Going For Tin

I couldn’t post yesterday as I was incandescent with rage. Such a nice phrase, but I wish I didn’t have to use it. I gained 0.6 kg (1.5lb) which meant after three weeks of Going For Gold I am 0.3 kg heavier than when I started.

Before anyone suggests I’m self-sabotaging or stalling, let me assure you this is not the case. Nor is it a plateau. I don’t believe in plateaus, not for me anyway. Besides, a plateau suggests that one has levelled out from some sort of height. I haven’t even got off the floor yet! Trust me, I want to get to goal. I am determined and I have been working hard, but it just wasn’t reflected on the scales.

So I managed to talk myself down from the ledge. I know last week was a Good One. But the week before was a shocker. Sometimes the true crapness of a Crap Week takes longer to properly show up on the scales, just as a Good Week doesn’t always show up instantly.

(I am also bloated like a mofo. That should be over with by the end of the week, hopefully without me taking any prisoners!)

I have also been at this long enough to know it is dangerous to focus too much on the dreaded machine. All I need to do is have another Good Week, and then another and another. Consistently staying conscious of what I eat and how I move my wobbly arse. Until I rack up a whole bunch of Good Weeks in a row I can’t expect to see great movement on the scale. So I have to keep going and not panic!

Have to admit though, despite the fact that my trousers feel looser and my waist is smaller and I could lift heavier weights this week… as soon as I stepped on the scale I felt completely shit for awhile there; that sinking realisation that my goal was now even further away.

But I got on with it, and as soon as I started flinging around some dumbells and admiring my so-called biceps I was reminded again what this is supposed to be about. Gettin’ healthy! Being strong! Pushing myself! Why do I forget that so easily?

Onward and downward!

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  1. You WILL do it. Keep going. It is only a crappy piece of metal.

    I always take my measurements after a bad weigh in and they always confirm my hard work!

  2. My favorite thing to hear is…’If it where easy, everyone would be skinny!!’.. and my fat ass is proof that it is NOT easy. You have an unbreakable spirit.. and there is over 100 lbs floating around somewhere as proof that you CAN do it. (Have you ever wandered where all that fat goes??) LOL I have faith in you! Next time you are out walking, I’ll be the one behind you kicking you in the ‘arse’!(In thought anyway!)

    Bless You!

  3. It’s nice to know that you can truly see where you want to go and not let the scale stop you no matter how incredibly %$#%$ frustrating it is. I keep reading about all that you have learned during your fat-busting journey, and hope that I can mimic your success! You are AWESOME!

  4. Dammit! Those darn scales are so infuriating. I had a similar incident with them earlier this week. I too was on the ledge, unfortunately for me, I had some Twinkies up there as well to console me…I pray I can get to the point where I don’t immediately head for the “bad” food when I’m emotional. You’re an inspiration. I know that you can do it!

  5. It could be that you are building up muscle too and that might be tipping the scales. I wonder what your body fat % is? It might be lower than you think! πŸ™‚

  6. It’s all muscle, sista! MUSCLE! Screw the scales! M U S C L E ! ! ! I’m not going to tell what I think you should do (which would be throw the scales at a hen’s night that has made the trip up from, oh, I don’t know, BOLTON on the National Express on a TUESDAY, yes, a TUESDAY, to hen their way up and down Rose Street. TUESDAY! Did I mention I used to live on Rose Street? And there was a 1 litre empty yoghurt pot in my bedroom, filled with water for the Tuesday night hens girls.) What was I saying? Lord, I had a flashback then! Cough! Yes, me thinks it’s muscle, and PMS or something is screwing with ya. Now go and exercise! And you are a brave girl for posting this, because a gain is hard to admit…I know it. This week I gained over 2KGS! NOW THAT’S GOTTA MAKE YOU LAUGH!

  7. I have been reading your blog for most of a year and this is by far the most powerful, meaningful entry I’ve read. I have experienced homocidal rage πŸ™‚ toward the scale several times, and have often taken it out on my body with a binge. Yuck. I am saving your post to remind myself what a healthy response to disappointment looks like. Thank you.

  8. It’s probably the bloating babe. Through weighing myself daily I’ve noted that I can be 6lbs (yes that’s right, half a stone) heavier for a good 10 days in every month!!

  9. Ahhh DG I know *exaclty* what you are going through !! For the past 2 weeks I have done the walking, done the deep water running and done the swimming. Although my tummy is getting flatter and my pants are getting bigger I have managed to put on half a kg – not happy Jan !!!!!

    It is frustrating, heart wrenching and infuriating all in one package. I am going to take today off from thinking about my eating – I am not going to do nothing but eat all of the wrong things however I am going to put stuff in my mouth without the analysis. Then on Thursday I will get back to it once more.

    As you said “Onward and Downward” !!! Chin up you are an inspiration to us all!!


  10. I just HATE when I let the number on the scale rule my day, my week or my life. It would be heavenly to have some other consistent, reliable way of gauging progress. You are a great example of facing the music and dancing forward.

  11. I agree with alot of others here – it could definately be fluid &/or muscle – especially if you are seeing changes elsewhere.

    Mad props for not letting it get you down though!! After all, weight is just a number and can’t reflect everything thats going on inside those complicated ole bodies of ours!!

  12. Ooooh. Incandescent with rage. Good one.

    Your recent post about small changes adding on top of each other is finally sinking in for me. I’ve regained 10+ lb over a year and I’ve been overwhelming myself with all the stuff I should be doing to get rid of it.

    This week I picked one thing to focus on. One. As soon as I made that decision I felt less crazy.

  13. “my trousers feel looser and my waist is smaller and I could lift heavier weights…”

    Sounds like muscle to me.

    And possibly the bloating thing also. At that point in my monthly calendar I would feel awful whatever the scales said, so good for you that you kept going! I’m sure you’ll see the benefits of all the good stuff you’ve been doing, next time.

  14. I think its muscle as well. I’ve finally come to the realization that i go in and out of two phases, one where i burn fat and the other where i gain muscle. This may be the case with you as well. A few weeks back i hadn’t lost anything but i thought “What the heck! I’ll try on those size 18 jeans i haven’t been able to close yet.” And guess what? They fit!

  15. This has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to say thankyou for posting your before/during/after photos up. You are an inspiration and you look so different!!!!!
    I have been trying to bring myself to put my own photos up, I have the links on my website that currently go nowhere, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But now I’m thinking that maybe I can. So thankyou.
    You look fantastic keep it up!

  16. This has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to say thankyou for posting your before/during/after photos up. You are an inspiration and you look so different!!!!!
    I have been trying to bring myself to put my own photos up, I have the links on my website that currently go nowhere, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But now I’m thinking that maybe I can. So thankyou.
    You look fantastic keep it up!

  17. Another vote for fluid. My weight’s fluctuated by up to 5 pounds from week to week, even on a strict diet.

    To gain 1.5 pounds of fat you would have to eat 5250 kcal, or 9 big macs: it’s not something you can do and not know you’ve done it.

  18. Ahhh, even though you know its the muscle, even though you know its the bloating, even though its just the damn fluctuating body, you still feel like ass when a bleeding number on a scale shows you up. I know this feeling all too well!

    I lost a piddly 0.2kg this week, and am pissed off that my hard work (and sore aching muscles from Body Pump) amounted to nothing more. YET I lost 5 centimetres off my legs, and 1 centimetre respectively off my bust, hips, and waist. Though its the SCALE that dictate the end goal, doesn’t it, and its a real downer when you set out to achieve something and end up stepping backwards instead of forwards.

    You WILL do it, Shauna!

    YOU HEAR ME!?!!?



  19. I know what you mean by hating the scale! I want to throw it out every time I see a slight gain. But, you know what, it is off by the next week or 2 with more of it! I got this article from someone about the the scale and it has helped sometimes, here it is http://primusweb.com/fitnesspartner/library/weight/scale.htm. Keep on doing what your doing and it will come off again. I know you already know that, you’ve had so much success.

  20. When i get down i like to think o some diet sayings/jokes and that keeps my chin up.

    i have been on a gin and tonic diet, so far i have lost two days

    i have been on a diet for two weeks, so far i have lost 14 days

    and my personal favourite

    God, if you cant make me skinny can you at least make my friends fat?

    hope the rest of the week goes well for you!

  21. You need to find something to hit! NO!!! not your husband or friends.. something!! it helps πŸ™‚ You are so right though. Keeping at it is the only way to get over these hurdles. If only my brain would remember that each week…

  22. You are such a star DG. And very sensible too with your self-talk.

    I definitely think you are at the stage in your development where muscle gain is not merely an excuse. I have heard that excuse at my old slimming club – but I just don’t believe it to be true when you have significant weight to lose. But you’re on the last stone and you’re lifting weights. It’s bound to be muscle.

  23. Here’s another vote for TOM water retention! I used to be able to gain and lose half a stone in a week.

    BIG well done for dealing with the incandescent rage so well, I doubt I could have been so controlled. I think I’d have run head first in to the nearest vat of icecream!

    Like one of the other respondents said, thank you once again for your ‘small changes’ post. It really has made a difference to the way I’m behaving at the moment.

    BTW, I had to get new scales after my husband dropped the old ones and they started showing me as a couple of stone lighter (I wish….) – could your scales be faulty or maybe need a new battery???

  24. I have just been reading some of your blogs from 2004 and more recent ones.

    I have min of 24lbs to lose for July 2007 as I am going to be cheifbridesmaid for my best friends wedding. Her other 4 bridesmaids are at least 5′ 6″ and all a size 8, where as im 5′ 2″ and a size 14. You hjave given me a great starting point!
    Keep it up Chick!

  25. Hey Shauny baby. *Shyly comments on this side of your blogiverse. Eeeee!*

    My two bob’s worth and I know nothing: so, my trainer dude won’t let me weigh myself (or do my BMI fat percentage thing again) for two whole months, saying that if I saw the scales I would freak out and think my hard grind was heading me nowhere fast cos of the muscle replacing fat and muscle weighing more, blah blah. There’s also the fact that I’m supposed to weigh the same at the end of this regime, but instead be recomposed of carbon fibre rather than silly putty or hubba bubba gum or whatever it was all that London living did to me. I’m sure you know this drill more than me, but just saying …

    You rule the school. Byeee!

  26. OOO Stay strong! Think of all the positives (Lifting heavier weights, how much better you feel health wise).. walk away from the scale and try measurements.. bet they have improved! Maybe that will give you the boost of movtivation you need. You are doing wonderful!!!=0)

  27. Don’t worry about the scales. You can do this and you will do this. Just keep trying and straving for it.

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