Back in the Saddle Again

Don’t come too close! My garlic breath has the power to KILL!

During hummus-making today, I was soothed by the sight of chickpeas meeting their grisly fate inside the food processor. Just seeing such wholesome ingredients whizzing around made me feel calm and healthier. Especially after Last Night.

Oh lordy. Christmas Dinner was delicious, but laden with butter and animals. And chased with another Sticky Toffee Pudding. My stomach protested, instantly round and taut as a basketball. No, TWO basketballs! I had to unbutton my jeans and let it all hang out on the in-laws couch.

When we got home, after a twenty minute farting concerto, Gareth and I played the Two Fatties on the Scale Game. Of course there was no contest. I had "gained" four kilos to his pathetic two.

I didn’t extract my lazy, lardy arse from bed until noon today. For shame. But I remembered my Vow of Wholesomeness and had porridge for lunch. Then carrots and hummus at sunset, just 3.5 hours later. And pumpkin soup for dinner. Now I am going to eat a clementine.

And now everyone hear my Vow of Productivity! I will arise by 8am and not waste another moment of my Christmas holidays.

So how is everyone else doing out there?

22 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. (Incidentally, Hummus – drained can of chickpeas, one spoonful of tahini, one clove of garlic, juice of a lemon, enough water to loosen it up, ZAP ZAP ZAP! I thought I would miss the olive oil but you get over it by the time you’ve dipped in your third carrot stick.)

  2. Well Done! I’m currently repairing the damage today as well! The Lard-O-Meter produced a 1.4 pound “gain” this morning. Whatever. Well worth it!

  3. Oh lordy… you ARE good. I generally spend Christmas Day thinking “it’s only one day”, Boxing day thinking “oh well it’s boxing day” and the rest of December thinking “well it’s not new year yet, the resolutions don’t have to kick in yet, DO THEY”. Do they? Aaaagh. I’ve put on weight all year and my uncle looked me up and down and went “hmm” when I said I was going to eat yet another ginger biscuit this morning. Don’t worry, I got him back.

  4. It’s oh so difficult going back into diet mode after the break for Christmas dinner(s). I cooked my grandparents dinner on Christmas Eve (Christmas cheat day 1) and baked cookies and apple pie the night before (Christmas cheat day 2). Fortunately, I didn’t pig way way way out, but managed to pack on two pounds by the time all was said and done. It’s been very difficult to keep to the old diet post-Christmas-cheat-o-thon, but I managed to walk five miles today in the blistering cold.

    At any rate, keep up the good work and Merry Christmas. You’re an inspiration!

  5. I’ve done pretty well. Really well, actually. Once I decided to stop eating sugar that was it. No sweets at all. I will – and did, on my blog – admit to indulging in more homemade bread than was necessary but hey! No sugar! Heh.

    The not-so-well part is not keeping up with the exercise. Only one day in the last four did I exceed 10,000 steps. Yesterday I was sick, and today I will continue to rest, so make that one day out of five.

    Good to hear you’re saddling up for the rest of the ride!

  6. Wait, I need clarification–did the chickpeas meet a grisly (macabre, ghastly) fate, or a grizzly fate–involving a miniature bear inside your food processor? Either way, that opening sentence really made me laugh.

  7. bwahaha! J, i am glad you pointed that out. grizzly indeed, i better edit that πŸ™‚

    deb – well done tiger, sounds like the sugar-free thing is really working a treat…

  8. Except for the twenty minute farting concerto, I’ve done pretty much the same as you over the Holiday. Lots of work ahead of me that began today! Good luck to you!

  9. Farting concerto … heeheeheehee! *wipes eyes*

    Um, I’ve been too much of a chicken to even step on the scale. I’m trying to ease back into my normal, healthful habits. I went grocery shopping today and did stock up on a lot of fruits, veg and grains; after a couple of days of heavy oversweet things, they actually sound heavenly.

  10. all I can say is – groan!

    Why have all my clothes shrunk?? Why do I feel so slothenly? Why can’t I go back to bed? Bring on the new year and all the good stuff that will come with it. You know all that exercise and eating well etc. Yeah, new year, that’s when I’ll start.

  11. I’m thinking of making a cup or two of hummus and trying to remember what it’s like to live in a house that isn’t bursting with food and where everyone who comes to the door isn’t bearing a platter of cookies.


  12. How sad is it that I was generally pretty good food wise on Xmas Day but appalling on the days (week) surrounding it. 2007 cannot come quickly enough!!

  13. I just read through all your archives from February and I swear I laughed and also nodded and declared that you must be INSIDE my head through it all.
    By the way, I’m so using the term “farting concertos” from now on!
    I’ve had a tough time over the holidays – too much yummy food to resist – although I’ve kept up with moving my ass (or arse if you prefer)

    Have a great New Years!! and hope you don’t mind me stalking your blog over the last week πŸ™‚


  14. As usual when I stop work (two blissful weeks off), I have been hellishly sick. Summer colds are the worst! But how blissful not to be working, or flying, or staying in places I’d rather not be…

  15. WTF is a clementine anyway?
    Well…xmas has been kind… I have lost over 8kgs since last week (oh, and I’ve had another baby too lol).
    Biggest Losers eat your heart out!

  16. Hey! I went to the supermarket yesterday and what did I see??? What the sign referred to as ‘clementine mandarins’! Couldn’t resist but buy a couple. lol.

  17. lol! it always amuses me to see hummus depicted as a healthy food. we arabs eat (oily) hummus with 1) meats, 2)soft fatty white pita bread.
    this is probably why we are fat.

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