The Last Tempation of Dietgirl

Oooh it feels good to be exercising again. Aside from Pilates I hadn’t done a thing for two weeks! I went back to the gym on Friday and did HIIT on the bike for half an hour then did an extremely grueling upper body weights on Saturday. Then yesterday I did my new Pilates DVD. Okay I didn’t do it, I sat on the couch and watched it. You have to build up to these things.

I’ve also been skulking around Fatblogland, reading my eleventybillion favourite blogs frothing with jealousy at those of you who are displaying stellar self-control and sailing through the holidays, saying nay to festive fatty foods at every opportunity. I salute you, and also weep with envy. Does anyone else do this, or am I just completely pathetic?

It’s not that I’m on some sort of wild sugar bender; I just know I’m not in my usual Routine and it feels uncomfortable. For example, I couldn’t do my weekly online grocery shop because all the delivery slots were full. I didn’t realise how ESSENTIAL this is to keeping me on track. When you shop online you have plan an entire week of meals in advance, so you really can’t go wrong. The pantry is always stocked with wholesome things. There’s no excuse nor means to be unhealthy. Like last week Gareth was prowling through the cupboards and I said, "What’s wrong, is there nothing good to eat?" and he said, "Yes there is, that’s the problem! Everything’s GOOD! There’s nothing BAD! I want something BAD!".

Hehe. Anyway, we had to venture to the Real Supermarket on Friday night and actually prowl the aisles instead of paying someone else £4 to do it. We went at 10pm thinking the crowds would have died down, but noooo! You had to fight your way down every aisle, bodies and crates of vegetables and loo roll everywhere. Depsite having a shopping list, we soon got so stressed we were tossing random crap into the trolley just to get it over with, and of course when we got home I only had about 50% of what we needed and a whole bunch of ingredients that just don’t seem to go together.

So I got online immediately and put in an extremely wholesome grocery order for the next available delivery slot – bloody Thursday! I felt better already.

Now I just have to get through today. Christmas Dinner with the Reids. I hereby vow to avoid the wee bowls of crisps and pretzels that will no doubt be laying about. I hereby vow not to eat the entire sticky toffee pudding.

And then it will be Boxing Day and I will go for a walk and lift some heavy objects and make some hummus. And order will be restored.

9 thoughts on “The Last Tempation of Dietgirl

  1. Merry Chrimbo! Well I am well and truly stuffed (just like the turkey)… Roll on New Year to my ‘NEW AND IMPROVED’ beginning.

    Just also wanted to add – Thanks for your words of wisdom, humour and insperation!

    I hope you and you hubby have a wonderful festive season x

  2. It’s Christmas – eating crap is compulsory, did you not realise that? Of course today, liek every other Boxing Day, I am once again reminded that alcohol and sugar are not my friends…

    Hope your day was fabulous!

  3. Oh, you are soooo not alone! I have been far from good this season. The food is not what it is about…this is true, but oh there is some yummy yummy goodies out there, and I think they have all found their way to me!
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  4. Phew – thank goodness Christmas is over here, I had a pretty horrible Christmas Day; thankfully there is always Cricket On Boxing Day that cheers me up. [The best part of Christmas Day for me was, believe it or not, the gym! Body Combat and glasses of Bubbly make a surprisingly good combination ;-)]

  5. Hope you had a great day. Mine wasn’t too bad. A few crisps and dip plus a few choccies and the obligatory Christmas pudding. Turkey dinner was quite healthy I thought. About a bottle of wine in all during the day.

    A bit naughty but not a disaster.

    Finished up at 1.30am after a marathon SingStar session. Good times.

  6. meh! that’s what Christmas is about (eating!)and what Boxing Day is for (stopping!)…..except my husband’s birthday is on 27/12 so the madness continues, alas… but the 28th is a good day 🙂
    You’re doing really well DG, fret not!

  7. Hey, don’t stress babe. We all fall off the wagon and me too this Christmas. I’ve put on 5kgs for f@#k’s sake but you know we’ll turn it back around when we get our routine back 🙂

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