought over, which I will only allow myself to ration out once I’m in the 70s! And (un)fortunately she couldn’t find any small bars of Cadbury’s Triple Decker (milk/white/mint) so I haven’t had to try and stay away from that.

I’m back on track now, so woohoo!

. . .

Dudes! I made my book writin’ deadline this month. 2002 is done! Well, the very shitey first draft of it, anyway. So it’s onto 2003 for July. Baby steps…

. . .

I’ve been discharged by the Neck Physio. I’m a little sad because he’s a nice bloke and I enjoyed the painful manipulations on a perverse level! Yesterday he did some bizarre maneuvers on my back to banish a mighty muscle spasm and it was excruciating! But it’s all feeling so much better now. He says my posture has improved and I am no longer bobbing around like an emu. So now it’s up to me to keep managing things. Rest, exercises, stretches, heat, etc etc.

Meanwhile the knee WAS feeling so much better, until I stupidly did my Cathe Gym Style Chest & Triceps DVD last week. You start off with a drop set of push-ups, a set of 16 then a short break, then 14, 12, 10, 8… etc etc, until you’re down to one excruciating 4-count push up. 72 in total.

I could only do the first two on my toes before flopping to the floor like a theatrical footballer, so I did the rest on my knees. Didn’t even occur to me until I’d finished the set that perhaps that wasn’t the best idea. The Knee Physio had told me right at the start to avoid kneeling but with the other 457 things I have to remember to do or not to do with all my stupid various hurty body bits, I FORGOT. Then walking round the cobbled, hilly streets of Edinburgh’s old town on Tuesday didn’t seem to help either. ARRRGH. So I’ve been resting and icing to calm it all down again. Methinks I will do the pushups by rolling out on my Swiss ball, or skip them altogether for a wee while.

. . .

Trousers! Pants! Slacks, if you’re an old fuddy duddy! Whatever you call them, they’re those things you put on your legs so the world doesn’t have to see what you look like in your undies. I sent Mum a last-minute text asking could she look for some pants for me in Oz since the ones I bought in October are getting too big. Why pay Β£20 ($50 AU) at H&M in Scotland if she can pay $20 (Β£8) at Katies or Sussan or similar in Oz?

The Mothership came up with the goods. Three pairs, each on sale for $15. They are far too tight to be worn in public but with a few more kilos off I’ll be in business…. SIZE TWELVE, baby! (US 10) When was the last time I could get into a size 12? When I bloody was twelve!

Bon weekend, lovelies.

17 thoughts on “Honorably Discharged

  1. Woohoo on the size 12! What a lovely number.

    Maybe you could do wall pushups for a while – I know it’s not quite the same workout, but something’s always better than nothing. You stand facing the wall, and lean in to put your hands flat on the wall… okay, I can’t describe it. Just pretend the wall is the floor! It could get you through until the kneesies are better.

  2. Yaaay for no triple decker mint chocolate (evil more-ish chocolate that it is) and double yaaay for the size 12’s.

    Way to go on the pushups – even though they did your knee in again – 72 is incredible. I like the idea of the wall ones. Still a good workout for the arms but not the same pressure on your legs.

    Hope you have a cracker weekend and keep that body moving πŸ˜€

  3. Of course they are going to notice a 8-9 kg loss. That’s over 10% of your body gone since you last saw them.

    I’ve never tried that triple deck chocolate. Damn it, I’m goign to want it now.

  4. Yaaaaaaaay to keeping it reasonably healthy while the mothership was in town! Do you get Mallowpuffs over in Scotland? I know THAT is probably my chocolate/chocolate biscuit downfall if I were to ever leave New Zealand. At the moment I don’t eat them much because I know they’re always there – but when I was in Hong Kong I was all like ZOMG WHERE ARE THE MALLOWPUFFS!!! Funny the things you find yourself missing – I thought more about mallowpuffs than I did about my family. Oops!

    Great to hear your book is chugging along! I can’t wait until its in print, I’ll order it from wherever it needs to be ordered from to get it down here, way-hey!

    And if you think $20AU is the right price for pants, what about $20NZ, yaaaah? I’m spoilt for choice down here when it comes to pants. Oh I’m sorry, am I rubbing it in? Nyeh nyeh nyeh! (ahahah I’m such a cow)

    Don’t forget, that 8-9kg at a lower weight IS a lot of difference. I get so many comments about my weight loss when I’ve only lost 2kg. Gone are the days when you could lose 9kg in one week, so in a realistic sense, less is more down in the 80s, bebbe!

    Pushups on the swiss ball are good, if unlike me, you manage to stay on (and if unlike me, you don’t have an audience whenever you fall off. Oh the embarassment!) I like Maria’s suggestion of wall pushups, I might give those a go – thanks girl!

    Oh and… *looks right*, *looks left* Thanks for adding me as your Amazon Friend [that was you, right? At least… it was meant to be you!]

    Eeeeh, winding up this comment now!

  5. HEYA CHICKEN! oops. not yelling. Oh – did your Mum mention that the heaven ice cream people have bottled up that yummy chocolate that exists on the outside of the ice-cream and turned it into a bar? Oh ye gads! Not even going to try one of those! Would be hooked for sure. I will keep an eye out for size 12 on specials – sometimes you see stuff for $5 over here and it wouldn’t cost that much to post – i could save them up for a xmas present. Did u get my text that Australia has that choccie that u love! I have been too scared to try it!

  6. Wow! Push-ups on the swiss ball are intense! I can’t do planks with my feet on the ball yet without falling off let alone push-ups! Congrats on the book deadline!

  7. don’t be TOOOO excited about the 12, lovely people… i tried on a pair of size 14 pants in H&M yesterday and couldn’t do them up. So a too-tight Australian size 12 looks about the same as a too-tight UK 14. Hehe. Stupid inconsistent sizes. RAH!

    Thanks for your comments… we’re off camping now. Pray that the weather holds up! πŸ˜€ Take care!

  8. Size 12 Australian, is still a size 12 to us Australians. Of course we’re gonna congratulate you and cheer you on!

    I agree with Kathryn’s comment too, accept the compliments, 8-9kgs is 10% of your ENTIRE body!! and you have lost it since you saw them last. Notice? I think a loss like that would be smacking them up the side of the head saying “LOOK AT ME!” haha.

    We all need mothership time. Im so glad you enjoyed yours.

  9. A 70s girl – that is what you will be very soon! I’m so chuffed for you. Evertime I type in 82kg into the cardio machines at the gym, it kills me. And it has been killing me for some time now. I really should be dead.

    Loving the just around the corner new breeks! A UK 14! It’s the stuff dreams are made of- that, and nutella.

  10. Well done on the deadline!!! I can’t wait to see this book πŸ™‚
    I LOVE Aus clothes. I don’t know what it is about them but they are super nice and cheap!! The sales are the best too!!! I haven’t bought myself one item of clothing since my last Aus trip coz the clothes here are horrible πŸ™ Oh well, I will HAVE to bite the bullet soon coz my clothes are starting to get too big *grin*
    Glad you had a good time with your mum.

  11. Damn vanity sizing and international conversions! Always there to make me feel horrible! And H&M is a bit one to make me feel terrible about my weight! No two pant models will fit the same! ARGhhh!!

    But the worst I have tried is The Gap in North American: while I was there, I bought jeans in sizes 4 (???), 6 and 8 all in the same day. All fitting as they should! And one pair of office pants in size 10. Are you kidding me people?

    Do not feel bad about H&M 14! Forget about their jeans and try on another model: it will zip up!

  12. I agree – pay no attention to H&M. Their sizes do not correspond to logic. (Also, I have never been able to find a pair of trousers that fit me in ANY size there – I must be the wrong basic shape).

    And 10 kilos will make a visible difference now. It’s a trade-off, I think: towards the end, you don’t lose as fast as you used to, but a small loss is more noticeable. (At least I hope so, especially as my recent losses are very small indeed…)

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