Not Drowning

Last night was Swimming Lesson #2. I was a lot more confident and relaxed in the water. Well that’s what The Teacher kept saying anyway; I didn’t feel any less of a limb-thrashing water-snorting tidal-wave-creating clod than Lesson #1. But I think there has been some progress – I only drank about two mouthfuls of water this time and I didn’t kick the teacher in the boobs. Although I did boot one small child and made it fall off its foam raft thingy. Sorry, kidlet!

We did a lot of work on improving my kick, which involved holding on to the kickboard thingy and doing laps without any help from my arms. D’oh! But unlike last time, my legs were actually able to propel me forward. I managed four laps (100m) before I had to beach myself on the side of the pool and gasp dramatically. Then we worked on my freestyle arms (elbow not high enough) and breastroke kick (a total mess), then just for fun Teacher got me to try doing freestyle arms with breastroke legs. Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. Arrrgh!

The euphoria of the first lesson had worn off and was replaced just by an intense desire to Get It Right. I really did try too hard at times, going too fast so running out of puff so quickly; or concentrating so hard on getting the arms right that I’d just forget to do anything with my legs. I need to remember that old chestnut, PATIENCE, GRASSHOPPER! Don’t quit just because you’re not good at something straight away.

The same goes for my blubber. I am having what my sister and I call a Week One Week – you know, when you join Weight Watchers or whatnot and you are positively angelic for the first week (you use this phrase around Week Fifteen or Seventy-Five when you’re totally off the rails, "Man, I really need to pull a Week One Week"). Despite this, the scales have been going mental. As reported earlier I weighed in at 81.6 on Monday. I always do a daily peek at the scale, to keep an eye of the overall trends. So Tuesday to Friday it’s gone: 81.1, 81.6, 82.2, 81.9. What the hell!?

But screw the scales. I know I’ve been absolutely Going For Gold since Monday, no bullshit or excuses. So if I keep GFG day after day, over and over again, things will happen eventually. You can’t give up just because the scale is being a bastard. You have to keep going no matter what, and string together a whole bunch of consecutive good days. It won’t heppen overnight, etc etc.

(I have to type out these pep talks you see, otherwise it’s just me chanting at the mirror, Travis Bickle style)

15 thoughts on “Not Drowning

  1. Wow, I’m first!
    I wish my scale would fluctuate. I also do the daily peek thing and it’s not budged at all for a week regardless of whether I’ve had a good day or a bad day. The last 3 have been very bad but earlier in the week I was oh so virtuous.
    Good progress on the swimming front!

  2. Maybe the scale is going crazy cos you’re retaining water… from your swimming lessons!!!

    Sorry, bad joke.

    Swimming with a kickboard is an intense workout (and one I use to cover up my lack of swimming skills). The breaststroke kick is about the only thing I can do, but with the kickboard it’s a killer!

  3. I joined the gym a month ago… its taken this long to get up the desire to go. SO, this week I started out being really good on my diet and forced myself to go to the gym on Monday for a week of daily workouts… did really good Monday night and was very proud until I walked past the front desk to leave and there was a giant table of CUPCAKES! What the hell?!! Seems it was their anniversary so they were celebrating with free cupcakes and drinks. Could I walk past free chocolate cupcakes? One guess! Nope! Argh! Foiled again. What were they thinking?!!

  4. Ok, maybe I’m being thick, but what have grasshoppers got to do with it? Excellent motto, but…?

    You are such a sensible person. In a good way. While being silly in a good way too.

  5. I know what you mean. I recently moved to the south in the US, and as soon as you walk into the grocery store you have to face the gauntlet of candy, cookies, pastries, bread, cakes, etc.

    I very rarely make it through the gauntlet unscathed.

  6. Rachel hunter is a freaking genius. Too right it won’t sodding happen overnight. More like over years. You are right though. We’re in this for more than just week one. It’s 13 weeks and then it could be maintenance. So close… I can taste it. Whoops, poor comparison.

  7. You inspire me with your swimming, Shauna…not enough to actually GET IN THE POOL, but still…

    When the scales aren’t cooperating, just remember that all your hard work in the gym/pool AND in the kitchen have a compounding effect, and “just keep swimming”, as Dory would say. 🙂

  8. I have take a leaf from your book this week DG and started back at swimming. As I am on holidays and it has been fabulous weather here in Queensland it has been an easy thing to do. So far I have done 2 lots of lap swimming and and one lot of deep water running – another lot tomorrow.

    Keep up the great work – those scales will go in your favour soon!!!


    PS Thanks for popping into my blog – come back whenever you like !!!

  9. Dang scales! Good on you for the week one week (and for giving me a name for it).

    Have sent an email to you that made me think of you. Hope you like it.


  10. I’m using you as inspiration to work up the nerve to go to the “Swim Clinic” drop-in class at my pool. It’s for people who can basically swim to improve technique and get training strategies. I sort of planned to to Thursday, then checkened out, full of “oh, I’ll be crap and embarrassed” “I don’t want to flail around in front of the nice instructor” “everyone else at the class will be soooo much slimmer and more competant” and “I’d rather go home NOW and see my husband”…

    I will keep reminding myself of your determination, and get over myself and de-flail my freestyle.

  11. A week one week . . . . I like that!

    Good for you for not letting the scales get to you. If you keep at it, you will lose again.

    My scales have been so stuck for the last three weeks that I was wondering whether they were glued at that weight or something, but this morning, I finally saw a loss! Woohoo!

  12. There is soooo much to learn about swimming! I didn’t realize! I am so glad that it is hotting up over here and it is almost time for that, dread the bather search.

    say hi to bagpipes for me!

  13. Hooray for swimming! I’ve been a fish for longer than I can remember and I’d recommend you pause and consider a beautiful thing about swimming – you’re weightless (almost)!

    Swimming always brings me zen moments and makes me feel lovely – its almost like a massage if you can sauna afterwards.

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