The Demon Drink

Yesterday afternoon I looked at all those words of wisdom in the previous entry and thought, Who is this reasonable, level-headed person? What a smug bitch!

Oh yeah. I had pretty ordinary week, people. I had put my big hoof right into all those Social Landmines that I’d vowed to avoid. Result: 0.4 kg gain this morning, just under a pound. Arrgh!

Where did it all go wrong? I went on a team retreat type of thing last Thursday and Friday. There were fairly healthy food options, but I just ignored those options much of the time.

And the drink. Oh, the demon drink. I am not into alcohol to be honest. I don’t see the point in wasting calories on liquids. If I am going to indulge I want something I can sink my teeth into, literally! For all the travel and social events I’ve ponced through this year, I’ve averaged less than one drink per month according to my spreadsheet.

But I had about three drinks on Thursday night, because there was port and it reminds of Christmas and trifles so I couldn’t resist. And then we had our night out in Glasgow on Saturday. I am hopeless in any sort of nightclub situation, I just don’t feel comfortable. So before we even left our friend’s flat I’d already had two glasses of wine to calm my nerves. Normally it takes me about two hours to drink one glass, I’m so slow. Once out, I got locked in a round-buying thing.

I just cannot keep up with Scottish people. Do you all have cast iron livers? People assume because I’m a tall, sturdy lass that I can knock it back, especially since I’m an Australian tall, sturdy lass.  In truth, I’m hopeless with anything more than one tiny drink. So on Saturday after three vodka and oranges spread over three hours, my stomach was churning. Gareth and I were lined up at the bar when my head started spinning and my vision clouded. I stumbled to the loos and of course there was a queue, there is always a queue! I felt like a hapless sixteen-year-old who’d sneaked in past the bouncers; I looked so pale and pathetic and bedraggled. Finally I got into a stall and just sat there feeling sorry for myself and clicking my heels in a There’s No Place Like Home fashion.

But I splashed my face with water and ventured back out, and drank nothing but water for the last couple of hours. I actually quite enjoyed it once I’d sobered up a bit, but I couldn’t help calculating that I could have eaten a whole bar of Green and Blacks for all that booze I’d guzzled!

Finally at 3am we were lined up in the world’s longest taxi queue and everyone was walking by with polysterene boxes piled with greasy chips, kebabs, spring rolls, mysterious meats and slippery noodles. I had never known such longing.

Thankfully I resisted, because I had already done quite enough damage to my week. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling so porky and miserable for screwing up the 16 Week Challenge. But then I gave myself a stern pep talk; it was just a blip and not the end of the world. I got off the couch and did a blistering upper body weights workout and then sat down to a healthy dinner cooked by Gareth (roast vegies, sauteed curly kale, Quorn sausages and vegie gravy. Noice!).

So order has been restored. This week will be better. Or else!

18 thoughts on “The Demon Drink

  1. Long, long, long time lurker here ! Just coming out of the woodwork! I adore you blog(s). You are right this is just a blip, and you have heaps of time to turn it around before your challenge ends ! Kel x

  2. Yeah, you can do it!

    Drinking in shouts is the worst… once you get in, you can’t get out without looking like a cheapskate. And well done for avoiding the greasies on the way home.

  3. Oh man Shauna, I think we seem to have some secret-gorge-sister-syndrome or something – I had a very similar sort of week and have ended up with a very similar sort of result. Oh how easy weight loss would be if I could stay up in my room with a straight jacket on gnashing my teeth at anyone who walks in with something higher than 200 calories. RAWWWWR!

    I’m the same with alcohol! I can’t handle more than one drink unless its so thick and creamy that it feels like food (vein of Baileys or Kahlua and Frangelico with Milk) and that offsets the Fark-I’m-pissed feeling.

    Oh! And I made you something.

  4. Hey Dietgirl – I’ve been really inspired by your blog. (Also it’s such a relief to read stuff on the web written by another Australian πŸ˜‰ It’s also wonderful, if a bit envy inducing to read about your adventures in Glasgow – what a fantastic place. I’d go back there any time!) Anyway – I wanted to say thanks for sticking with this for so long. Have only just discovered this site – through your Cosmo article – and so haven’t read a lot yet. I love the way that you talked right from the start about how long it would take and that even though that was hard it was part of the deal. Thanks for your honesty and dedictation and good humour. Thanks for hating night clubs too!

    Cheers from Rhatty in Brisbane – where it’s getting hot!

  5. Oh it is the demon drink that is my downfall! I am no alc-ie or anything but I do adore a nice cold frosty beer (even here in cold frosty England). And red wine and cheese are my tormentors during the winter months.

    You are doing so well, DG. Pints of lager and a follow up kebab would have been much worse than a few vodkas. Onwards and upwards! πŸ˜€

  6. Ah the booze. I do like a drink and often NEED one! It’s a bitch having to incorporate drink cals into the plan as well as food ones. I used up 400 on Friday night. Whoops!

    I think back with longing to the days when I was 17 and was getting wasted twice a week, every week and still managed to lose 1 or 2 pounds. Sigh…

    Anyway – you’ve got a plan. Plan, plan, plan and are ready to rumble. Well, at least ready to slosh about at aqua tonight. You’ll have that booze induced bloat off in no time – and then some!

  7. DG, have you considered that you are stalling on finishing your journey??? Why did you ignore the healthy options on the Thursday/Friday nights? Why didn’t you get a diet coke or something during the rounds situation? You gotta ask the hard questions, girlie, and I might as well be the crankybee to ask ’em? COME ON! GO FOR GOLD and spend NYE at goal!

  8. Definitely not stalling cranky πŸ™‚ Sometimes i just have these moments where i simply do not think. sometimes when it’s a social situation my mind goes completely blank and i forget about my goals, i forget i am supposed to be trying to lose weight.

    Especially when i don’t FEEL especially lardy anymore, when i am with a big group i tend to think i am just like everyone else and eat what they do, as opposed to nibbling on salad. and sometimes I just see all that yummy FOOD and I forget to stop and think about what i am doing and make a conscious choice. (and happens especially after a few drinks! hehe.)

    So i sit down and eat the food, still thinking, oooh food, yummy food! but of course ten minutes later or sometimes even longer, i realise… d’oh. bad choice.

    Perhaps I need to tattoo You’re Still On A Diet on the back of my hands so I don’t forget again.

  9. I know exactly what you mean about how the game changes once you no longer feel that same sense of oh-my-God-I’m-so-fat! panic. And, oh yeah, once I have a drink or two, forget it. The diet is toast! One thing I do now when I’m out to dinner is skip the aperitif and wait until after I’ve ordered my meal before I get a drink. I make much better choices that way. All in all, I still think you’re doing great!

  10. I was just thinking about dieting and alchohol on my way into work today! Abstaining is hard I think because it is such a social thing, at least here in the US. And if you opt out it’s like you are saying you aren’t really interested in being part of the group. I need to have a talk w/ my friends so they don’t take it so personally lol.

    Love the blog! Can’t wait for the next update!

  11. Just thinking about this the other day – I was about to order the celery soup, when boyfriend suddenly said ‘go for the omlette: it has chips and looks good’ and I did… although I didn’t want to, and as he ordered a pint, I had one with him, even though I am no great alcohol hand these days.

    I find I tend to order what other people order, drink because others do and, like you say in your comment, once it appears in front of me I am sort of… ummm, I don’t know if I even want that. Thank God I am vegetarian, so this often forces me to make alternative choices. Actually, a meat-devouring friend of mine went vegan for a while in order to be eating different things (recipe-rut) – you probably eat fairly veggie on account of Dr G., but have you thought of going on a vegan trip in order to create the ‘stop and think’ or at least to buy for time when you have to ask the waiter what is vegan…?

    I am now going to physio – he said all was perfectly fine, but I am to completely overdo stuff in order to GENERATE the knee problem so he can see it… This could be fun?

  12. I’m a longtime reader but first time poster – I get blog shy :P. You’ve really inspired me!

  13. You’re human – and for this I am glad. You give me the strength some days to continue this quest. If you can gain weight, shrug it off and start anew – so can I!!

    PS I agree with you about the booze… I’d rather eat a PIZZA than drink 4 cosmos === the caloric equivalent

  14. I agree too – I’d rather skip the wine and use the cals on something else.

    I have such a quiet life at the moment that avoiding alcohol is very rarely something I have to think about… but on the other hand, that probably means the defences are down when I do go out. Last Saturday night = not very healthy either. But once in a while is OK so long as it IS just once in a while…

    What’s with nightclubs anyway? They’re crowded, they’re expensive, you can’t hear what anyone’s saying…

  15. Give me a block of Green & Black Maya any day! I think it’s great that you can look at this as a blip and realise it’s not the end of the world. You can pick yourself and keep going with your challenge. This is life and we have to accept that some days we WILL be a little “bad” in regards to our diet. You haven’t failed! πŸ™‚

  16. G’day DG,

    New reader here, that just had a complete binge on your posts over the last week.
    I’m an expat Aussie living in Los Angeles. I kinda did it the opposite to you. Put on a fair bit of weight, fell in love and moved overseas, then put on a shitload more weight!

    Glad to see you haven’t waxed hysterical about this latest blip like you would have done many moons ago. Congrats on coming so far, you lil’ bloody ripper!

    Must admit your posts on being invisible helped me through an invisibility crisis of my own on Monday. Ta for that. πŸ™‚

  17. When I was younger booze made me make bad man choices – nowadays it makes me make bad food choices. Dunno which is worse…. πŸ˜‰

    Don’t beat yourself up about the blip. You’re only human, you’re only young once and you only get one life. I think a LITTLE blip every now and then doesn’t hurt.

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