Day One

What can I say except… rats arse. It’s Day One of the Going for Gold challenge so this morning I showed up at the scale as promised. 81.6 kilos (179.9lb). This means I have gained 2 kilos (4.5lb) since that magical day I reached the 70s, six weeks ago.

So much for my summer Containment Policy! Grrrr! I am so bloody annoyed at myself. You’d think once I saw the magical digits on the scale that I’d have busted arse to stay there. Instead I relaxed just a wee bit too much. This now means I have 6.6 kilos (just shy of 15lb) to lose over the next sixteen weeks. 6 point bloody six. That’s just one six short of looking positively demonic.

BUT! I ate my cake and now I’ll lie in it, and other confused metaphors. Onward and downward.

Day One has been magnificent! I won’t make a habit of this (as No One Cares What You Had For Lunch) but since it’s gone so swimmingly I will tell you Wot I Ate Today:

B – 40g mix of oats, sesame and pumpkin seeds, small banana, plain yogurt
L – spinach pie with green salad
D – Quorn fillet, carrots, green beans and couscous

My mind has been all over the shop today so I actually forgot to eat my snacks (apple and almonds). I can’t believe it either. And I really must do the online grocery shop tonight, we are eating the dregs now. C’mon brain… focus!

It was rainy and gloomy when I left work and I wanted to slink home directly, but I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of gruelling intervals on the bike then spent just as long faffing round washing my hair. Job done!

This has to be the most tedious entry of all time and no doubt someone will email or comment anonymously that if I keep writing entries like this they will leave and never come back. But I need this blog to keep me focused. RAH!

One day down. To all you groovers who are joining the challenge, hope you had a good day too! Woohoo.

19 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Shauna, I have been looking forward to this entry all day. I knew it was a sort of new reference point for you. So you gained a bit in the last few weeks. So what! That was then and this is now and I think you are the most amazing person I have ever not met. I am cheering you all the way to Christmas and am joining you on that wagon. You know you can do this! XXXXX

  2. If you keep writing entries like this I will leave and never come back…

    No, of course I won’t! Takes more than that to dislodge your loyal readers.

    Well done for slogging to the gym in the horrible rain. I decided to join a running club (outside!) today, so I hope it’s not going to do it all week…

  3. I know what you mean. I started losing a few pounds over the past three months. I was starting to see numbers that I hadn’t seen in years. And you’d think that after losing >20lbs it would motivate me to work my ass (or arse as you would say) off to get it down to 30lbs lost. But NO!! Instead, I get all proud of myself and give myself a little too many “rewards” if you know what I mean. (and I don’t mean a pat on the back. More like pizza and chocolate)

    So now the scales have frozen and I’ve been stuck in 251.5/253.5lbs limbo for the past three weeks. But sooner or later I’m going to have to get my big ass back in gear.

    PS. I always find it funny that the anniversary of your website is my birthday. Perhaps if I had seen your first post back on my 15th birthday, it might have inspired me to get my butt moving??? Or maybe I would have just brushed it off and indulged in more birthday cake. LOL I think the latter sounds a hell of alot more like me.

  4. Yes, I find that often people don’t care about what you ate today, but I certainly think that its good for me when I write it down – and in online format so that if anyone SHOULD chance by it, it is there (its that accountability thing again), so this is why I have a completely separate blog for eating from my weight loss one (same for exercise) just because the act of writing it out keeps me focussed, while keeping them separate means that people aren’t bored by the content – way-hey! I for one will be more than happy to read more posts in this vein if you so wish to write them πŸ˜€

  5. I have been mentally arguing with myself for the past hour about going to the gym after work… need too, don’t want too. Must go, I don’t care that the weather is beautiful… MUST WORK OUT… ugh.

  6. Gains do suck – but, and this is going to sound a bit more patronizing than I mean it to, at least it’s comforting when you know WHY. Confusing I-did-everything-right gains suck even more.

    You’re awesome, though.

  7. Well you can add me to your devoted fanbase. What a total inspiration you are! I used to think that losing the amount of weight I had to was an unattainable goal but seeing how much you (and others) have lost, gives me hope!

  8. Haha, must be challenge season. I, too, am sick of stuffing about over these last 6 kilos. I want to have a hot bod for summer! So, they need to be gone by Christmas. Details soon…

  9. isn’t it bizarre that we can see an improvement and rather than push forward we let it make us relax.

    the worse thing is, 2 kilos goes on so bloody easily and it is so freakin hard to get back off! BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER!

    sounds like ur back on track now. BTW – i probably wouldn’t have left a comment unless i was promised to lose 5 calories by doing so lol joking… but i thought it was cute!
    Good luck with your challenge!

  10. *whip* get back into gear!!! (that whip was for me and you btw). I want to lose about the same amount as you – we can do it!!!! now don’t go forgetting your snacks again!!! and DRINK water!!! πŸ™‚

  11. OMG! I almost died of boredom reading this post! WTF? I come here expecting and anticipating GREATNESS and all I get is what you had for lunch? Humph!!

    (for all those without a fucking funny bone or light-hearted sarcasm detector wired into your dusty little hearts… I am joking.)

    LOVE YA DG!!

  12. Not usually one to coment on ANYTHING (I’m the “stalker-reader” if you need a definition), just saw how MUCH you have lost and am absolutely floored. Seriously, I cannot believe you have managed to loose 50% of your body weight! UNBELIEVABLE! I’m struggling myself and hope to god that you’ll continue finding the strength to keep it off. Way to go.

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