On A Stick

This week the scales were back down to 81.3 kg. Which is 0.6kg or 1.5lb lost. Which is just the same bloody amount I gained last week.

All I could do this time was laugh and shake my head, you know in the way that some parents do when their little darling is smearing chocolate all over the couch or slashing somebody’s tyres. Oh you crazy kids. You know, that look? Oh you CRAZY scales! You kill me!

The thing is, on both Saturday and Sunday the scale was down to 80.4, which I feel is more reflective of my efforts over the past four weeks of Going For Gold. I don’t know what happened while I was sleeping on Sunday night, perhaps the pumpkin soup or the salad or the delicious braised cabbage I’d consumed over the weekend had suddenly turned to lead.

But you know what? To hell with the scale. I will keep going. There’s only eleven weeks left in the challenge, many of which involve Chistmas and calorific events. I will be extra vigilant and make sure I keep the momentum going. It will take extra effort to get the rest of this blubber off. So I can’t do things like, make apple crumble for dessert on a Monday night because there were heaps of apples needing to be used up and it was Weigh Day so I can get away with it especially if you have it with yogurt on the side. No! I can’t do that kind of thing. I just have to suck it up and work harder.

. . .

I am off work next week so I vow to write entries of higher quality then. Sorry things haven’t been particularly profound lately. 

In the meantime, behold this latest wonder of food manufacturing! Pancake And Sausage On A Stick. Together at last!


25 thoughts on “On A Stick

  1. good lord… what will they think of next? They do remind me of pluto pups! Don’t worry too much about what the scale says… you are the best judge of your body and you will be able to feel the difference before a scale ever will. Keep up your willpower for the next 10 weeks… you can do it Shauna! πŸ™‚

  2. Serious WTF regarding Pancake and Sausage on a Stick! And I was particularly horrified by the Deep Fried Coke ‘innovation’.

    You and me both need to work harder and not worry too much about what the scales said – I’ve just come out of a ridiculously fatty Indian Festival which means becoming consuming fat-laden sweets which are only available once every year. BAH!

    You can do it! Don’t make me come… down… there (eh, doesn’t quite work with Northern Hemispherians)

  3. HEY! What about taking some measurements? That might show you your work is paying off… And have you considered the muscle factor?

  4. What makes it worse is that the pancake wrapped around the sausage is SWEET – gross! (Possibly not quite as gross as deep fried Mars Bar, though.)

    Well done for ignoring the scales and getting on with it. Are you having any non-scale changes like maybe your clothes are getting a little looser?????

    The scales have got to catch up with all this hard work soon – maybe next week you’ll get an amazing scales change. Fingers crossed for you.

  5. hiya sarah! yep plenty of non-scale changes. i forgot to take my measurements four weeks ago and kicking myself now. i am so bloody bored with this trying to lose weight business but will just keep my head down…

  6. In addition to a weekly weigh in, I think PastaQueen does a moving average thing which tells a little more of the story (that girl is clever.)

  7. I was going to suggest measuring yourself too. When I get frustrated w/ the scales, usually the measuring tape is the answer. Sometimes it’s just keeping on keeping on though! Boring, but works! All the best on your journey!

  8. Sounds like water retention to me!

    Hot dogs in pancakes just sound plain wrong.

    My sister and I used to buy Puffy Dogs – hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry! We’d eat them while watching Buffy and call them Buffy Dogs because we are witty like that πŸ™‚

  9. I love your blog. I hope it is ok that I borrowed the code to do the same kind of updated stats on my blog. If it is not ok, I will remove it. I just dont know how to do a lot of the fancy stuff myself yet.

  10. Hmm. I made an apple and summer fruit crumble this week and I’ve put on a pound. Could it really have been that?
    Actually, not just that…
    I’m logging cals and fat and stuff on sparkpeople now and what a revelation. Despite believing I eat a low fat diet, I’ve been over the maximum on fat about half the time. I had no idea.
    Good luck with the rest of your challenge.

  11. Good attitude! I love it. You’re a no-excuses type of person. That’s what it takes to be successful!

    Eck. If I ate that for breakfast I wouldn’t be able to move. What is the world coming too…

  12. Perhaps it should have been stewed apples and sultanas to have on your low-fat high-fibre breakfast cereal?

  13. sue, i did think that briefly, “hmmm i’ve stewed these apples, i COULD stop at this point!” but nooo! next thing i am rubbing butter into flour, etc etc. for shame!

    cheers for the link pamela! will check it oot…

    powergirl, here’s a link for sultanas – clickity!

    thanks for your comments dear comrades! sorry i haven’t replied to them all properly… going away on the weekend so running round like a mad chook here…

  14. good lord that pancake creation is a disgrace!!!!I love your blog by the way.Spent ages the other day going through your archives.You make me giggle out loud and i think you look beautiful.youll get to goal i know it and it will be fun to watch

  15. Ahhhh Thompson Seedless to us Californians then! Thank you Dietgirl for taking the time to reply! Now I see why your journal is so popular, not only are you fun reading, you are so responsive. I sent you an email a while back before I started this blog. I am the girl living in San Francisco who will be also having two weddings (one here and one in Turkey) Thanks for the inspiration to start blogging here. Everyone seems so supportive!

  16. Go buy yourself a new frock or shoes or jewellery or perfume. Because you’re a great person. Those scales are gettin’ your knickers into a frustrated twist and messin’ with your mind. Try pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and kiwifruit once a day. They give your insides a really good clean out as they make their way out. Take the air freshner with you if you’re not a two toilet household.

  17. I made unsweetened applesauce that goes on my morning oatmeal. (I guess that’s like stewed apples, only with one more stage of mooshing and slight filtering. So stewed apples might be better, because you keep more fiber.)

    I think you’re right not to focus too much on the scales – at least on an individual basis. What matters isn’t what each weigh-in says, but what the overall result is. And we all know what the overall result is. It is le awesome. πŸ™‚

  18. Scales. *sigh* Does anyone actually react rationally to those things? God knows, I certainly don’t…

    Thanks for paying my blog a visit, Shauna – I’ve been reading yours for a lo-o-ong time and I have no doubt you will get to goal. You’re made of strong stuff, girl!

  19. Oh, and as for that pancake-sausage thing…I thought cheese-in-a-can was bad, but there are just SO many things that are wrong about a sausage wrapped in a sweet pancake that I don’t even know where to begin.

  20. Damn the scales because you are on a mission girl! Pancakes & Sausage on a stick? That is just so wrong *shudder*.

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