Right Time and the Right Place

I felt like a fraud when you all congratulated me on resisting the Mars Bar Ice Cream last week. The only reason I resisted it was because it wasn’t what I really wanted.

What I really wanted was a Marks & Spencer Vanilla Chunky Giant. Which is like a Magnum – chocolate coated vanilla ice cream – except not as sweet and cloying. But M&S was closed by the time I puffed up from the train station, so I couldn’t get one. Had I dared to shove past the security guard and barge to the freezer section before they locked the doors, I would definitely have bought one. The Mars Bar, with its extreme sweetness and flimsy chocolate, didn’t seem an adequate substitute at the time. So I’m not really a beacon of strength for turning it down; just a fussy, spiteful git.

It really helps to cultivate a certain fussiness with certain foods. To be choosy with lofty standards. I remember when the right time for food was ANY TIME and the right food was ANY FOOD. Now I like it to be the right food, at the best time of day or week, consumed in the perfect locale with the planets in correct alignment…

The best example is chocolate. Green and Blacks is now my preferred brand. I try not to eat it between Sunday and Tuesday, because that’s too close to Wednesday Weigh In, thus I wouldn’t really be able to relax and enjoy it. So Wednesday night is good. Or I like to eat it on a Friday night, when I know the working week is behind me and there’s nothing else I should be thinking about and I can sleep in the next day and wake up at my leisure and think fondly, How about that great chocolate I ate last night. And I like eating it on the couch when Gareth is beside me; he’s usually reading or on the laptop and there’s music on and everything’s peaceful. That’s why I get cranky if I get a chocolate from the vending machine at work, or eat M&Ms in the dark at the movies, or a few stray squares when I know there’s a phone call to be made or some menial task to do. It has to be mindful consumption. If you’re only meant to eat a tiny wee portion of chocolate, well then you have to pay attention to the moment! If you eat chocolate in the dark, how do you even know if you really ate it? Did it really happen?!

One of my favourite times and places is the train on a Thursday evening, when I’ve been in town looking at the shops or getting a haircut. I get one of those tiny bars and a magazine then tell myself I can’t start eating until after the first stop. Then after that I break off a little bit more after each stop and the 35 grams are finished just as I get to my station. Sweeeeeet.

Looking at my spreadsheet, I’ve eaten a lot less chocolate this year since I started making it a real treat. Methinks I need to treat toast with the same reverence!

. . .

Last week was much better. I ate reasonably and the scale was down a few pounds today. I’m not going to record anything officially because it just a bit too dramatic of a loss. I have been all feverish with a cold, eating less and just drinking tonnes of water so everything is out of whack. I can just tell that the big dive in numbers isn’t a proper loss, so I am going to kick on this week and see what happens.

I had a great exercise week too! A big cheer to Marla for suggesting wall push-ups while my knees are dodgy. They were surprising gruelling! Perhaps more so than the knee ones.

I managed a slow, easy bike ride on Saturday, with no knee pain! I have lost so much fitness though. I tried to convince myself that two months of next-to-no cardio had NOT entirely replaced my muscles with gelatinous bulk, but now I’m more than a little bit disillusioned. I was sweating and pedalling my pudgy legs out during that bike ride, surely I was flying! But then Gareth passed me with his legs rotating as slow as molasses and said, "Isn’t it nice to be outside? This is so relaxing…" Hehe.

All was going great on Planet Knee until Monday when I wore some slip-on sandals that really seemed to hammer my knees walking on the pavement to the station. I am going to have to stick to boring, sensible shoes as every time I wear something remotely dainty my knee ends up all tender and sore again. I spoke to the physio about it and have got some different kinds of exercises to do now, which hopefully will help my strength levels. It’s such a slow, tedious process and I’ll bore you no further with the details. Rest assured I am doing all the things I need to be doing.

Well I am feeling more snotty than entertaining or insightful today so I will just slink off to bed… til next time, comrades!

18 thoughts on “Right Time and the Right Place

  1. Does Gareth have more gears on his bike than you? It sounds like he was CHEATING if you ask me…

    Hush puppies, naturalizer and aerosoles make pretty girly shoes with some padding in the sole. They’re not the sexiest, and they’re not as comfy as trainers, but they’ll do.

    Mmmmm. Chocolate. I had a chocolate coated macaroon for breakfast today (what? coconut is nutritious right?). It was heavenly.

  2. unfortunately we both have the same amount of gears, he is just a very fit bastard πŸ˜›

    thanks for those names, RG! I was wondering where to look for new shoes… it just seems nice ladies shoes are designed for people that WALK NAEWHERE! i don’t have a car, i walk at least an hour a day just incidental walking and i’m sick of looking like i’ve just tumbled in from a mountain hike..

    i’m sure coconut is saintly too πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Shauna, You are doing FANTASTICALLY well. Do you realise that when you reach 77.3 kg you would be half the weight you were when you started? Only 4.6 kgs to go!

    Tracey from Melbourne

    PS The Vanilla Chunky Giant sounds wonderful……

  4. given your love of numbers and spreadsheets i’m certain the above information comes as no surprise to you… i too have worked out everything to do with my weight and which numbers mean what… it’s just what we do when we’re obsessing about that magical number

  5. I want chocolate NOW!!!! I haven’t had any for a LONG time but I want a bar of Green and Black now!!! Isn’t it a good thing I can’t get it here… *sniff* I even asked my best friend who lives in Porsmouth to post me a block but he said no *boohoo*
    I will just have to re read this post over and over and let my imagination take over πŸ˜‰

  6. I have ditched bad chocolate and now only eat either G&Bs or Montezuma. I was very naughty yesterday though and ate a whole packet of Montezuma Garden Party truffles (9 of them!). T’was yummy though. They are white choclate with freeze-dried strawberry bits.

    But the Montezuma shop is a special trip from where I work and not that convenient. So I can’t be too bad. When eating bars, we buy the 100g ones and Dana nd I share – which is bad but not as bad as eating the whole thing yourself. Often he ends up with a bit more because I let mine melt in my mouth while he gobbles and I usually let him have more of mine once he’s finished.

    Re: shoes – also look out for Ecco. They are apparently designed by podiatrists and do make sandals and things. I wouldn’t say dainty but not horrid either. You’d need to look in non-aligned shoe shops or we have a Boundary Mills store near us that stocks them at discounted prices.

  7. Hello Dietgirl!!

    I just came across your website on about.com. It is so great to have a forum to share stories as well as hear the pain of others. Also, to swap tales from someone from halfway across the world awesome – I’m from New York.

    Seems like you have had a tremendous amount of progress. I on the other hand am just beginning my journey down that road of painful weightloss. It was the chocolate and ice-cream and starbucks frappucinos’ that got me πŸ™

    I love your blog with the statistics, photos and humour!

  8. Hi!

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, because I think that this post is fabulous! I think the ability to “just eat the best” is such a paradigm shift, and a “click” went off in my head when I made that kind of decision.

    But, here’s my thought: I wonder if there’s another level entirely, where the nutrients are what we define as the best? I mean, I think a lot of my overeating is a kind of short-term self-medication. Of course it’s good if I can limit the self-medication to things that Really Work. But is there a place, too, where I can let go of that purpose? Where I really ask – is this the most nutrient-dense food available to me? Sometimes, the junk food is the only thing that I can come up with, and that’s okay. Often, it isn’t. Instead of asking “how much junk food can I get away with”, I’m trying to phrase it as “how much wholesome foods can I afford” (where afford is a combination of money, time, and availability). So that I think of it as a treat to buy an unusual fruit, or a pre-prepared salad, or an expensive fish, instead of something sweet, salty, crunchy, caloric, that’s going to make me feel good for half an hour and bad in a long-term

  9. I agree with Rosemary Grace’s shoe recs. Tons of coworkers also rave about Clark’s and Dansco, and I’ve been meaning to check those out as well…

  10. Hope your cold feels better soon. They are such a pain for derailing healthy plans (or at least I find them so. The only advantage is you can’t taste anything so it isn’t worth eating chocolatey things).

    I actually made my jaw hurt recently by doing too much sprinting about while wearing sandals that didn’t have any cushioning… And I have stepped off the back of my flipflop too many times recently. It’s definitely time for a dainty-sandal backlash.

  11. Hi Shauna! This is the first time Ive posted here but ive been reading your blog for several months now. I found you through the Tales from the Scale book. I have so far lost 40lbs and theres 110 left to go. I know exactly what you mean about eating food at the right time. It sems like i used to eat all day every day with food consuming my every thought. Now I’m much more careful. For me my indulgence is eating a Philadelphia Turtle Cheesecake Snack Bite while watching Curtis Stone on Take Home Chef! mmm…yummy! Take care and congrats on all your success.

  12. Hey DG! You are so fun to read. I love ya mate. I have a suggestion for you- they are called z-coil shoes and they changed my life. Ooops- I sound like an informercial and will get zapped out of your comments! But seriously, I got them and since, four of my peeps have gone and got them as well as my dad. I need knee replacement (both knees) and have arthritis- plus I am still fat. Running was horrendous until I found these little puppies. My knee pain is gone- I even wear them just when I know I need to walk somewhere a lot. Jogging is now not painful in the least. They look funny at first, but people all over ask me where I got them and if I love them. Google to find them, and yes- I love them!

  13. Great post! I totally get “right time and right place” πŸ˜€ Ice-cream is my favorite treat, but I get upset if I have to eat low-quality stuff or someone disturbs me when I’m having a moment of indulgence. Grr. It has to be perfect to -well- be perfect!

  14. Dear Shauna

    Sorry to put this on a post, but I couldn’t find an ‘un-notify me’ link. Can you please take me off the notify list because it’s my work email and my manager will be accessing my emails while I’m on leave. I’ll still be reading. Thanks heaps

  15. I can relate so much to what you are saying, it’s like every time something different happens; going shopping with friends, cinema, going to the beach etc, I can make excuses for my eating. Such as “Oh, i’m at the beach, everyone else has an ice cream, it won’t hurt this once” but it never is once, and I always say, NO next time I will be more persevering with myself, but I can’t seem to not have the ice cream, or the chocolate, or the chips and other junk food that afterwards I feel like shit because i’ve eaten it. BUT, now I have more determination than ever, having had bad experiences with certain people. Why is it that mean people can always kick start you into helping yourself??? It’s quite ironic really.
    Btw, a good shoe to try for your knee is hotter shoes, they do sandals and cute shoes that have padding and protection in the sole!! πŸ™‚

  16. Hi! I really agree with you – if we don’t get the right treat at the right time and location, we just end up not being satisfied… even after consuming so many calories!! It’s not worth it at all!

    It’s actually a good thing to be really really picky on food – have you noticed that most skinny people are actually extremely picky? That ‘let’s not waste food’ mentality just ruins people, don’t you think?

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