Solid Gold

File the following under: "Too much of a good thing"

1. The Soup
I’ve banged on about soup lately. Oh joyous filling-but-healthy liquid dinner! I was drafting a post about all the lovely soups we’ve made lately. Sweet Potato & Chilli. Curried Butternut Pumpkin. Carrot, Rosemary & Butterbean. Even an outstanding Mushroom Soup! I’m someone who swore I hated Mushroom Soup but this was a healthy WW number that knocked my socks off.

Anyway, cut to Monday night and were were scheduled to make Broccoli Soup featuring potatoes and herbs and I can’t remember what else. I stared at the cookbook and cried, "I cannot FACE another bowl of soup. I NEED SOLIDS!"

At which point Gareth wanders into kitchen and says, "Oh good. I was beginning to feel like a pensioner with nae teeth!"

So the Broccoli Soup got pushed back to Tuesday night. Then Wednesday, then Thursday. And do you think I could be arsed making that tonight? We are well and truly Off The Soup now. What kind of demented idea is Broccoli Soup anyway!? We’re having fish instead. And maybe some sweet potato wedges. With about three pounds of bloody steamed broccoli on the side.

2. The Push Ups
I should never have crowed about my push ups because I have a feeling the feat will not be repeated ever again! My chest and shoulders are still screaming from that epic effort on Sunday. It hurts to hold up the hairdryer. I guess that’s what you get for trying to support 80 kilos on wimpy little hands and feet.

Then on Wednesday in Pilates we had to do this roll down into push up into plank then stick one leg in the air and hold then stick the other leg in the air and hold, times six. And that finished me off completely. I am scheduled to do upper body weights tonight but methinks it will be a good old fashioned stretching session instead. My mind thinks it’s a Top Athlete but the body is waddling behind whimpering, "Wait for me! Wait for meeee!"

. . .

So I decided to lay off the scales for awhile. I weighed in on Monday but it’s been cold turkey ever since.

It’s been rather dull not getting on "just for a peek". It’s not that I place stock in the numbers, it’s just good entertainment value. I like placing bets with Gareth as to how much one restaurant meal can make me "gain" overnight, or seeing how much I can puff up when I’m pre-menstrual. I went out for dinner last Friday night and had all of two drinks and was up 1.5kg the next morning, which was actually quite disappointing because my all-time record is 4kg. Boo!

16 thoughts on “Solid Gold

  1. Ah yes, the Pilates leg pull down. That’s a total bitch.

    Sometimes I weigh myself before I go to bed to see how much weight I can lose over night. It’s usually at least 3 or 4 pounds. Maybe if I tossed and turned more I could make it 5 πŸ˜‰

  2. I get like that with soup over winter. You can be fine one minute, and the next you hit the soup wall can’t face the thought of another bowl.

  3. I love the picture of the body trailing along behind whining.

    You know my record for overnight weight gain is 8 lbs, but 4 is very common. I’m glad someone else experiences that, I think my doctor didn’t believe me when I told him.

  4. Hi. I got here from… Lollete’s site? I think. I am not sure if I’ve been here before but it looks fun and I may add you to my BlogRoll. Also I will vote for you in those awards things if it’s still open this morning.

  5. It’s 41 degrees celcius here in Australia today I can’t think of anything worse than having soup right now!

    That being said, the new CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Book has an amazing soup recipe. I love soup. Thats all!

  6. Shauny! I can’t believe I never knew about this blog and would never had, had I not stumbled upon your lovely face in an older Cleo I happened to be flipping through.

    You’ve done great. I mean, really great. And I wish that I had found your blog a lot sooner, because maybe we could have gone on the journey together, as I now weigh more than you. πŸ™

    Love and hugs.

  7. “My mind thinks it’s a Top Athlete but the body is waddling behind whimpering, “Wait for me! Wait for meeee!””

    Well all is well in my world I am totally with you on this

  8. I love broccoli and blue cheese soup.

    Too hot right now for soup though – 35 all day, and the air smells of smoke.

  9. You _will_ be able to do pushups again! Currently my right bicep is aching from carrying the shopping home yesterday, but are we downhearted? (Maybe a little.)

    I think it must be broccoli season – we keep standing in the veg aisle and not being able to see anything that looks as good… so broccoli it is, again.

  10. I’m buggered after a two day surf boat carnival so I know what you mean about hurting. Try pushing, pulling and rowing a huge surf boat about the beach for two days and you’ll know your alive.

    Sore muscles come from lactic acid build up I believe, so make sure you spend some time stretching after each session you do. But I’m sure you know that. NJ

  11. hey lovecat πŸ˜‰

    its too warm here still for this time of the year. It gets around 18 sometimes 20 C for the last 5 weeks or so!
    I have really missed soup, but in this weather, I still feel like bbq!!!

  12. Well, now I am done with your archives. What a journey! You turned into a media star and everything.

    For what it’s worth, I have never thought of you as The Fat Chick. You were always Shauny, the funny, witty, clever sweet girl. Then you were clever, sweet and gym addicted and a lot fitter than me when attempting to climb Parliament House.

    And now, well hell you’re a star. 80 frigging kilos lost. That’s just phenomenal. And I *did* notice at the start… but maybe I should have actually said something. Or maybe I did, but you weren’t listening.

    As for soup… I too get on soup kicks. I will go days eating nothing but soup. Then I will get annoyed and go days eating nothing but salad sandwiches. I am too faddy for my own good.

    Now I am rambling.

  13. Wow. You do push-ups. I am in awe – it’s all I can do to lift the casserole out of the oven some nights!!

    Thanks for that cabbage recipe, btw. Tried it tonight and you were right: sensational and worth the wait. πŸ™‚

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