Cerveza Por Favor

I LOVE YOUSE ALL. That ESP thing totally worked. I have returned from four days in Valencia, Spain for the glorious spectacle that is the Motorcycle Grand Prix and not one single meal was chocolate. Bravo! Bravo!

Allow me to divulge the yummy stuff I DID eat in Valencia. Ooh la la. Like last time, the highlight would have to be the orange juice so fresh and tart that your face screws up like a cat’s arse. Then there was paella, tortilla, chorizo, bocodillos with amazing ham and cheese at the race, fresh fruit and one gelato cone. That does sound rather lardy when it’s all in one sentence, but it was over four days and was not consumed in a gluttonous manner! Sensible portions, and only eating things that I really wanted to try.

I also tried some churros, as I’d read about ’em on YP’s blog yonks ago. I shared a tiny one with Gareth, a two-inch chunk that I dunked in my tea at breakfast this morning, which is kinda sacrilege as they apparently belong with a cup of thick hot chocolate. I heard they were sort of donut-ty so wasn’t expecting to like them, but this little baby was light and crispy and fabulous.

We were traveling with a mate of ours and two of his friends. These two fellas were very fond of a drink so I’d been worried I’d end up guzzling alcohol out of some sort of perceived peer pressure. But they were too pissed to care what I drank, ha! I did not have one single alcoholic drink all weekend except for two sips of beer when I ordered one because I had a temporary brain freeze and couldn’t remember the word for water! I just blurted, "Beer for me too, please!". I took two sips and remembered that I’m not a beer person, so palmed it off to the lads and finally recalled it was agua I wanted. Derr. Sin gas! No bubbles!

It’s all about priorities. By not frittering away calories on booze and drinking water all weekend, happily indulged in the food, which is what I had really come for. Aside from the bikes!

Now I’m back in Scotland and it’s 5pm and pitch black. D’oh! Stupid End-Of-Daylight-Saving. Yesterday I was roasting under a blue sky, 32’C. The post-holiday blues are kicking in but I am feeling good about how it all went.  I’d written to Lainey last week about how I was looking forward to the holiday yet worried I’d forget my goals and eat and drink myself into a major setback, as I have done after so many trips. But we brainstormed some Survival Tactics and a line from her email really stuck in my head all weekend, Think how smug you will feel if you come home and it’s not all turned to shit!

And now I am home and it’s not all turned to shit. The food in Valencia was too damn fine to just sit there with a plate of lettuce, and I did eat way more calorific stuff that I would have at home. But it’s nice to feel like I got to enjoy the local tucker (which is the best thing about travel, I reckon) without being a total piggy. Rock on!

. . .

Thanks everyone for the comments and emails on the Ranty Knee Entry! I had to skip the country after I wrote it; I always feel self-conscious after a big spiel. Ooh, a special cheers to Wilma. As I’ve been tapping out this entry an email just came swishing into the Inbox with some tip top info about how she handled a similar injury. A godsend I tells ya. I’ll write back very soon Wilma!

I’ve been mulling over Grendel’s comment since I got home. I dunno if you’re still out there Grendel! I tried to respond to you directly but my email was returned with a Mailbox Unavailable message. If you’re out there, do you have another account? I’d really like to respond.

Til next time, comrades!

16 thoughts on “Cerveza Por Favor

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking over your blog. I’ve included a link to here over at: http://www.paulhurst.blogspot.com where I’m taking a comical look at how people are using blogs to stay healthy. I do hope you are not offended 🙂

    Keep up the good work and I hope my blog brings you a bit of extra traffic too 🙂


  2. Yay, I’m glad you get to enjoy the smugness. I love your description of the orange juice, although I’m not sure it’s sounds all that appetizing…!

    I dreamed about you and Lainey both, a few nights ago. Dreamed I came to visit you in Scotland, but then it morphed to your parents’ house down under. They had an ENORMOUS house! I think it was that laundry-room photo of Gareth that lodged it in my brain – who can understand dreams?

    Anyway, it was nice.

  3. The smugness! The smugness! I have yet to experience a trip overseas where I have not come back without feeling completely stuff0red with food… slight exception is Hong Kong, where I got off the plane demanding spinach since the family I stayed with ate 5 meals a day. O_O outRAGEous!

    Good on you for remembering the word for water and not letting the booze gobble up those calories! Yaaaaya!

  4. Hi Shauna,

    Thank you for the huge belly laughs I’ve had while reading this post, and I’ll look forward to spending more time on your site. I love the fact that you’re aiming to lose weight without particuarly following a diet – I’m aiming to stop dieting without particularly losing weight (that will come, once I’ve conquered the diet demons). I’ll add you to my RSS and keep a track on your progress! Have also mentioned your site on my list of diet-dumping blogs, if that’s okay, as I think this can come under this banner!

    Good luck,

    Andrea 🙂

  5. Technically speaking about the food you ate on holiday, it surely has actually all turned to… Glad you had a nice time. I’m for con gas, myself. Bubbles are filling.

  6. Since I am all about earning the right to be smug, I have to say that that is, without a doubt, the best strategy line ever.

    Spain sounds heavenly. Warm sun… Tree ripend fruit… Lord, I’m pining for summer already. Glad you had a fabulous time!

  7. I’ve read in your archives about how the darker evenings affect you. Try getting out for regular walks during your lunch break – the daylight is supposed to help. Don’t wait until the miseries have hit you but start now and maybe you’ll beat them this year.

    Glad the esp/no chocolate thing worked but I think it rebounded on me because I’ve been craving chocolate and I don’t usually even like it!

  8. Hi Shauna,

    I can’t remember if I’ve commented before, but I don’t think I have… I’ve been quietly reading for a few months (after I got literally no work done while I was reading your archives!) and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog – your writing style is so hilarious and captivating – I love it!

    Keep up all your good work, you’re an inspiration 😀


    (a Melbournite)

  9. I have been absent for a while but it is good to return and see that you are still fighting! Sounds like a great time away and the food sounds great. At the end of the day it is all about being “normal” and “normal” people have yummy food whilst on holiday. Great stuff.

  10. Oh, you are such a good girl. No chocolate. I haven’t had any chocolate today, so that’s something.

    I had churros for the first time on the weekend. It was in Melbourne though, not Spain. And this was dipped in the chocolate sauce. Yuuummmm. And with the richest hot chocolate in the world that had ice-cream in it. Soooo decadant. We should have shared them though. They were huge meals. I didn’t even finish it and I still felt like I’d gone totally overboard.

    Well, your approach to your holiday sounds very sensible, and I’m glad to hear you came back feeling both smug and satisfied! You need to enjoy yourself without going overboard. Now why can’t I do that (consistantly)? I have to do that.

    Hope your knee is getting better.

  11. I came across your site and have been slowly catching up. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading all your entries. Well done on not eating chocolate while you were away.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time was had. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and that you stayed on the plot. Well done. I will certainly take a feather out of your cap 🙂

  13. Shauna, forget about that comment, as soon as I saw it in print I felt really bad – it didn’t come through the way I intended it to. I’ve been reading your Pussycat blog for years, and when I found out about the Dietgirl blog, and read some of the archives, I felt inspired and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and “insights” on the subject. The translating in my head + the editing to get it into normal comment size changed what I wanted to say into something really cold and judgmental.

    Keep up the inspiring writing, I will be back in the comments box when I have something relevant to say…

  14. grendel, please don’t worry at all! i just wanted to write to tell you that i agree with your approach totally about food/non-dieting and was just worried that one day of food i posted may have given the wrong impression. don’t hide! come baaaaack i don’t bite 🙂

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