Gone Fishin’

I was discussing Listen To Your Guts Week with my sister the other day and she was having a thematic set of seven herself: Don’t Eat Standing Up Week. She’d read somewhere about the perils of vertical grazing and realised she does this quite a bit, so she’s trying to get into the habit of putting food on a plate and sitting down to savour it. We have the same Danger Time – those wily hours between arriving home from work and eating dinner.

"Sometimes I just dump my bag and walk straight into the kitchen and open the fridge," she said. "And then I just start rustling around. What do we have here, what do we have here."

"Oh yeah, I do that."

"I even get a fork out of the drawer before I open the fridge! I go hunting. STAB! An olive. STAB! A sundried tomato straight from the jar. I’m like those dudes on the boats with the spears."



This weight loss caper is so often about the small stuff. The days of me baking a cake and eating it all on my own are long gone, so I have to look for the less obvious things. Losing blubber now is a matter of being aware of any little habits I’ve cultivated and making a few tweaks. These seemingly innocent things are so easily ignored, but can now make the difference between a loss or maintaining yet-a-bloody-gain.


Did you know that Cherry Ripe bars count as part of your Five A Day? No? Well if you can count a bloody can of baked beans full of salt and sugar, as they proudly declare on the tin, then surely I can include a Cherry Ripe? Or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange? It’s shaped like a real orange.


Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post this link for ages, yet again from Kathryn’s Limes & Lycopene blog – What actually is five serves? What does a serve of vegies look like? Pretty bloody small! It’s not half as daunting as you may think. The post is an brilliant visual guide and really brings things into perspective. I know you guys are a healthy bunch, so you may only want to check it out in order to feel a satisfying sense of smugness that you’re actually packing away ten serves a day and your risk of scurvy is minimal.

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  1. Hi… New reader here. Thanks for all the inspirational sharing. I’m on a similar journey you’ve taken. It’s helpful to know that others have (almost!) completed it!

    Anyways, that’s my danger time too… right after work, so I just plan to eat a small bowl of cereal when I walk in the door. I like fiber one (I don’t know if you have that over there) which is high in fiber (no kidding, eh, the name never would have made you guess that! hehe) and low in calories and it’s just filling enough to hold me til dinner and save me from whatever goodies might be lurking in the kitchen. πŸ™‚

  2. Once I began keeping a food diary and calorie counting I saw that my meals were not that bad.

    It was snacking, particularly stand up eating that was putting the pounds on me.

  3. o_O

    Is it just me or does the first picture on that link look a little… phallic? Maybe it’s just me?

    As for the pre-dinner feast, I usually eat a good 1/4 of my dinner while I’m making it. Honestly though, that’s a good thing! I’m checking for poison. Yes. Poison. At least that’s what my fifth grade teacher always used to tell us when he’d eat the first piece of candy before giving us any..

  4. Bahhahahahah I do EXACTLY the same thing with sundried tomatoes! And… numerous… other.. things… In fact, I was rustling up some sweet potato chips just now and I was staggered that by the time I’d finished cooking them and before they’d even made it to a plate, the pan was empty! O_O Must make more use of extra strong chewing gum at times like theeeeees.

  5. A friend, seeing a dietician, was given plastic templates to monitor food serves. Very interesting to see how small/large a serve really is.

  6. I know you’re in the land of far-far-away now, but Australian Marie Clare has a fantastic article on servings, portions etc this month…may get technical and scan it…

  7. See, I always thought beans counted as vegetables, but I guess because they hang around in the protein food group, I was confused.

  8. Well, I’m definitely having 10 serves a day then! My problem isn’t standing up eating, it’s sitting on me bum and eating too fast!

  9. Terry’s Chocolate Orange!!!! A product even I recognise <3 Brilliant. Actually it has a minor story to it; when I was in high school we were a bunch of five girls always hanging out together (we called ourselves 7-Up, I know, SO beginning of 90's). Anyway, one of us had an Irish dad and she always visited Ireland like a month at a time. AND she ALWAYS brought us Terry's Chocolate Oranges! It was amazingly exotic and delicious *sigh* Especially to cool it and smack it into pieces successfully! (maybe it was easier for some of you?)

    I haven't seen the oranges since except for X-mas a year ago when I went shopping for a gift for my bf in this "american products" shop. There they were, both in milk and dark chocolate. I had to get a dark one that I then introduced and shared with my bf on X-mas eve. Oooooh life was gooooooooood. Maybe I should go looking for another one... One in a year and a half is good for health aye?

    About the veggies. I'm nuts about them. My current favourite is this old-fashioned salad we Finns remember from school. Simple: grated carrots and cottage cheese. Mmmmmm. My top fruit at the moment is sharon which I learned eating in Denmark during my stay there last fall. Perfect for sweettooth!

    But now back to business. I've got some Martha Stewart's Vanilla, vanilla cupcakes in the oven. My bf is throwing a dinner party for his male friends tomorrow and he ordered these from me. I also made one for myself! πŸ˜€ Muahahahhaha take care, you rule Shauna <333

  10. Chocolate Orange! YUM! But to me they are for Christmas eating only. They had mint ones this Xmas too!
    Great link for portion sizes – thanks Shauna xx

  11. Gosh, seems that I eat like a bajillion serves of vegies a day then…..

    Of course, I don’t count potatoes – they are SO a carbohydrate!

    Love the spearfishing analogy. That’s what I’m calling it from now on.

  12. That’s interesting about the fruit/veg servings – I’m another person who probably eats twice as much as that both days (but I’m vegetarian, so…)

    You can get baked beans with no added sugar. They taste no different whatsoever. But I think all the guidelines I’ve seen do say that potatoes don’t count.

    Spearfishing. Hmmm. There is a giant jar of olives in our fridge with about four left…

  13. Shauna,

    Our similarities again amaze me! I have the same habit of eating a ton between getting home from work and making dinner! If I could break that habit, I think the last stubborn pounds would fall off (in theory anyway) but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet, despite various attempts. If you come up with anything brilliant to change this habit, I’m desperate for ideas!

    Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in this long quest for healthy weight!!

  14. Hiya Shauna — I’m back in the blogsphere, eating my 5 (or more) a day, minding portions, planning for success and blogging away. Loved your last few posts and consider laughter an essential part of my recovery; so I visit often. I’m less about spearfishing in the fridge than I am about trapping errant cookies and candy at work, but it’s all so much the same. πŸ™‚

  15. Does it count if all your five portions are the same fruit or veggie? Have had six oranges today, am becoming concerned…!

  16. I had a cyber crush on a true Englishman once. Half English half Welsh actually. It lasted for years. He always used to tease me with Terry’s Chocolate Oranges since I told him I find chocolate and orange one of the most intriguing combination. It was one day I had made hot chocolate with Grand Marnier in it and he thought it was strange.

    Anyway…for years he would tease me and for years Id try to “picture” the bloody thing! He never sent me a pic so to torment me!

    But I know now!

  17. I love your new rule, I’m on board for no eating while standing! I do that too — not the spear fishing with a fork, who needs a fork? — when I get home from work I run around snacking. It starts with some nuts or yogurt just to get the blood sugar up, and then I just keep eating all the yummy ingredients I’m cooking with! From now on, if I want it, I’ll put it on a plate and eat it with dinner.

  18. Hi from Australia Shauna. I followed Kathryn’s link from Limes & Lycopene. This is an amazing site, you have a warm and funny writing style.

    I’ve clicked around a little and bookmarked you — I’ll be back.

    Cheers from home — the Illawarra in NSW anyway.

  19. Us girls (me and my sisters) once designed a whole range of desserts especially to be eaten standing in front of the fridge…

  20. Still reading your backlog! I sympathise – my Snacking Time is after dinner, in the dark hours before bed, when a hot chocolate, or a piece of cake, or even a little cheese and crackers would go *so* nicely with the book…
    However, my dentist wants me to use a mouthwash before bed, and I admit that my first thought was “but what if I want to eat something else afterwards?” Then I realised it would actually be a really *good* way both to keep my teeth happy and *not* munchmunchmunch my way to bedtime. πŸ™‚
    So far I have a 50% success rate…

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