Rest In Pieces

How did this happen again? I had approximately seventeen different things to write about this week but didn't finish any of them. What I DID finish this week was all my scheduled exercise, woohoo! I am pleasantly knackered. Now that the exercise is more under control I need to be more watchful of the eating this coming week.

But first, today I get to rest. HURRAH! I'm meeting up with Andrea and we're heading deep underground in ancient Edinburgh. Spooky.

Ooh ooh! Highlight of the week! I bought a proper sticky yoga mat. No more skanky old towel for me! And Mothership, I even got it in my Colours! I feel more flexy and sexy already.

More soon… bon weekend, comrades!

12 thoughts on “Rest In Pieces

  1. Wowzers, seventeen different things to write about this week? And I thought I was crazy with my hundred-teen draft posts O_O

    Yay for proper sticky mat!

  2. YAY for exercise and sticky yoga mats!! Reminds me to get a new one. My one is looking a little ragged these days to the point where you can see exactly where I do my strongest poses LOL.

  3. hehe, the colour is called “cherry wood” which a reddy brown sort of colour, which is quite nice as I am reputedly a Deep Autumn 😛

  4. Don’t worry about the half-written entries. What’s an entry or two when you can successfully say you finished ALL your exercise goals for the week?

  5. Congrats on getting in all the exercise! I am progressing with that as well — slowly of course — but nonetheless!

    And hurray for autumnal colored sticky yoga mat! What more could you ask for?


  6. Bless manufacturers of ‘cherry wood’ yoga mats – you’ll be even more inspired to met exercise goals in the coming weeks….love you

  7. hey spunkypants! happy new year! on a further update – that chocolate stuff – you know the one you love over there – is now available in COLES. What are they thinking?

    Great yoga mat choice – i thought that they were all purple!

  8. bodypump is AWSOME!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it… and the fact that there was a very cute guy in my class. yum :p

    and i love Mary Kings Close. isnt it awsome. have you done the dungeons? they are also pretty cool but i prefer the close.


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