29 thoughts on “Talking Picture

  1. CRIKEY! your 15 minutes of fame continues! Good on you Shauna! What a feeling you must have to know that so many people look up to you for inspiration through your blog! Amazing!

    Amanda Jane πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, you’re a mini celebirity aren’t you?
    It was so weird having the aussie acsent to go along with the picture!!! When I read you blog, all there is is a plain Canadian voice.

  3. haha, ditto what the one above said. I’d heard your voice before (on that radio thing), but I’m still surprised at the accent. All I kept thinking was “How can it be hard to lose weight when you have such a cute accent”? Haha, stupid, I know, but it somehow makes it more lighthearted than with a regular Canadian (or American) accent.
    And, Congrats!

  4. Woohooo! Wow wow wow! I llllike it I lllike it-alot! Different necklace ey? πŸ˜€

    I so dig you, itΒ΄s good to be back in the city where one can ACCESS INTERNET after the loooong, hothothot summer which was brilliant btw. And continues, Finnish summer really is putting itΒ΄s best effort not to give in for the chillier nights of autumn. Anyway, keep up the good work in being a celeb I can say I “KNOW”! πŸ˜‰

  5. I came here from your WNP blog and spent last night reading your archive (sorry, it’s sounds a little creepy but I’m in Argentina so you’re safe).

    You’ve made me realise that I don’t have any excuses left (the big one being ‘but I’ve got sooo much to lose’).

    I’m going to try again and learn from you so please keep writing, I really enjoy it. Many thanks.

    PS congrats on the fame thing – the fact that you’re not doing any of this for money gives hope to the rest of us.

  6. Oh hey, I just noticed that you “un-blurred” the first pic (with the brown shirt). Good thing I noticed in the video. I was wondering when you were going to do that. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your erect nipples on Canadian TV. You know it’s gonna happen!

  7. as some one working towards goal herself. you are an insperation to me. I have recently had some down falls this past week. And have used them as an excusse to eat my weigh back up to almost my start weight again. well no more. I have been reading your journal off and for the past two years now. I started my own blog do to a nother girl online. without this journal and the help of you lovely ladies I would have given up long ago so hats off to you and keep up the good work. I read your journal all the way from canada. keep writting and stay stronge angie

  8. Wow! You are quite the celebrity nowadays. I had been wondering why there wasn’t more media attention about blogging- particularly weight loss blogging as it is such a useful tool, but I see the media is catching on to it now.

    I got all excited- you have the same computer as me.. now I’ll be hearing your voice when I read your blog!

    Take Care.. and enjoy your fame πŸ˜€

    oh and you looked lovely on sscreen. πŸ˜€

  9. Way-hey! You’ll have paparazzi springing out from behind bushes in no time!

    I agree with Ros, you looked lovely on screen AND, you sound so sweet! I always coil in horror whenever I hear my voice since I expect a relaxed, laid back Kiwi accent yet I end up sounding like a cross between an English corgi and an Indian street merchant. Ack!

    This is the calm before the storm, soon you’ll be mobbed in shopping malls! [heaven forbid!]

  10. Heh, I was thinking the same thing as the other commenters about your accent. I sit here and read your blog in my head with my American accent, but maybe now I’ll have to add an Aussie twinge to it πŸ™‚ Congrats on the news story!

  11. You’re getting so famous now, today sky news, tomorrow world domination πŸ˜‰ LOL

    Loved hearing your voice, all these people keep saying how Aussie you sound, I disagree, now that you’ve been away for so long I think some of the Aussieness has been a little diluted :-)I expected you to sound a lot more like me, instead of ever so slightly British!!


  12. That clip was just unreal! You look amazing in it! Embrace those fat jeans photo Honey – you’re a star πŸ™‚

  13. Haha! You are losing your accent along with the weight! You don’t sound quite like the Shauna I once knew (although she’s still in there slightly) πŸ™‚

  14. WOW! Those photos were really inpirational. Nothing like a good set of erect nipples to get ya motivated! LOL

    Just kidding of course! What an amazing weight loss! You are one of my real inspirations!


  15. All hail the media star… From Scottish papers to Sky News – what’s next?

    Seriously, you deserve all this attention because your blog has inspired so many people.

  16. Really terrific. It is fun to see what you’re really like. After reading your blog for over a year, I feel like I know you, but it’s very different than the real thing. You’re a great writer, very entertaining, so please continue.

  17. I think when you start your own official fanclub it should be called “The Morsel Monitors” after that clip.

    You do your homeland proud luvvey.

  18. I just took another look at your side by side progress pics and I just noticed how slender you hands have gotten. They don’t even look like they belong to the same person. I encourage everyone to go over there and take a good look. Who would have thought that hands could get in shape too!?!

    Ahhh there’s still hope for my pudgy fingers!!!!

  19. awesome interview, you look great and sound exactly as i expected, Aussie through and through!

    well done for getting to the 70’s as well, i’m not sure if i have commented since you did.

  20. I wonder if they were going for a Sex and the City thing there, in the beginning… Do you know good diet, and aren’t afraid to ask?

  21. How cool’s that??! You looked great, sounded equally as brilliant (what’s wrong with sounding “Oz”??!) and you were far, far, FAR more interesting than the other bloke in the clip. I hope you’ve been taking all these opportunities to promote your up and coming book!

  22. It’s great that you decided to do the interview. It’s so cool to hear you talking and see how great you look. Maybe now that you’re getting so much mention, a publisher will approach you next.

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