O Radiant Coupon

I was sitting on the couch yesterday morning with a cup of tea, unwashed and resplendent in baggy tracksuit pants and an old grey XXL hoodie.

Suddenly Gareth peered at me in a thoughtful manner and said, "You have a real glow today."

"Get out!" I snorted. He isn’t normally so… poetic.

"No really, you’re looking good! Your coupon is radiant!"

Scottish word of the day, folks: COUPON. It’s your face. You’ve got to pronounce like the Scots do; it’s not like those things you clip out of the newspapers for discounts. It sounds like coo’pn.

Anyway, I was chuffed that Gareth said I had a radiant coupon because I have been feeling rather radiant on the inside and it is nice that someone thinks it shows on the outside. I feel calm and focused; quietly determined and productive. I am faithfully following my exercise plan and feel stronger and fitter already. My eating has been the height of wholesomeness. So there.

Yesterday I rode a new beast at the gym called an Arc Trainer. Is anyone familiar with these? I thought it was going to be like a normal old cross-trainer machine but my thighs were burning! The resistance seemed much more gruelling. It almost felt like trudging up a hill and skiing at the same time. Normally I avoid cross trainers because they irritate my knee, but this one didn’t seem to be a problem. Score!

And finally, has anyone in the UK seen that godawful new Weight Watchers ad? They have all these people talking about an unseen woman and how FABULOUS she is now that she’s lost the pork with the Points. Her husband, her neice, etc. But then they show her beautician, who is wielding a wax strip as she says, "It takes half the time to do her legs now."


I have to admit, I now shave my legs in half the time it took in 2001. But still, I wonder how many people will see that ad and spring up from the couch, "Righto, that’s it! If I can get my legs waxed in half the time then I shall join the Twin Dubyas NOW!". I just hope they realise that just coz your legs are smaller doesn’t mean the Waxtress will charge you any less.

45 thoughts on “O Radiant Coupon

  1. Crikey, only 2 minutes after I posted the entry and someone said that already! Cheeky Bee πŸ˜›

    I’m not pregnant, nor will this be something on our agenda for a long time yet. I am just glowing with the joy of livin’ and looking after my bod consistently FOR BLOODY ONCE πŸ™‚

  2. I must admit to having though ‘pregnant’ when i read this post too. lol. ah well glowing = pregnancy apprently. do we still luve in the stone age then :p

    i think we too have the skatey crosstrainy thingies in our gym, have not used them though. too many classes to attend instead πŸ˜‰

  3. I HATE that ad. Was just thinking that last night. And her creepy-looking neighbor talking (in front of his own wife) about how he practically fancies her.

  4. alpha – helloo! meant to say yesterday, glad to hear you enjoyed the Pump class, woohoo πŸ™‚

    beth – YES! that neighbour is dead creepy. i see wife swapping on the horizon…

  5. The arc trainer is my second favorite cardio machine after the stair master. If you do it with “no hands”, it kind of simulates cross country skiing, and the balancing stregthens your core. I find the “cardio” setting on level 7 or 8 to be a really good workout. YMMV.

    At any rate, I am a long time lurker slash stalker, but a first time commenter. I recently bought a step and a begining Cathe DVD on your reccomendation. They should be arriving any day. I’m pretty excited and not really sure why I’m blathering on about this. So. I like your blog(s). Thanks.

  6. I’m obsessed with the arctrainer. The elliptical to me for some reason always feels like it’s cheating me. It tells me I’m burning all these calories but I don’t feel tired at all. With the arctrainer I set it to “strength” and I really feel like I’m getting a good cardio workout with some quad building action in between. It’s great!

  7. I’ve never heard of the arc trainer, but if it’s anything like the stairmaster, I dislike it very much. Do you mind if I put you in my blogroll? I’m new at blogging, so I’m trying to start one.

  8. I save the Arc Trainer for days when I’m feeling particularly smug/fit. I agree completely about the resistance seeming much tighter than other machines. It really hits my inner thighs so there’s nothing wrong with that.

    The thought that you were pregnant never crossed my mind, but then that’s usually the furthest thing from my mind for myself or anyone I know who isn’t actively trying.

    That commercial skeeves me out just on your (and the commenters) description of it. I hope they pull it soon. The idea of having to scrape off the scary neighbour is the sort of thing to make one re-think the need to lose weight.

  9. I have a newfound fondness (won’t call it love quite yet) for the Arc Trainer. Did you know the earlier models used to have the handlebars at the front so you’d have to lean waaaaay over to get your heart rate?

    Try the “strength” program. It’s good.

  10. I don’t know if it is the novelty of it, but the ArcTrainer is one of the less boring machines for me in the gym lately. One of the trainers told me that it really helps firm up the bum area too.. heh, definitely a plus!

  11. I’m envious of your experiences with the Arc trainer. I’m stuck on that bloody Top XT thing that looks like a hand cycling machine but is really supposed to be some kind of rowing?? Beats me how they come up with that. Anyway, flipping hours of ‘handcycling’ and my HR hardly goes over 120. Moral of the story: do not damage Achilles tendon.

  12. Radiant coupon! I love it! I think its a little hard for me to glow since I’m always… well… chargrilled (darn you, oh brown face that does not assist glowing >_<) I know of the Arc master, but I haven't tried it - they don't have it at my local gym, but they apparently have it in another branch closer to my Uni, so when I give it a try, I will think of you πŸ˜€ And that WW ad sounds hideous O_O I haven't seen anything like that here, at the moment its just this woman going on about how 'What to wear' has gone from 'Omg-a-party-nothing-fits-me *die*' to 'Omg-a-party-there's-too-many-choices *die*'

  13. That ww ad sounds bloody awful! I haven’t seen anything like it in Canada.

    I love your blog, congrats on all your success!

  14. Love G’s comment about your coupon – brings back all these memories – the Scots have a way of saying things like no one else! Great to hear how good you’re feeling (and looking)- when you feel like that you’re unstoppable.

  15. On the other hand, how many “pre-weight watcher legends” no longer want to go and get their legs waxed for fear of the waxer thinking to herself “this would only take half the time if you didn’t have such massive legs and would get off your arse and go to weight watchers!!”. I hate advertising.

  16. The Arc Trainer sounds a bit like the Cross Plane? (I think) that they have at the posh gym I go to on a Saturday sometimes. I really love it because it has flashing lights showing where you are working and stuff.

    Did you see The Truth about Food tonight? It was brilliant. Rightyo – more dairy and more protein for me. Back to the soup too!

  17. I hate hate hate that advert. The wax woman irks me, as if before WW whenever the fat woman came in she’d be thinking ‘oh god, not the porker again’.

  18. OK, I’ve been wondering this, but never had the nerve to ask, but if WW UK can put a reference to it in an add…

    Does the hair appear to grow denser when the legs shrink? I mean…the hairs are going to be closer together, right?

    I’ve lost at least an inch and a half off each leg, and can’t notice a difference but it did occur to me that if I got to the point where I could find nice knee-high boots to fit, then my legs would look harier because of the hairs having less area to distribute themselves across.

  19. Heehee! ‘Coupon’ is wonderful. I get those random observations too – but Tim says I look “fresh”. Usually it’s while I’m feeling completely exhausted post work out, and looking worst for wear. I think it’s some weird endorphin-emitting thing and the glazed yet happy self satisfaction that gets the fellas all poetic.

    Waxing in half the time?! Pfft! That ad sounds horrible. I once had a man waxer, and he (seeing I was self-conscious about my thighs – I think) decided to observe that, of all the thighes he sees, he much prefers to see a lady looking a few kilos heavier than a few kilos too light. I had mixed feelings about this observation (and why he was making it!) but strongly agree with what he said. They wouldn’t employ him on that ad!

  20. LOL Thought of you today when they were advertising double coupons on the radio.

    I’m betting the waxing doesn’t hurt half as much either?

  21. I am never going to look at a coupon the same way again!!

    Glad yours is glowing. For all the right reasons.. And you know some of us definitely did NOT glow when we were pregnant LOL..

  22. i hope you shagged bagpipes silly for that nice comment – u will get many more of them if ya did! lol! just being cheeky too hon!

  23. Waxtress?

    Ok even being one I have never heard that word. Did you make it up or is that what we get called in scotland?

    Has Ali tried catching up with you yet?

  24. Oh God, I’m with you about the WW advert. That creepy neighbour looks like he fancies some kind of wife-swapping/swingers action with the unseen heroine, yuck!

  25. Nor does waxing hurt half as much
    (or little? too early for grammar and proper sentence construction – obviously)

  26. Coupon?? And then in the very next paragraph YOU, little lady, use the word “chuffed.” Oh, people in glass houses…

  27. LOL DG! i HAD to say it. I am so with you on that sista – that WILL not be on my agenda for MANY years, even though I am OLD. Oh, yes, all the people in my life rabbit on about babies but they can do so till they are GREY because I’m not fallin’ for that.

    Anyway I was so proud that I got in first and said it – you are welcome to post an inappropriate remark about babies on my website – save it for when I’m married, then I’ll really bite! LOL

    That ad sounds creeparooni!

    And someone else said this, but the cross trainer thing with no hands is a HELL of a work out!!!!!!

  28. Oh yes oh yes, the ad makes me cringe and you are so right that that’s the worst bit. There’s a lot of them around at the moment.

    Now my brain is off on a weird one – if your skin area shrinks you surely have as much hair (otherwise, do hair follicles just disappear?) but in a smaller area. So one wax strip pulls out more hair at once. So does it get more painful? Is it just me who thinks of these things?

  29. That ad sounds terrible. Will it make larger women too embarrassed to go get waxed now? I hope not. It sounds a bit nasty.

    On the other hand, GO YOU!! You sound like you’re in a good head space right now and of course it’s showing gorgeous girl, even in your dags LOL πŸ™‚

  30. Phew! Thought I was being excluded from VI news there for a moment – glad you are feeling on top of the world for last part of journey – enjoy – it will be easier I’m sure.
    PS That’s one of the many reasons why you married Dr G – his compliments are as unique as you!

    Love you

  31. If I had the cashflow to afford me a gym membership, I’d spend the time on an ARC trainer. I’ve a friend who’s lost a crapload of weight and she SWEARS by it. She spends an hour on it and burns an insane amount of calories.

    I’ve had to take the last month off from exercising and I can.not.wait. to get back into my walking routine. I’m absolutely miserable even though I have only gained the tiniest bit of weight. I just hate being stagnant. Plus, exercising is my stress relief.

    Thus, I feel as though I may have to choke someone.

  32. hey shauna,

    just thought i’d drop in and say hi…

    i’ve been reading for ages, but only commented a few times…. but i just realised you’re in scotland too…

    go the accents hey…

    lol and that ww add, i did laugh just a little…

  33. If they could promise that losing weight would make waxing PAINLESS, I’m sure women would be doubling their efforts….

    Alas, it’s not the case. Size 18 or size 8, it still hurts just as much!

  34. I TOTALLY thought you were up tha duff too.

    I got comments like that for about a month before I actually KNEW I was pregnant. We werent trying either.LOL

    Anyhoo.. Im glad its for other reasons and Ten points to G for being so luffly!

  35. The only thing that could potentially make that commercial more horrible is if the woman had said it while ripping the hair off the newly thin woman’s back thigh.

    Congratulations on looking so lovely, and that your husband says such lovely things.

  36. Ha! Waxtress! one of the top Shaunywords…

    That ad does sound pretty yucky. (Am I the only person, though, who finds the concept of waxing totally scary? Not just the pain, either. I don’t want anyone scrutinizing my legs that closely.)

  37. Thanks for the Scottish-to-U.S. dictionary. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad to know that our diet ads aren’t the most annoying in the world (though this one for the diet pill where they show the woman walking on a beach “before” and “after” in a bikini is pretty vile)

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