Strip n Weigh

It was so strange weighing in on a Monday again. It really does make you think twice about what you put in your gob over the weekend.

And it’s quite a nostalgic too, recalling the heady days of 2001 when my sister and I would drive to our WW meeting on a Monday evening. I’d sit there on the loo for ten minutes, trying to pee out another half pound and wondering if I could have worn lighter shoes.

After we weighed, we’d ditch the meeting and go to Woolies to do our grocery shopping. We’d always cook something extra yummy on Monday nights, a post weigh-in treat. My favourite was Burger Night. Australian style of course – with beef, bacon, cheese, grilled pineapple, onions, etc etc. I  worked at a fish and chip shop during university – coincidentally the period I stacked on the most lard – so I knew how to make a mean burger. But of course we’d healthified it – extra lean mince, extra lean bacon, wholegrain buns, and a spritz of cooking spray instead of oil. Lordy, they were tasty.

But Monday weigh-ins aren’t as much fun now, since it’s just me at home at 6.45AM. I don’t have time for theatrics or fancy food, otherwise I’d miss my train. It’s just Strip ‘n’ Weigh, baby! 80.9 kilos (178lb) which means I lost 0.7 kg (1.5lb).

Woohoo! I’ll take that. I had a good, clean, sensible week so I must plough forward and do it all over again. I have already had my chocolate ration this week – one Marks & Spencer Caramel Shortcake. It was tops. There are some major Social Landmines coming up, foodwise; but I will do my best to stay aboard the good ship LardBust. Ahoy!

17 thoughts on “Strip n Weigh

  1. Glad you too see the necessity to capitalize Social Landmines — they’re a conundrum, aren’t they? Can’t lock ourselves in a closet for The Duration, but they so often turn into an excuse to go off program. I know it’s in my head, but they’re still a challenge… Good Luck!

  2. I’ve switched to Tuesday WI again because now I am not eating up all my Flexies on the weekend like a pig in heat. It really helps!

  3. good work on the loss babe. Geez it must be hard when you get That Close! Just think if u have a week just as good this week you will be a 70s baby! oh my god! a 70s girl.

  4. Ah, but we know the strip-n-weigh isn’t JUST that. Again, you need to pee, and perhaps hope for a good poo, and then maybe q-tip your ears in case that makes a difference, and ponder if shaving your entire body including your head would make a difference, and maybe take off your nailpolish…


  5. blubbah, unfortunately my Strip n Weigh really IS just strip and weigh, since I get up about 15 mins before i need to leave the house, there is never any time for lounging round on the loo or Q-tipping. I must set the alarm earlier 😛

  6. Whooo Hoooo!

    That’s a nice solid loss. Phew! Thank Gawd- especailly after the dodgy early week weigh ins. Good on ya missus.

  7. 1.5 is great! That story of the Aussie burger is making me very hungry, I can tell you. I rarely eat hamburgers, but when I do, it’s so much worth it to make them at home than get some kind of fast-food.

    The Eating Season is just beginning – in previous years the Christmas candy came out the day after the Halloween candy; this year I see Halloween started in September, and the stores are already stocking Christmas. It’s crazy!

  8. Oh my GOD I miss Aussie hamburgers with the lot! I make them at home here in the UK now too and I always think it is funny that the beetroot comes in jars (not cans). Ah the little things.

    Well done, woman! Go, go, GO!

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