Diet Lady

Here are some snapshots of my life out of the fatblogging closet, ever since those newspaper articles.

Scene 1: The vending machine at work.

Oooh bugger! There's no Minstrels. I really wanted Minstrels.

Should you even be anywhere near that machine, DIETGIRL?

Scene 2: At the train station, late at night.

[A friend spots us and runs over. I think he might have been a little altered.]

Heyyyy! I saw you in the paper!


What a surprise eh? Diet Lady! Hello Diet Lady!
Hey don't look embarrassed, it's so cool. BE PROUD, DIET LADY!
… It is Diet Lady, isn't it?

. . .

I would give my efforts a C+ so far this week. Exercise is all coming together but the eating has had some really sucky moments. And the scales were up. I am back in the 80s. But I don't plan on staying there. So I am not going to update the sidebar, as that would be too demoralising. I've done all my moping and yesterday and today were good days. Onward and downward. Don't give up on me kiddies!

. . .

The following is a wee quote I read in Oprah magazine. At the end of 2004 when I was having my existential crisis (aka Will Gareth Marry Me or Will I Be Deported), I somehow thought an annual subscription to Oprah would make me feel better. Hmmm.


"Are you waiting to be skinnier, thinner, more toned, more tanned, better dressed, sexier, more loveable, nicer, smarter, funnier or wealthier before you really begin your life? Millions of us are. And it's a complete waste of time. Body obsession and the quest for perfection are destroying our lives, and we are willing partners in this destruction."
– Jessica Weiner in Do I Look Fat In This? (Simon & Schuster)

I ripped out that page and have been meaning to blog it for yonks; I was just waiting for an appropriate moment. This may seem like a flimsy premise, but after a sad week that's seen famous Australian race-car drivers, writers, politicians and croc-fiends leave us, maybe it's time to think about what our passions are and whether or not we're holding ourselves back.

I know I've been guilty of it. All the blokes I mentioned wholeheartedly pursued their interests, and I doubt if Steve Irwin ever paused to wonder if his bum looked big in his khaki shorts.

Let's not wait around for smaller thighs or a tiny tum. Let's just get out there and go for it right now.

16 thoughts on “Diet Lady

  1. Hear Hear!

    Sometimes dreams and passions can inspire physical change too.

    It wasn’t until I had a goal besides “Weight x amount” or “be able to wear x size” that my weight loss efforts took off. I’m preparing the old bod to get and stay active, and to pursue some dreams I’ve let lapse.

    Love your blog, “Diet Lady” :D. You know how to live!

  2. well said, i seriously agree, what are we waiting for! i’m a bit done with worrying about the size of my arse!

    RIP Steve Irwin, such a huge loss for the entire world!

    Did you know the Americans have him on their dollar bill?? Now that’s famous!

  3. Great quote, thanks for sharing it! I used to always think I’ll start dating as soon as I’m thin, I’ll get a better job as soon as I’m thin, etc… What a total load of crap not to mention a waste of time! I’ve lost 60 lbs in the last year with about another 40 to go and am happy to say that I’ve finally gotten past that mind set!

    Love your blog, it’s always comforting to read about someone else fighting the good fight! I’ve been on a really stuck for the past 4 months, but I know from your example and others that this too shall pass if I stay true and steady! πŸ™‚

    p.s. RIP Steve Irwin, as a biology teacher I can attest first hand how much influence he had on getting kids interested in science.

  4. Very good point – and one that’s important, if difficult, to remember.

    When asked if I was “Diet Lady”, I would totally have said no just to watch his face go red. But that’s me.

  5. So true. Especially the bit about Steve Irwin, I think he has taught a lot of people to stop putting off things they want to do as life is too short. I know that I have a new perspective on life and am just sorry that it took his passing to make me realise.
    I am 25, but I have been guilty all my life of thinking “when I’ve lost 10 kilos, I’ll do that” or when I can be seen in public in a bikini I’ll do that. And those days may never come, and before you know it it’ll be too late, I’ll be 80 and look back on photos and think “I looked fine, what was I worried about?”
    Anyway I hope his message lives on.

  6. It is amazing how much your writing seem to echo my thought processes. After losing 75kg you would think that I could get out there and do some stuff that I have been putting off for ages however some type of excuse always seems to come up and once more I put it off. However with the deaths of two very prominate Australiana doing what came naturally to them, I have decided to take life by the short and curlies and start to do things that I have been procrastinating over for ages. Thanks for the kick DG – it is something that I needed !!


  7. I totally agree Shauny. A couple of years ago I wanted to buy a bike and told myself that it would be a reward for getting to a certain weight loss goal. Then after a couple of months I realised that it would be better to get the bike NOW and use it to help me get to that goal. So I just went out and bought it.

    Also, I had wanted to re-join the surf club for years but being obese I was a bit embarrassed. But I’m there now and do you know what? Surf club and all the wonderfully physical activities that go with it, like surf boat rowing, are helping me lose the weight. And the main thing is that nobody on the beach gives two hoots about my cellulite and wobbly tummy, they are either too worried about their own little self image hang ups or they just accept each body as it comes.

    This was a really good post Shauny.

  8. I agree, get out there and live life! Do the things you’ve dreamed of doing if you can. I’m not australian but I was it upset me to hear of the passing of Steve Irwin. He was so enthusiastic about animals and like to watch him in action. At least he was doing what he loved to do. I worked w/ sting rays some when I taught scuba in the caymans and this is really a gazzillion and 1 odds that this would happen. The only one I knew who ever got git w/ a barb was a guy pulling it’s tail and it wasn’t fatal. It just bummed me out that he died this way. I know each of us has our time and it will come but his was way too soon.

  9. Hello, have been reading and loving this blog for a while now… This is a bit off the track, but what are your thoughts on ‘The Biggest Loser’ shows? Love them? Hate them?

  10. cheers for your coments, guys!

    Dan – Minstrels are kind of like a giant Smartie, except all brown and, in my opinion, nicer tasting chocolate. They’re not bad as far as junk chocolate goes πŸ™‚

    Sarah – I haven’t seen the show, we don’t have Biggest Loser here in the UK so I couldn’t really comment. I’m sure if they did a Brit version I’d be tuning in though, it must be intruiging in that car crash kind of way πŸ™‚

  11. Well said Shauna… life is too short for worrying, we should take advantage of every day we are given and always be grateful for what we have. πŸ™‚

  12. Amen to that.

    The other side of “the quest for perfection” – I read recently that people who describe themselves as perfectionists have messier houses than those who don’t, because they’re always waiting until they have time to “do it properly”. Maybe this applies to other things too!

  13. I’ve been guilty of putting things on hold until I’m slimmer. But I’m trying not to now.

    I also don’t think I should kid yourself that life will be better when I’m slimmer. I will still be me – just in slightly smaller jeans.

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