Minor Facelift

I’ve made a few changes to my templates so if things are looking weird, please hit Refresh a few times so the stylesheet can reload! I had to clear my cache and reload about 45 times in Safari before it would bloody work, here’s hoping you have better luck.

21 thoughts on “Minor Facelift

  1. It looks OK over here, Shauna. (I hate it when I try to do something nice with my journal and it takes forever to get it all worked through.)

  2. thanks denise! still having a nightmare time with Safari… wonder how many Mac people use it?

  3. it looks good, fonts are bigger, good for us bats. I wonder if the little link on top to go back and forward to different post could be back…(yo know what i am talking about?) it was a great thing!! pretty please?????

  4. This is much easier to navigate as I tend to be a little lazy and never click the ‘previous post’ button. Having a few entries on one page is great!

  5. It’s funny. Straight away I could see that it is clearer, neater somehow but until I read the other comments it didn’t click that there was more than one post on the page. I like it and it does make it easier to pick up if I have missed reading an entry.

    Looking great πŸ˜€

  6. btw, because I’m just not finished yet, I’ve always liked your stylesheet – its been clean, functional, and your recent tweaks have only reflected that even more.

    Unlike me, I can spend the rest of my life fooling around with CSS – I spent hours fooling around with the default one blogger gave me to make it ‘mine’, and heh, that took long enough (but it was FUN!)

  7. OH! where the hell do i edit the comment preview template? it’s not looking like the other templates. typepad is so wEIRD!

  8. Alex – I know the link you speak of, but that only worked when i had just one entry on the front page. now i have the latest 5 entries.

    but if you click on the Permalink for an entry, you’ll that goes to the entry’s individual page, and it has the previous/next links on it, if you prefer to navigate that way.

  9. Why does it say you have 3 comments while there are about 10? Something not quite right there!

    I too miss the Pussycat link.

  10. no idea, anne-marie. methinks these bugs will take awhile to iron out.

    the template seems to be in order, so i’ve submitted a help desk ticket to TypePad so hopefully they can tell me why the Comment Count isn’t working.

    also turns out that the comment preview is un-editable in TypePad. hopefully most people just fire off their comments without previewing, so you won’t have to see the dodginess. Marshy, just cover your eyes! πŸ˜›

  11. Looks nice – and for those of us with old dodgy computers, it’s good to be able to scroll down for the previous entry.

    Good luck squishing the bugs – I’ve never been able to edit my template without mysterious weirdnesses appearing, and I just use a boring off-the-shelf one.

  12. Hahahah! I shall have to do my best to avert my gaze (but I must preview my HTML m4D h4x0r5!) It looks better now than before (inadvertently from the looks of things!), in FireFox anyway the image didn’t load properly and the comment text was overlaying the blue background. (At least you don’t have blogger-inserted defaultness when it comes to posting comments o_0)

  13. Looks spiffy over here even on my crap work monitor, though I’ll check again in Safari when I get home.

    And TypePad’s comment counts are totally hosed today. Don’t know what’s going on there.

  14. I can’t believe my first DG comment is going to be on a geek issue, however…..

    To get past the clearing cache/refresh issue on Safari, hold down shift key then click refresh – should work first time. That sort of thing should work for most browsers actually (cntrl-shift-refresh if it’s IE)

    Ummmm anyway, I’d be lost in a sea of no motivation if not for this blog. Keep up the good work DG!! πŸ˜€

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