Goals Goals Goals!

Apologies for the silence, folks! It was a busy and bittersweet ol' week but now I'm back to blogland. Albeit very gingerly as my arms so sore from last night's weights session that it even hurts to type. Exxxxcellent!

It's bordering on February so it's high time I posted my lard bustin' New Years Resolutions. I'm happy with how the 2006 list panned out but they were far too vague and open-ended:

  1. Reduce paranoia, increase confidence!
  2. Write like a mofo.
  3. Eat well
  4. Keep moving my butt.

So this year I shall be more specific. And my goals are mostly about the sporty stuff, because that is what keeps me motivated and interested. Also, I've got Goal 1 and 2 from last year well under control and Goal 3 doesn't need to be re-resolved because my eating takes care of itself so long as I am committed to moving my lardy arse as per Goal 4.

That's where I fell down last year. I exercised and lost weight consistently until May, when my knee problems got severe and I had to halt all exercise for awhile. I didn't reduce my food intake to compensate; in fact I ate more because my moods plummeted without the smug and happy feelings I get from moving my butt. In hindsight I should have come up with a new programme with all the things I could do, but instead my efforts were sporadic and I never really got any momentum going. I lost and regained the same few kilos for the last half of the year. I'd lose for awhile, then start pushing the exercise, then get hurt again and the cycle would start again.

But towards the end of 2006 I finally accepted that this knee thing is a long term issue, and so my 2007 goals are all about working within my limits. Hurrah.

So here we go! A lot of these goals might seem a little small or just really bloody dorky, but I've learned from the likes of Maggie and Kek that you need to be specific with your goals, otherwise I will have another year of bumbling along without significant results.

1. Reach goal weight of 75kg
It will happen this year. I'm not setting a date but it WILL BLOODY HAPPEN IN 2007! I've got the plan and the tools, I just have to actually apply myself consistently… and believe that I can do it.

2. Track food DAILY
Looking through my food journal last year there is a direct correlation between blank pages and weight gain. I need to write down what I eat. I'm sticking with my old friend WLR for this.

3. Do physio knee-hab exercises DAILY
At times I was sooo inconsistent last year and then wondered why it wasn't getting any better.

4.  Do three cardio sessions per week
At the moment this is limited to the recumbent or upright bike, usually intervals. My aim is to do this steadily for January and February with a view to building up to switching one of these sessions to a Spinning class by March. Fingers crossed!

5. Weight train 2-3 times per week
I've got an upper and lower body split mapped out for the next couple of months, a mixture of Cathe DVDs and gym stuff. The lower body work is not weighted at all coz of the knee – so lots of little floor exercises that are based on what the physio recommended.

6. Flexy/Stretchy/Relaxy stuff twice a week
Whether it's an hour of Pilates or a yoga class or just a 20-minute Cathe stretch DVD, I'm going to be more consistent with that stuff this year, coz I like that floaty feeling.

7. Learn to ride my bike down a hill!
Without crapping my pants. And also release death grip on the handlebars. And learn to turn a bloody corner! I can't go in a straight, flat line forever. Baby steps, people πŸ˜‰

8. Try three new sporty activities in 2007
I'm excited about this one. I've been inspired by Mary organising all sorts of groovy activities for the Sydney bloggers to try, like archery and hooping. I like the idea of trying new things and taking exercise beyond the gym.

I'd have to say my proudest achievement last year was overcoming my ancient and irrational fear of swimming. Ever since I've wondered what else I can try. I've always told myself I was crap at all sports; that I was a book learnin' type and that was that. I have memories of being told the same by various teachers too. Here is a montage of my finest sporting moments:

  • scoring an own goal in hockey
  • passing ball to the opposing team in netball
  • swinging and missing and spinning round 360 degrees at golf balls, baseballs and cricket balls
  • finishing a one-mile running race eight minutes later than the rest of my class
  • getting stuck halfway through a backwards roll and having to be unraveled by the gymnastics teacher
  • instead of hitting tennis ball to person on other side of net, hitting ball over their head and over the fence and onto a bridge and hitting a truck
  • scoring another own goal in the same hockey match

So I've never been blessed with sporting prowess. But how much worse was it because of crap self-esteem and lack of confidence? Maybe it's not as dire as I thought. I didn't drown in the swimming pool, so that's somewhat encouraging! And I don't care about being any good – I'm at a point where failure is funny instead of humiliating. I just want to have a go.

And that's about it! It's all going well thus far and I'm feeling organised and focused. I am ticking boxes and filling in spreadsheets and feeling the pleasant ache of tired muscles. Rock on.

35 thoughts on “Goals Goals Goals!

  1. How do you do it?? I pay for my gym membership every month, yet every week i say to myself…. i’ll start on Monday, then come Monday… i’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes! How will I ever get myself out of the vicious circle :o(

  2. great goals! I can *so* relate to your sporting struggles in your school days. I got kicked in the head with a football once and it scarred me for life! Oh, and showering in gym class? The horror. You are so brave to go bike riding! I loved it as a kid but now? It hurts! Anyhow good luck with all your goals for 2007!

  3. Yes – I agree! Excellent goals. I may steal some of them as I find the specific thing quite difficult! Except the new sport thing. Actually I was always reasonably sporty despite being big. I thought about starting Hockey again in the UK but have decided that it’s only for people without any other life. I couldn’t cope with every weekend being set out for the next 6 months. Instead I am aiming to be able to run 10km in 2007.

  4. Just set some goals myself today :o)

    I wanna reach goal weight this year too!!! 71kg (and see where we can take it from there, I’m 1.67, but don’t wanna lose any muscles I trained so hard for!!!)

    Here’s to great beginnings!!!

  5. You are going to be one busy lady this year.Go you πŸ™‚
    Thanks for dropping by my blog,I feel like i had blogger royalty in my house !
    I used to be an “indoors” kinda chick too,but i’m working on it.I think i had “my period” for about 3 years straight to avoid phys ed.

  6. I love that you write “failure is funny instead of humiliating”! I’m still at the point where I experience both. Love your goals, all good.

  7. hahahaha, your previous sporting experiences sound rather similar to mine!

    Good goals, challenging yet achievable πŸ˜€

    I too hope to ride a bike down a hill at some stage… eek

  8. Here’s an interesting link for you – I know, I know, look where it’s from, but it’s an interesting idea. Jarrod at Body Composition Australia (you have to go there next time you’re home – it’s so worth the money!) recommended the same thing, so I am going to give it a go.

    As for “I’ll start Monday” Cheryl, that’s an easy one – don’t start Monday. Start today! It’s so much easier to start TODAY than to beat yourself up every single day!

  9. Mwahahahah. Your list of sporting prowess is oh so similar to mine! And then when I first got down from 93kg to 80kg, I thought joining a cricket club was a BRILLIANT way to reward myself.

    The coach often bragged to everyone, “Man, she’s got a beautiful stance – her feet are balanced, head is straight, fantastic arm position… now all we gotta get her to do is hit the ball!”

    I love your goals, Shauna! You WILL do eeeeet!

  10. hehe… nice one marshy!

    thanks for the comments guys, hope you’re all doing well!

    interval training rocks, ta for the link dear crankybee! it totally works for me anyway. more efficient and better results than the old days of endless plodding. i am just trying to do it more consistently this year. there’s that dreaded C word again!

    i also forgot to add that i am aiming to fit in more walks and general moving of the butt this year, for overall fitness and endurance. i like a good burst of intervals but it is still nice to just go for a long walk. and hopefully somewhere down the track i can start swimming again.

  11. Great goals. I’m sure you’ll blitz them.

    Didn’t school sports suck? Not to mention the change rooms afterwards. Why do they throw a bunch of self-conscious pubescent girls in a room and make them get naked? Did they learn nothing from Carrie?

  12. Hi Shauna

    I’m with you on the whole knee pain thing – it’s a total pain in the ass (except lower down ha!ha!). You have the right idea about doing the exercises everyday though, I really believe that that’s the only way it will get better as I am finding out for myself.

    Your goals sound really great. When you’re in the gym don’t forget about the rower or the cross trainer – these are both as good for you as the bike – just remember to keep your heart rate in it’s correct zone (you did get a heart rate monitor didn’t you!) as training without one is a bit of a waste of time. You need to exercise at a level which is right for you – NOT what some book tells you or what you think feels right.

    As for other sports why not think about indoor climbing which is incredibly good for the whole body and easier than it looks – you could do even do this with Dr G! Other ideas might be something on the water such as sailing or kayaking as these place an emphasis on upper body use rather than your legs. If all else fails why not try snooker or darts (hey thy’re sports too right!!) As for cycling downhill try freewheeling down a not too steep slope and then move on to steeper slopes as you get the hang of it. Once you can go downhill at 40mph you’ll never look back!!

  13. Bwahaha…pain, excellent! I totally get this πŸ™‚ You can do this you know, I really believe you can now that you have come to terms with your knee. Damn that knee but you’re right, we all have to learn to work with our own limitations and not “wait” for things to get better or change. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  14. A couple of years ago I joined one of those diet plans that said they would basically have to kill me if I revealed any of their secrets to anyone (initials are SS). One of their maintenance tips that I thinks is really good is to weigh yourself once a week and if you are ever 3kgs over your goal weight you should go on their quick loss plan. I am someone who doesn’t seem to notice when 10kgs packs onto my bod so I thought this was a very helpful tip.

  15. Go DG Go

    *does crazy dance with pom poms*

    i admit to haveing my one new years resolution geared at taking excercise more seriously. and thats to run a marathon. I even have a training partner now.

    the eating is going to hell in a handbasket. *bangs head against wall a couple of times*

    and i still havent been to my gym despite forking over gazillions each month for the last 8 months. i have another friend dragging me down there on thursday evening.

    so all i can do is cheer from the sidelines πŸ˜€

    Go DG Go

  16. Well girl, I just had to leave a comment to let you know that I’ve just finished my very first body pump class, and I thought of you when the going got really tough (ie after the first 2 minutes when my legs started shaking!). It was such hard work, but I feel so proud of myself for challenging myself and making it through the whole class, and I’ll definitely be back next week. (NB it hurts to even type this message. My arms are shaking!) I first heard of body pump through you, and since then it’s been mentioned by so many people I felt I HAD to give it a go.

  17. Have decided to de-lurk so I can say how inspiring you are to me, DG. I’ve just started on the weight loss journey and have 196lb (yep, 14 whole stones!) to lose. But reading your blog has made me realise that it is possible and given me the tools (Weight Loss Resources is fab) to do it. Thanks x

  18. Baby steps seems to be the buzz word this week and the truth is they are workable even although you don’t seem to be going very fast at least you’re always moving forward. Think your goals are fantastic and you’ve got it right they need to be specific and achievable as each one achieved gives you the impetus to keep moving right along. Great stuff Shauna!

  19. Hi Shauna,

    I stumbled here via another weight loss blog and was shocked to learn that we have the same current weight (and height) and the same goal weight! I haven’t lost as much as you, (85 lbs so far), but I have been stuck between 177 and 180 for 7 months and I’m getting very discouraged. I’m going to follow your lead and make the goal to get to the goal weight this year!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the much needed shot of inspiration!

  20. Dude, your goals rule the school, and such variety! I see no way that you won’t eventually reach that pesky weightloss goal sometime in 2007 (too many double negatives, sorry) and maintain it for evz. You are an all-round fitness maven dynamo!

  21. Well thank you once again DG for inspiring me. i have now outlined my own goal plan thingy…. so that i can get back on the diet waggon. :p

    eat less excercise more.

    oh and tomorrow morning i try my first body pump class. *gulp*

  22. Hmm…I don’t know if I’m in agreement that Pilates qualifies as a “relaxy” sort of pastime. I’m usually good through the Hundreds, but once we get into bicycle crap I can just feel the tension bearing down.

    Maybe you’re just more of a Zen woman than I am.

    Wonderful, inspiring post…love your goals.

  23. Inspirational list of things to do 2007. I’m inspired to do my own now. I know one thing I will do and that is to take a pg 1 in paragliding, it’s so much fun, maybe something for you to try? Good luck, you’re doing awesome!

  24. Ah, resolutions: love ’em. Can we suggest sports for you to try, Shauna? Please? Demand that Dr G take you to the bools – tres Scottish and seeing as it is winter, you know you want to… CARPET BOOLS! I have done the carpet bools, it is folk of a certain age who are DELIGHTED that a young person is there (i.e. one under 90) and they do not harrass for being crap, because they are too much in awe at your youth. Seriously, I suggest the bools.
    What about a martial art? Ju Jitsu is ace and TOTALLY non-competative.
    Other than that, can I share a resoltuion with you: drinking the sodding tea. I have a huge collection of teas that I haven’t used up. I am not allowing myself to buy tea I want until the OTHER sodding tea is gone. I am pleased with this resolution as it is cheap (no tea bought for weeks!), I can see the results (less tea!) and I am creating cupboard space.

  25. Your goals are so inspiring. I just signed up for two swimming classes this week along with basic beginning tennis. I’ve spent the last year and a half in three levels of terrified swimmers’ class. I’ve gone from crying to being able to sort of swim so I can identify with your fear of swimming.

    I’m in awe of your bike riding; it’s something I never learned to do as a kid and now I’m afraid I’m too old and scared to learn it. But there are other sports and I’ll be reading how you’re doing.

    Oh, and I was bad at sports. Very very bad. Did you guys have dodgeball? If you didn’t be very glad.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  26. I finally, finally finished all your archives tonight! Hurray! I have made this blog my “nightly read” for the past week and a half now.

    Do you ever get the feeling at the end of a good book, where you really think the main character is like totally cool, that you’re going to miss the character and you definitely want a sequel so that you can find out what happens?

    (*Um, yeah, I’m a little long-winded*)

    Your blog was like that for me, except this time I get to read along as the sequel (or rest of the book, in this case) unfolds. Utterly cool.

    You have been more of an inspiration to me over these past couple of weeks than WW, than Spark People, and all other blogs combined! And I really do mean that.

    Please, please, don’t ever feel like a “fraud” (you mentioned this last month, and I would know that as I am your newest fat stalker) because you are LIVING it. You are showing those of us with a lot to lose that while it’s not easy, and it’s not fast, it can be done. It can have its moments of unbridled joy. And that it is OK not to be perfect all the time! I think that is what a lot of us fear — that if we mess up it’s all over. That one chocolate bar ends up being cookies covered in icecream and caramel topping every night for a month.

    Not one person who has read along with you for awhile would ever consider you a fraud. You are human. You live life. You have emotions. You do great wonderful things (*like riding bikes and swimming!*) that to me sounds perfectly decadent.

    So WRITE ON my new friend. I’m loving every word.


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