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Going For Gold Status Report! Things are going well this week. I have been feeling completely overwhelmed by things lately so taking it One Meal At A Time seems to be helping.

My swimming teacher had to cancel last night and I contemplated crawling into bed with a book. But I did Cathe’s Pyramid Upper Body instead. The woman is not paying me to say this, but her goods work well for me coz it’s the bossiness of a Body Pump class without having to leave the house and your crappy breakfast-encrusted t-shirt. PUB is my Lazy Day DVD because it only uses dumbbells – I just reach right under the bed for em. As opposed to workouts that use the barbell, which involves moving furniture and futzing around changing the plates. You have to be in the right mood for that sort of palaver!

So it’s lazy, but it’s hard. You start with 12 reps at the lightest weight, then 10 with medium, 8 with your heaviest, then work your way back down through the pyramid. Its very fast, simple and efficient. You just whip through each body part – chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps – and before you know it you’re a crumpled, whimpering heap on the bedroom floor. But then you have to recover for the abs section.

I only did the 30-minute Pyramid Up last night, but I think when you feeling out of sorts it’s better to do something, anything, exercise-y, rather than sit on your arse. I have to keep the momentum going and keep moving forward. Pow!

I also wanted to say cheers for all the lovely comments and emails of late, they are soooo appreciated. Thank you. Thank you…

A lot of people have mentioned deep-water running, would anyone mind saying a bit more about that? Google is rather vague. My gym only has Old Lady Aqua classes on weekday mornings, obviously nae good to me; so is this something I could pursue on my own?

Hope you all have a tops weekend πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey, wanted to mention something – I’m going to try Body Pump! You’ll probably explode when you hear that my local Les Mills is holding FREE workouts for this month. Outrageous! I can’t wait to give it a go after reading about it on here πŸ˜€

    And deep water running does sound very interesting, I’ll be interested in what the others have to say about it

    Glad to hear that Operation Go For Gold is chugging along nicely this week!

  2. Shauna, I found this link

    One of my friends does deep water running at the local pool and basically he told me that you put a weight belt on, jump into the deep end and run on the spot in the water. You get all the benefits of running without any of the impact supposedly.

    I keep meaning to do a class but just haven’t managed to get there yet!

  3. Hey DG, I’m impressed with your dumbbellosity. I tried working with weights at home, I really did, but I was such a wimp about the pain that inevitably seemed to follow that I kept putting my morning workout off for just another five minutes, then another five, then five more until I’d be late for work and use that as an excuse not to do it at all. Now yoga is my only strength training. Not sure that’s enough.

    Deep-water running is a good exercise for someone just starting out, but I’m not sure I would recommend it for someone with an established base of cardiovascular fitness. I did it for a while, but eventually–don’t laugh–I was working so hard trying to keep my heartrate up that I gave myself shin splints. Granted, the water helps keep your heartrate down, but even so I’ve found that regular running, with good shoes, works a lot better for me.

  4. shin splints from water running! florababy, you make me smile πŸ™‚
    unfortunately i don’t have an established base of CV fitness anymore as it’s almost 6 months since i’ve been able to do anything gruelling… but maybe this could be a good start.

    and if you’re not a dumbell fan, have you ever tried a resistance band? they’re just this big ol stretchy rubber bands and you can do all sorts of resistance exercises without having to lug around dumbells… very hand and portable πŸ™‚

  5. Deep water running is ace! It’s just like running, but completely low impact. To change it up you can even angle back slightly and lift your legs up and down (like you’re going to do a big bomb into the swimming pool) and it is a wonderful workout for your abs.

    My swim squad trained for awhile at the same swimming pool that the Essendon Bombers (an Aussie Rules team) did. You could always spot the ones in rehab, they were deep water running instead of doing laps. LOL

    Do you have Cathe’s Muscle Max DVD? Shit, that’s a very hard workout! It was the first of hers we bought. We’ve downgraded to an easier one, but are deadset on working up to it.

  6. aye i do have Muscle Max, Kada! It’s a goodun, reminds me a lot of the Body Pump format, one song per bit πŸ™‚

    From what I’ve seen the beginner/intermediate Total Body Sculpting DVD looks like a good place to start, I watched the previews on the website and it looks lie everything is broken down and explained very well.

    I think Muscle Max etc is do-able if you use light weights (or no weight for say the leg stuff) but if I hadn’t have done Body Pump classes before I wouldn’t have had a freakin clue what to do!

  7. Funny – P.U.B. is also my “lazy day” workout, because you get to LIE DOWN for a lot of the exercises!

    I love the Cathe workouts, and she’s not paying me either. If I ever get to “After” status, I’ll send her my pic and inspirational story, and hopefully receive a large payment for my endorsement.

  8. Deep water running? My mind boggles…I think I’ve done it though, once on a holiday at Hervey Bay, home of Vic Hislop’s shark world. I was paddling about in the ocean, and suddenly, the thought – just the thought, mind – of a SHARK came into my head. I think I sprinted and thrashed my way to shore fast enough, and with no visable swimming skills, for it to qualify as deep water running…

  9. Wow! That Pryamid workout sounds brutal.

    I like what I’m hearing about the Deep Water running. It sounds pretty cool.

    Love your blog.

  10. My first time to say hi, from sunny Gold Coast, Queensland. I found the DWR classes a tad boring but was good to get the basics. Its easy, just run forward using your arms to help move you along. When you get to the end then run backwards using your arms. You can also run in a skiing motion, stretching all the way out. Try sidestepping, you don’t get very far but its good for inner &outer thighs. Run really fast on the spot. Make up your own stuff its not that hard. So you can’t get the heartrate up that much but if you do it hard enough your legs should burn after a workout.

  11. Absolutely agree that anything is better than nothing on a blah day. If I’m feeling like that I take it easy on the elliptical theorising that at least I’m moving my body.

  12. I came across your blog and all I can say is .. YOUR MY HERO!! I have just begun my painful journey into weightloss, but have already learned alot from you. Thank you for sharing your story, it means alot. Please, look up my blog if you are ever really bored one day… I would love the input!

    Congratulations on your amazing life… you are an amazing woman!!!


  13. Deep water running i guess would be the equivalent of aqua-jogging – wearing a floatation belt and jogging up and down the pool without touching the bottom. The other thing I do is deep water aquarobics – again, wearing a floatation belt and doing the usual types of aqua exercises without touching the bottom.

  14. Hiya Shauny, just a quick note to say hang in there baby. You know the weight will come off eventually if you continue to do all the right things. (Which you do 99% of the time.)

    I really miss my Body Pump class but I’m finding that rowing the surf boats makes up for it. Had our first surf carnival last weekend and we kicked butt! Our crew are all over 35 years old and we’re racing girls in their early 20’s. πŸ™‚

    Hope you find some new and interesting activity to try out this week. NJ

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