Good Times

I’ve ranted many times before on here how I’m not one for alcohol; that I don’t see the point in wasting calories on liquids when SOLIDS are just so much more satisfying.

Well I kinda forgot that manifesto this week. I got pleasantly sozzled at the Work Party last Friday. Then the wine flowed over the weekend while my sister was here, and I capped it all off on Tuesday night with at our Team Lunch where I alternated vodka with port for some bizarre reason. No hangovers, just a general feeling of goodwill to all men. Ho ho ho!

I’ve also been eating like a right little piggie. Check out the stuff Rhi and I made for our Early Christmas Dinner on Sunday night, phwoar!

The overall effect of this week of indulgence is that I feel… happy and content. I can’t sum it up any better than Erin:

"There is something about this week that makes me throw up my hands and not care one bit about anything other than feeling good, whether it’s by eating food I love, spending time with my friends, or even just taking a long bath. It’s the holiday season in earnest and I just don’t think that I should spend much time doing anything other than feeling good and happy, which includes loosening up the pants at the waist."

Last Thursday I was praying to be struck down by a viciously snotty cold so I wouldn’t have to go to the Christmas Party. All week I’d been tired and apathetic, raging at the endless rain and generally annoyed at the impending social engagements that will disrupt My Routine. I wanted to cancel stinking Christmas and hide away from the world in our poky wee flat and not come out til Springtime. BAH!

Then that night I got a text from a legendary friend of mine telling me that she’d given birth to her second son a few hours earlier. She’d had a rough time, and needed to have four blood transfusions. Yet she still summoned the energy to write at the end of her message, "Hope you and Dr G are doing well!"

Crikey, I thought, She’s just had a screaming human extracted from her loins and she’s able to be nice and cheery. So why the hell am I being so crabbit?!

Thus I woke up on Friday morning and resolved to have a Good Time. It may just be traces of alcohol, fat and sugar talking, but it’s been a great week. Sometimes I feel I get so bogged down and obsessed by this Lard Busting that I become a boring, insular, sanctimonious twit. I have thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and forgetting about scales and calories, and remembering that I know a helluva lot of really brilliant people. And that it’s good to appreciate and engage with them. New friends, re-appearing old friends, family, husband, colleagues, blogging folks… exxxcellent.

I lurve youse all. Group hump!

Now all that remains is the Official Xmas Dinner with the In Laws on Monday, then that’ll be me entirely back to reality. It was fun for awhile but my jeans are clinging to the ol thighs far too cosily. Between now and Monday I plan on hitting the gym and trying out my new Pilates DVD and getting back on the soup!

To all you groovers out there in Fatblogland… happy holidays. Thank you for all your blogs and emails and comments and ideas and jokes and general excellent-ness throughout the year!

20 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Merry Christmas Shauna! Thanks for another great year of inspirational and funny posts. Hope all your dreams come true in 2007!

  2. Life’s too short not to enjoy Christmas, even if it means maintaining or gaining. (A few pounds are worth the re-losing IMHO.) Have a Happy Christmas, Shauna!!!

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Sometimes you do have to do a Risky Business but now new dg factors in some exercise. And that what it’s all about really.

  4. Hi Shauna and greetings from very sunny Auckland! I’ve been enjoying some very welcome and overdue sunshine whilst reading “Tales from the Scales” which I coerced our local library system into buying! Loving the articles by you and the other writers, and I just wanted to wish you a Merry festive season…
    Cheers, Sarah

  5. To all who of you who have given it the good fight, I raise my glass and encourage a day of relaxation, to be followed by a little time at the gym!!!!

    We all need a holiday to be able to resume the real work that is our lives.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

  6. That’s some good advice to just go and have some fun. I too, get too have been getting too caught up in this war against fat, I forget to have some fun. And was thinking, this xmas season might get in the way of my progress. But, you know what, so what, but I’m trying to make it just the holi-day not the holi-week or holi-season as ww says. ha, we’ll see. Enjoy your blog.

  7. Merry Christmas Shauna,

    I’ve been wanting to say this for ages… I think I must have gone to university with you. I don’t recall you… (but I don’t recall many people from uni at all… i lived in a little haze back then… oh yes, not much has changed since then… i hardly remember myself…)
    We may have even done the same degree… although from your posts it looks like you were a print major… i was broadcast…anyway, love your blog… keep on truckin’!
    p.s- oh yeah, my name isn’t really amy… sorry if that confused ya!

  8. A very happy Christmas and New Year to you, Shauna. You’ve truly been an inspiration to me in my first Year of Living Healthfully. Which is a lot better than Living Dangerously! Many more good times to come …

  9. I have to say that I am an avid reader of your blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever really commented before! So, on that note have a fabulous Christmas and I’m totally looking forward to more of your writings in the the New Year!

  10. Thank *you* for being such a fabulous and inspirational read. I hope that 2007 is the best yet on your weight loss endeavour, and that your various injured bits play nice from now on in! 🙂

  11. OMG we ARE twins I am deeply resentful that this Christmas (which I actually love) is disrupting my Exercise Routine!! And all these Family Get-Togethers (well, 2) involving my M-I-L… better start drinking now…
    But I WILL follow the DG example and CHEER THE f#$% UP! Even though it’s 16 and raining (in Melbourne).
    Happy Christmas to you and your family

  12. I have spent the last few weeks reading your archives and am so inspired by your story. Thanks for your candor and humor! I am just beginning a diet blog of my own, and plan to come here for motivation!

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