Operation Go For Gold

Ever since Lainey said there was only 14 weeks til Christmas, I have been mildy freaking out about how quickly 2006 is getting away from me. I also looked back at how my  New Years Resolutions are progressing.  Hmmm.

  1. Reduce paranoia, increase confidence!
  2. Write like a mofo.
  3. Eat well
  4. Keep moving my butt.

(They are explained in more detail in the original entry)

Well I think #1 has gone well. And #2 too. #3 has had its moments, but I’ve tracked my food every day as promised, good or bad. And I am about five kilos lighter and a size smaller. #4 has been a bit of a doozy, having to overhaul my exercise goals because of my knee problems. My legs are weak and  I’ve lost a lot of CV fitness. Operations Full Body Push Up and Tricep Dip had to be scrapped due to that whole Bad Shoulder business. Arrrgh. But still. I’m building my upper body strength again, and I tentatively started riding a bike and I’m learning to swim again… so it’s not all hopeless!

But what the calendar has highlighted is a lack of specific focus. As of Monday, it’s 13 weeks til Crimbo and 16 weeks til the Dietgirl 6th Anniversary. So I’m getting official with Operation Go For Gold!

I’ve never really been one to do groovy challenges on my blog, but I like Lainey’s countdown idea and I do quite fancy being at goal by the 6th Anniversary of this site, because anything longer than that just sounds ridiculous. I want to throw myself into this, systematically and enthusiastically. Gareth bought me a tape measure yesterday so I am going to do measurements for the first time. It still annoys me no end that I didn’t take measurements back in 2001, I’d kill to see how many inches I’ve lost since then. But better late than never, eh?

I’ve even got a new spreadsheet. It counts down the weeks from sixteen to ZERO! It tells me my weight in kilos AND pounds! Ooh you know having a spreadsheet makes me feel all warm in the nether regions. Let’s go, baby!

So there will be a few basic rules. They’re not too heavy, just a few parameters to keep my Problem Areas in check.

  1. Weigh-ins will take place each Monday morning, nekkid
  2. Measurements will be done every four weeks
  3. ONE weekly chocolate ration only
  4. Plan meals in advance
  5. Keep food diary
  6. Plan exercise seven days in advance (a la Mary!)
  7. No eating after dinner. When dinner has been scoffed, THAT’S IT for the day, you greedy piggy!


And of course all of the above will be reported on this site.

I’m determined not to scoff down heaps of food between now and the official challenge start as often happens before these campaigns – why make it even harder for myself? My sister is visiting so there are some social challenges this weekend, but I won’t go crazy.

I am so determined for this to really be the final push. I’ve been busting lard for about 275 weeks now, so I have to keep telling myself, you just need to commit fully to SIXTEEN MORE. I really hate "lose X by Y" kind of challenges, but I am just going to be as focused as possible for the next sixteen weeks and see how close it takes me to that number, and hopefully end up a helluva lot more fit and toned in the process.

So if anyone at work sees me wandering by the vending machine, you have full permission to crash tackle me and say, "Stay away, not today, DIET LADY!".

16 thoughts on “Operation Go For Gold

  1. You can do it! sixteen weeks is the ideal amount of time to crack the whip – not too long so that you will be seeing walnut whips and ferrero rocher dancing before your eyes, but enough time to make a big difference.

    I’m with ya! Chocs away (quite litteraly)

  2. Ooohhhh walnut whip! Yum!! (Sorry – got carried away!)

    Great plan. I’ll join you on this – I want to lose one and a half dress sizes by Christmas.

    Now all I have to do is go find out how to do a spreadsheet – that should keep me occupied until Chrimbo.

  3. Hey – you can do this!
    You’ve only got a little amount to lose now before goal so 16 weeks should be a nice gentle stroll to goal… (or maybe an RPM sprint?)
    Man – one weekly choclate ration! Good for you. Actually some weeks I don’t have any but the moment I made a rule like that for myself, I’d be dreaming about it. I’m much better when I’m not thinking about what I can’t have.
    Lately emotional eating is the major for me. Feeling a bit down today so already had a bagel for breakky, then a pastry, a banana, a smoothie and a latte when I got into work. really got to work on mood foods…
    But this was supposed to be a rah-rah go for it post for you! Onwards to the 6th anniverary!

  4. Good luck with the challenge – sixteen weeks is a good amount of time for me, it gives me enough room to freak out, overeat in retaliation, and then get back in the groove! I think we will need to see new update photos at Christmas, too.

  5. Woohoo for spreadsheets. You can make pie charts too – I heart pie charts the best (and not just because they have pie in the name!)

    Monday weigh ins are a brave move, but sensible. Stops that whole thinking that you can pig out over the weekend and work it off before you get weighed. I stupidly weigh myself Fridays!

    I think I need to have a weekly chocolate ration too. Preferably Green and Blacks (I think I got hooked on that via you).

  6. Not been commenting much recently – my brain has been consumed by this course I’m doing. But good luck with the challenge! Sounds very sensible and quite do-able.

  7. Don’t worry Shauna – I’ll keep an eye on you at work!! Good job you weren’t there today – you missed some amazing cakes from M&S – Chocolate Shortbread Oh Yeah !! I had 3!!

    Keep up the good work – as always you are looking grreat!

  8. LOL you writing style is great and I swear by that 7 day exercise plan! I still change it a bit during the week but it helps get your but moving. Your plan of attack is great and do do-able.

    So 2006 is nearly over hey? Scare me woman, it has gone so fast!

  9. I say so far so good and the year isn’t over. Plenty of time to complete your checklist. I on the other hand have no idea what my resolutions were. Must not have been very important!

  10. Thanks for the end-of-the-year countdown check-in! Hard to believe only a few more weeks to Xmas. 16 weeks is a great amount of time to push for goal. Congrats on getting started! We’ll be watching.

  11. I’ll join you on this if you don’t mind. I have been working on finishing my PhD and hope to be able to send it off to the committee this Tuesday. While I was writing the blasted thing (next to my fulltime job) I managed to put on an extra 5 kilo’s. I spent all off my time working, not giving myself time to go for my daily walks or visit the gym. It is time to get my life back!!

    Starting January 1st I’ll be moving to the UK for a new job. I would love to weigh a little less by that time than I do now. My goal is to eventually lose 30 kilo’s in total (a 3 year plan).

    It will be very motivating to read your blog. It might help me to stick to my resolution! Thanks and good luck reaching your goal.

  12. Ok..I too have decided to join you on this Shawny…living here in Paris is taking its toll on this normally fit aussie chick…the tyre around my waist is thicking…my legs are looking heafty and by joves …I just won’t tolerate it anymore! See – I’ve said it out loud like you do…
    Monday tomorrow…the best day to start…bring on a skinner xmas!

  13. Hi,
    I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say congratulations on your efforts and success so far! You look gorgeous in your photos! All the best for the last few pounds!

  14. You’ve got me thinking… you’re getting me motivated. You can SO do this and I’m right there with you… A conservative 10 lbs in 16 weeks for me — putting me well in to new territory…

    It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to where you want to be!!! You’re already fabulous!

  15. I love having your voice in my head. Now that I have written that- it sounds a little stranger than I intended. Intended: you are a beautiful woman (you look fantastic!) and a fabulous writer! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and humor and best of luck on Operation Go for Gold.

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